SABATON - Defence Of Moscow (Official Music Video)


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    The official music video for Defence Of Moscow by Sabaton.
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    ========= Defence Of Moscow LYRICS =========

    As the Wehrmacht overrun, Russia 1941
    They don’t belong, we stand our ground, a million strong

    We are ready for their strike, face the army of the reich
    A million strong, this is our land, they don’t belong.

    Hear Marshal Zhukov’s, and Stalin’s orders
    Defend the motherland
    Moscow shall not fall

    Stand and follow command, our blood for the homeland
    Heed the motherland’s call, and brace for the storm
    Moscow will never give in, there is no surrender
    Force them into retreat, and into defeat

    Face the volleys of their guns, for Russia’s daughters and her sons
    All the brave, who stand against the typhoon wave

    From the mountains and the plains, come in thousands on the trains
    Day and night, they're rolling in, to join the fight

    From Kazakhstan to Magadan!
    Call of the motherland
    Russia shall prevail

    Recorded and mixed at Black Lounge studios by Jonas Kjellgren.
    Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - Los Angeles - CA - USA .
    Sabaton is a registered and protected trademark.


    1. Sabaton

      Thank you for watching 🙏 Let us know in the comments if you liked the video! ➞ EXCLUSIVE Defence Of Moscow Merch: ➞ SUBSCRIBE for more Sabaton:

      1. Marcus Petersen

        How the should we be able to Unite the world? Sabaton: Hold our mead!!

      2. SCPdemon CZ

        Greetings, Sabaton, i want to use your songs in my videos, i am from Czech republic 🇨🇿 and i want you to agree with me adding your songs into my videos, thank you for respond

      3. SCPdemon CZ

        Greetings, Sabaton, i want to use your songs in my videos, i am from Czech republic 🇨🇿 and i want you to agree with me adding your songs into my videos, thank you for respond

      4. Edvards Krumins

        @Bartosz Olek 9999900000

      5. Антон Черников

        @Hartaever - хх

    2. Flash

      My favorite is this and Attack of the dead men

    3. Александр Н.

      Весьма органично вписалась в композицию мелодия гимна СССР! Вот только, не совсем правильные слова - Родина зовёт, Россия выстоит! Советские люди не делали различия между Россией и другими республиками СССР! Это была ОДНА РОДИНА, ОДНА ЗЕМЛЯ, которую надо было защищать! Хорошая песня, спасибо парни!

    4. Saiaix

      Skald noun HISTORICAL (in ancient Scandinavia) a composer and reciter of poems honoring heroes and their deeds.

    5. Bryan Abare

      Respect from America

    6. john Sementa

      How much awsomeness do you want in your music vid? sabaton: yes

      1. SC

        @Sabaton 2 minutes ago 0_0

      2. Sabaton


    7. Dennis Crosby

      stop. please.

    8. мятная картошечка

      К сожелению даже в нашей стране забывают подвиги героев СССР

    9. Artix Silver

      "MOSCOW SHALL NOT FALL" Goddamn the Chills.

    10. James Smith


    11. Fer Gar

      when w ill you compose a song to the defense of Paris??? just spanish irony!!

    12. theurg 7

      Ого супер мощная музыка

    13. Caucasi

      Great ORCHESTRA!

    14. Petrock Willeh

      change your microphone to a german steel hand grenade

    15. Денис Полежаев


    16. Naman Vashishta

      I would love if you can make a video on Battle of Saragarhi!

    17. The Pentele

      Sounds much like Attack of the dead men

    18. spooks

      can't wait to see them live in November with judas priest

      1. Sabaton

        Where will we see you?

    19. George Borsky


    20. Евгений Поплавский

      Thank you, guys! The Russians will remember this.

    21. talentedeight69 T_T

      3k Dislike: The Reich 213k Like: RUSSIA

    22. artur saresco

      co ta patolgia zrobila 17 wrzesnia 39 z moim krajem....

    23. Dev Smit

      Oh my God! You and Oleg have done a miracle !!! Oleg is right that he wrote a song in your style, but God, how did you perform it !!! This is just your new joint stage of creativity !!! And the idea with the anthem of the USSR is just brilliant 11/10 for this performance. Absolute top from Abramov and Sabaton !!!! Thank you so much and full respect !! Thank you Sweden for Saboton

    24. Damir Gabdrahmanov

      Странно что русских комментариев здесь довольно мало. Ну ка подтянитесь ребята!

    25. Oxichu Oxichu

      Партия Ленина , сила народная нас к торжеству коммунизма ведёт .

    26. Ростислав Новгородов

      From Kazakhstan!!!

    27. Tushon4ik

      You could ask Wargaming to make you a good video, they have very cool historical videos coming out.

    28. Dero Ivano

      A song about decolonization plz

    29. Siegfried Hellmann

      Ich finde es sehr gut das Sabaton an dieses Ereignis erinnert. Mein Respekt dafür und im übrigen ein richtig klasse Lied. 👍🤘👊🤝 Der Thüringer

    30. Андрей Пятаев

      Приятно видеть, что даже такие мэтры Heavy Metal`а краснеют потихоньку. It's nice to see that even such heavy metal masters slowly gone red.

