Demi Lovato - The Kind Of Lover I Am (Visualizer)


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    Music video by Demi Lovato performing The Kind Of Lover I Am (Visualizer). © 2021 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Radio Flyer

      U don’t know me but I love u Demi

    2. Radio Flyer

      I don’t want to make u feel uncomfortable or anything, if u block me cuz u want me to stop talking I’ll understand. I’ll keep steaming & giving u views

    3. Radio Flyer

      I’m too much of a Cookie Monster to feen for anything but those & not just any but like say someone with a beautiful soul & kind heart. It’s not a one night stand I get passion from, it would be euphoric to make u feel out of this world pleasure. I can only imagine your facial expressions and sounds of delight. Lucky person who ever walk by u & had that kind of honor.

    4. Radio Flyer

      Sorry to spam feel free to delete at ur convenience if u would like.

    5. Radio Flyer

      I wanted to say a few things in case it’s my last chance, just be happy 4 me. This situation has gotten intolerable

    6. Radio Flyer

      I’m good alone but u making me feen girl

    7. Marge Plateau

      "I don't need anybody, im good" that's my girl! Love you demi 🥰

    8. horsecrazy2266

      wait a sec, did she just tell us she's polyam? she said she doesn't necessarily believe in monogamy?

      1. R Jp

        no, she was saying she doesnt believe it, but the moment she fall in love with someone, thats it, thats the moment she believes in monogamy... get it??

    9. Marília Sousa


    10. Adriana Andrade

      Eu amo demais essa mulher

    11. thhxxxx

      "I might not believe in monogamy" well same

      1. Mila

        Same times two. 🤙🏻

    12. Eliana Iezzi

      This sound reminds me Fallin' over me vibes

    13. Antonella loves kpop

      "I just want sharing life with someone else at some point, right now i'm good to, i don't need anybody" Really I LOVE THIS WOMAN SO MUCH !! 😂😂😂😂

    14. alana

      My fav song💞🦋

    15. Emelie Göthe

      SUCH a relatable song!!! 😍😍😘👌✨

    16. Anne Carvalho

      essa é tudooo

    17. Wangs Last

      When you see comments like "best song on the album " in every song means the album is filled with bops.

    18. #Choke Kun#

      "I don't care if you got a WAP" DEAD

    19. Kylee Dahlene

      And that's why she's great 😘😅

    20. Marline Noguera

      the voyage of discovery is not about looking for new landscapes, but about looking with new eyes. if we really want to love, we have to learn to forgive.

    21. The Gongoozler

      I just wanna know the thought process that went into making that outro cause girl 💀

    22. Corrine .


    23. bae

      this sucks

    24. Turquoise Baddie

      This sounds like Katy Perry

    25. Tayoh


    26. oz vi

      Demi: I dont care if you have a WAP! Megan and Cardi: 👀 really?

    27. PizzaPete

      2:51 your welcome

    28. Nizzle van Gogh

      2:38 “like I don’t need anybody or anything I’m feeling good by myself” except when you didn’t get your froyo bestie

      1. Nizzle van Gogh

        @Jean Rodriguez ??:/

      2. Jean Rodriguez

        @Nizzle van Gogh Me vale un pepino

      3. Nizzle van Gogh

        @Jean Rodriguez no hablo espanol?

      4. Jean Rodriguez

        No da y nunca lo hará


      POV: you’re here from that TikTok

    30. Twenty1Tracks !

      Demi please be my lover

    31. Nubnomchomp

      I swear to god the next person who dates Demi they better treat her more the a god in fact more then god himself bc honestly if they don’t they are sooooo and I mean soooo DUMB like demi deserve more then this world bc no matter what she’s been through she always tried her best to be a role model and she is she’s the best role model out there and if that person doesn’t see that I’m going to be soo pissed off bc Demi seriously deserve the love that she want that she needs but for the mean time she got us her fans and her family and her friends, but most importantly she has herself much love Demi🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️☺️