    31. Стас

      Tankman in submarine )))

    32. Алексей Попов

      This moment when clip of foreign metall group better then new russian movie about WW2. Thanx bro.

    33. Thunder Meme ‘65

      I’m truly grateful that the allied forces trampled the war machine to give and preserve freedom for those who would be born later on. Like you, me, this band, and many more. Your sacrifices shall not be forgotten! 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇷🇺

    34. vazzo marketing

      altought babhuska joined the war

    35. HeadSet Hero

      When you're American but feel patriotic towards Russia

    36. Commander Cody

      Фром Казахстан то Магадан

    37. Black Beard

      Песня огонь, но вопросы к видеоряду. Ребята каски ГДР на советских бойцах !?!? Серьёзно ???

    38. Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger

      If they had more of my typ...they would have won...god thanks they didn't

    39. Дмитрий Коняев

      gracias por esta canción. gracias de nuestros abuelos

    40. nl game guy

      its epic that these music videos look more like movies than movies themself and the music makes it even better and works better than movie music

    41. Black man

      Stand or die! They're don't shall!

    42. MrRexyChomp

      The biggest mistake the Germans made was forgetting that nobody invades Russia and gets away with it


      Alqum brasileiro aqui com migo??

    44. Aleksander F

      I have to admit that when the whole band joins in during 'Stand and follow command...' part it hits different.

    45. Александр Александров

      You Said It Well... But you are not given to understand what it was like

    46. Jan Schönwald

      This song made me proud this id weird becouse i m live on Poland and i rusian and german im half.

    47. Ivana Mrdak Radovic

      For a second i thought that the thumbnail is Mr. Bean


      За батон

    49. MarcoMatadorPL

      DDR helmet in soviet soldiers heheh

    50. ivan esquivel


    51. albertisaac27

      Better than my history teacher.

    52. Виктория Ворончева

      Когда темное облако начинает отступать-у меня аж мурашки.

    53. Îs Din Moldova

      That Soviet Anthem electric guitar cover was epic

    54. Tdogg

      1:28 that guys beard is epic

    55. Jack Rucinsky

      That was definitely one of the bloodiest battles in WW2 and this song is truly epic.

    56. Faezya Aqela Mahera

      me like

    57. Frej Lindqvist

      this makes me so prowd of being russian even although im accualy Swedish:)

    58. mick

      I learn to never judge a book by it's cover because of sabaton.Thankyou

    59. Neccar Czarmagne Basaca

      Is that vladimir putin? 1:42

      1. Oxichu Oxichu

        Putin -Servant of capitalism . Сто процентов это is not Putin

    60. Sharpvic Is not here

      play this when your base is under attack by an enemy in a game.

      1. Sharpvic Is not here

        @Sabaton Affirmative!

      2. Sabaton

        Does it improve the performance?

    61. Carlo fan

      For the motherland,love from India 🇮🇳❤️🇷🇺😍😍😍😍

    62. Valengar Septum

      Probably not the place to put a suggestion but, for a song the plot would be amazing. The story of the rescue of the Czech Legion by Britain, America, Japan, France and the White Army during the Siberian Intervention after the madlads walked though the entirety of Russia - nearly half way across the world from home. One of my favorite conflicts in history because it's so cinematic in my eyes.

      1. Arsenal history

        @Sabaton the eastern front brest fortress, with the ghosts of Russian soldiers, lady death of Pavlyuchenko, a visit to the USA, super animation story, for young Americans, Kolobanov's feat, how he was forbidden to give the hero of the Soviet Union.only 3 months ago, the recording of Pavlyuchenko's video was declassified, about the sniper duel, the woman is a hero!

      2. Valengar Septum

        @SabatonNo I did not- thank you!!! :D

      3. Sabaton

        Did you know you can send your specific song topics to our website?

    63. MatriksGTA

      Привет от Радио Тапок/Greetings from Radio Tapok :) Кто из России +

    64. Adam

      This isn’t a power metal song. It’s a pOUR metal song

      1. koundit


    65. Adam


    66. Thiago Fernando

      É triste pensar que os USA levam a maior parte do crédito por uma vitória que não conseguiram sozinhos.

    67. British Spy

      Mfw Germany attacks Moscow in the winter

    68. tim the skeptic

      Regardless of what US and Russian national relations are today I would gladly stand with them against the fascist assholes of yesterday.

    69. Katie G

      I'm Canadian. I have French, Scottish, Maltese, and Italian blood in me, and yet this song made me 1000000% proud to be Russian.

    70. TheSolarGamer97

      Damn Sabaton You Nailed It! Your music makes me feel like a king when I listen to it, it lightens up my day and makes me enjoy learning about history! You Are another breed of music and I hope you keep going strong just like Moscow! Sincerely Michael Sent all the way from Newfoundland Canada Edit: deleted half my comment by accident lol

    71. kalexoo

      Is that Rowan Atkinson? What is he doing here?

    72. Рик Санчез

      Радио Тапок стал на столько популярен, что какие-то шведы делают кавер на его песню XD

    73. Dave Vysoudil

      Now this is what we needed!

    74. Nikolas McCollin

      Шведы куда большие патриоты этой страны, чем официальная говноэстрада. Ничего из отечественного, из того что на слуху тут, и близко похожего нету. Низкий поклон и уважение. .

    75. Марина Осина

      Ребята, вы лучшие!!!

    76. Андрей Щербинин

      я был очень уставшим чтобы посмотреть после реакции на канале тапка еще и оригинал, вот только сейчас посмотрел, но эмоции автора бесценны! Спасибо Сабатон за кавер и за эмоции автора!!!

    77. Кто-то какой -то чеовек

      Как Иоким проговаривает "Магадан",из него точно бы получился хороший шансонье

    78. Andrew Gudov

      особенно прикольно звучит "фром Казахстан ту Магадан", это вызвало реальный смех.

      1. 7vicesofman

        Это кавер на песню радио тапка. Оттуда весь текст

      2. DRONsssss

        @sad sadovich и что тут не так

      3. sad sadovich

        @DRONsssss от Казахстана до Магадана

      4. DRONsssss

        А как перевод дословно?

    79. Jens Kosch

      I did commemorate the 80th anniversary of the German invasion/assault of/on the Soviet Union by listing to this and Panzerkampf.

    80. Wolfgang Strecker

      If america never joined ww2 germany could have won

      1. ΕΣΟΠΤΡΟΝ

        America had to throw 2 nuclear bombs just to deal with Japan

    81. Homie Creeper

      The way he spinned the stick at 3:27 ... was so Cool!

    82. Nikita SaVin

      Radio Tapok Top

    83. 7 7

      clip is low quality need make new :(

    84. марго мюллер

      Именно в таком стиле НУЖНО петь о Войне!!! Спасибо за песни,Сабатон! Спасибо за каверы,Тапочек!!! За эту песню отдельное спасибо!!! Мне 59...если у меня в машине не слышно Сабатон,а следом кавер....или,как сейчас,наоборот)....значит меня в ней нет)))Олег,попробуй в подобном стиле про "Вяземский котел"! Целые армии!!! Местные рассказывали,что земля еще пол года истекала сукровицей!!!ОПОЛЧЕНИЕ!!! Даже мои ровесники не знали,что в 41м было ополчение!!!С одной трехлинейкой на двоих,с гранатами,времен до Гражданской!!! Музыканты,студенты,местные жители!!! Дать время собрать армии!!! Записка от деда,который отправился окопы рыть "Встали насмерть под Вязьмой,не жди,береги детей"И...как в воду. Каждый год откапывают.....там миллион без вести((( Не меньше. Они знали на что шли. Но...если они не герои...то я не знаю(

    85. ima human

      “The real men are those who die for there home” -someone somewhere

    86. Lunar Tears

      Sabaton, I will be using your music to teach my future kids history. And possibly to aid in teaching use of language as your songs are basically living poems.😎😊👍🤘🔥🎸

    87. Кирилл Шакиров

      This song is very powerful, one of the most powerful songs I have ever seen for the last time. Thank you, Sabaton, for the creativity and power You give this world!

    88. Buzdovan

      it was today, 22. june 1941, 80 years ago! greetings from serbian living in germany. pomaže bog, braćo i sestre ORTHODOX 🤟

    89. Christian Burns

      In my opinion, the Battle of Moscow was the turning point in the Eastern Front. It ended Operation Barbarossa, boosted Russian morale, and caused the Russians to advance while the Germans weren't ready for the Russian Winter. This battle deserves to have a song about it.

      1. Mesimarch

        @Christian Burns Yeah. Underestimating weather and the attrition this brings seems to be a common thing among military leaders in the past.

      2. Christian Burns

        @Mesimarch It's kind of like Napoleon's invasion of Russia. More than 600,000 troops came in and less than 100,000 returned.

      3. Mesimarch

        I would go further and say the turning point of the war was the 22nd of June 1941. Invading the USSR in the first place was a doomed project. German high command was not ready for the supply and fuel issues. Even if they had early victories the German army was already at pretty much half strength when they reached Moscow.

    90. Justin Green

      in 1992 i sat on the toilet, i slipped and my head fell in the bowl, the turds were attacking me, and then a hero stood up to save my soul, it was 1992. (this is what happens when sabaton goes to a nursing home)

    91. Úy

      ultimate bass solo

    92. joan catalan

      Me and the boys defending Roblox kids from Zero Two simps

    93. Вот Иклмн

      Спасибо от немца из России.Правильное дело делаете!!!

    94. Gamerworks

      I can never quite hear the USSR anthem

    95. KampfPanzer

      Круто, можно ещё сделать только про оборону Парижа в первой мировой войне

    96. TotorLePorc

      You should do a song for the Blue Division, 6000 Spaniards who fought against 40 000 Russians, 100 tanks, and won.

    97. toomanytaps

      Happy 80th anniversary of Operation Barbarossa

    98. BestiaPardaka 07

      I love the metal version of the Soviet anthem. Simply epic