    32. Steve

      This song is so good but the weird talking at 2:33 almost ruins it 😭

    33. Emma Caroline

      7 hearts :D

    34. felinefaggot

      Girl what is this

    35. fart head

      giving kacey musgraves a little bit

    36. Kiss Vera

      This is easily her best album ever. Hope she finally gets a damn Grammy

    37. Joana Costa

      this is so beautiful omg

    38. Rae Parise

      This whole song was okay, but the end was trash omg "I DONT CARE IF YOU'VE GOT A ✨DECK✨

    39. Dan Rgn

      She really doesn’t give a crap about what other people say anymore... Absolutely 0 filters and truthful, it must be so liberating. Shout out to you Demi, you’re inspiring and empowering 😘

    40. Nae Nae'd turtle

      The ending 😭😭💀

    41. Anon Emoose

      2:51 what 100 gecs sounds to someone who desnt listen to it

    42. sharki


    43. H I

      Grrrl the ending. 😭

    44. Aaliyah Moreton

      The queer anthem of the YEARRR👑❤️

    45. Nawt Mo

      2:33 You're welcome 😉



    47. cxxl dxde

      the end ..

    48. Lexi Smith

      Oh. Didnt expect this too big good after hearing this initially on tiktok

    49. astar 6

      I came for that one WAP line.

    50. wachin

      the song is fine but WHAT WAS THAT AT THE END 😭😭

    51. gs p

      Here 2:51

    52. The Don

      Now now poot

    53. Gremlin baby

      PLSS THE END😭😭

    54. Jarold Cometa

      Is Taylor Swift featuring this song? Huhu they can collaborate with this song ...

    55. ariana Figueiredo


    56. ariana Figueiredo


    57. Rodrigo Parotti


    58. Rodrigo Parotti


    59. Rodrigo Parotti


    60. Rodrigo Parotti


    61. Rodrigo Parotti


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    63. Rodrigo Parotti


    64. Rodrigo Parotti


    65. Rodrigo Parotti


    66. Rodrigo Parotti


    67. Victória Vasconcelos

      i just wanna loveeee

    68. Aoife Mc

      The single us queers deserve ✨

      1. Mila


    69. J shy


    70. Planet Her

      The song is great BUT POOT THE END IS THE BESTTT

    71. Melissa Lima

      I loved all the songs, how could you be so perfect, Demi?

    72. neo fratboy technology

      Seeing Demi's gayest side fills me up with joy. Disney had her closeted but those days are gone! ❤️

    73. Lar Pat

      Amazing song!!! I loved. Listen and listen again and again ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    74. bobo & diamonds

      This song is good, the outro was just for fun for her. Y’all some haters ✋🏼✋🏼

    75. MMC

      I hate that most people dismiss this as bad based on the WAP line, because the rest of this song is so amazing oml.

      1. Juan D.


    76. Dirt !

      This song is so bad 😭

      1. neo fratboy technology

        go listen to anime shite then

      2. bobo & diamonds


    77. Rodrigo Parotti


    78. Rodrigo Parotti


    79. Rodrigo Parotti


    80. Rodrigo Parotti


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    83. Rodrigo Parotti


    84. Rodrigo Parotti


    85. Rodrigo Parotti


    86. Rodrigo Parotti


    87. John Lozo


    88. Tee

      the outro is hilarious 😭

    89. Nickysancheeks


    90. Pedro Henrique


    91. Pedro Henrique

      Yesssss baby 😍🇧🇷

    92. Coco Kalise

      Thats the kind of lover she is la, la, la la.

    93. Samantha Lacerda


      1. Mila

        Non-monogamy is not talked/sung about enough. 😩 Thnx, Demetria. 🤩

    94. Samantha Lacerda


    95. Rodrigo Parotti


    96. Rodrigo Parotti


    97. Rodrigo Parotti


    98. Rodrigo Parotti


    99. Rodrigo Parotti


    100. Rodrigo Parotti