Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach - Gameplay Trailer | PS5


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    A glimpse of FNAF: Security Breach.

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    1. Yukikoシ

      Guys, do you remember when we were just able to close the doors and use flashlights..?

    2. Valentin LE ROY

      All the FNAF I playad are a little pathetic but this one will be better when they finally fix a day for it

    3. Cristóbal Loza

      Ya bien banesa tiene la misma letra de boni 🤓🤓

    4. Danny craft


    5. Predator _ hunting master

      IS this for Playstation 4

    6. Give me Ur toast

      Me rushing to get a PlayStation 5

    7. Coated

      Is only for ps5?

    8. Coated


    9. CûddlyPãndas

      I’m confused. Who is Gregory? What does vanny have to do with this?

    10. BrentTheLegend

      List of people getting mental breakdown: Markiplier Matpat The living tombstone Dawko FusionZGamer People who are afraid to play fnaf Broke me who can’t afford a PS5 Nor the game

    11. Just me

      i can't believe that i comeback everyday to watch this....

    12. Meme Central

      Is this going to be on ps4

    13. såvė_büēńã

      I keep coming back...

    14. Nick F.

      Free roam!!

    15. Artem.s time


    16. Matty Lewin

      Come on Markiplier defend your crown!!!!!

    17. Mariana Lopez

      Pofiiiiiii q llasalga

    18. sasorixpro Brancacho


    19. Shadow_bright_shine

      1:40 has anyone noticed this is probably the half moon Boy's counterpart? They could be a showtime duo like with bonbon and FF. But not part of each other. It looks like a tall sun to contrast the short round moon.

    20. rex mayshark

      goonies 2: animatronic boogaloo

    21. Sunset Watcher

      Is it me or does this night guard sound like tape girl

    22. Ramiréz Varela Mónica Valeria

      Deberian hacer una pelicula de esto xd

    23. Kevin Aguayza

      MatPat: oh well f**k i gotta make theories NOOO

    24. Wizurdous

      hello everyone my name is markiplier

    25. Os Ku

      1:36 this is the best

    26. КривойМайнер

      Сук ну это уже фури какието. Где хорор

    27. Dulce Alvarez

      yo creo que van a aparecer bonnie del fnaf 4

    28. Edwin Izquierdo

      Que es esto es una porquería ya no da miedo

    29. Bonnie The bunny

      1:57: insert I always come back

    30. cookiesandwhich studios

      I think that animatronic at the end of the trailer is spring trap because he said that he always comes back

    31. Popplio 3323

      Yes! Oh yes! Yes! FNaF generation, this is our time!

    32. Teddy _Bear07

      Am i the only one who saw the teddy bear in Georgy's hand? Did he woke up from coma tho? Wait till he finds out about his family playing "death walking"

    33. Hassan Is the best

      I’m gonna miss the old fnaf Freddy foxy chica Bonnie and the others

    34. Dino nuggets best friend

      Me and my Dino nugget dad were scared

    35. Deniz Aydın

      This is not even the FNAF I know, love.

    36. alex plays video games


    37. French Nova

      1:36 *thats some kickass beat*

    38. Abbe

      this feels like a fangame, a really well made fangame

    39. KM M


    40. KM M

      0:50 036: 0:40 0:44 soooooooooo cool

    41. ლcøøkîe_ Bląkʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ

      wow wow and wow

    42. KM M


    43. KM M


    44. KM M


    45. Isaías Alegre


    46. Isaías Alegre

      Ta bien

    47. The Optical sun

      Idk why I made this but here I would say the time lines for every fnaf game Fnaf 1: 04/24/1993 Fnaf 2: 06/01/1987 Fnaf 3: 10/21/2023 Fnaf 4: 08/30/1983 Fnaf sister location: 07/14/1985 Freddy fazbear pizzeria simulator v6.0: 03/07/1995 Fnaf security breach: 11/19/2000

      1. Zachariah White

        I thought Matpat confirmed it was actually 2003 that FNAF 1 took place during one of his more recent theories?

      2. The Optical sun

        Yeah I can’t seem to delete it

      3. USSF Enterprise


      4. USSF Enterprise

        FNAF Security Breach 2030

      5. Facetron

        Pizzeria simulator and security happens after fnaf 3

    48. dominick dsilva


    49. bautii fernandez

      Amigo quiero ver los scremers de los personajes

    50. Scamp1023

      wait, is her mask made from human sin?

    51. Marco Martinez

      When will this be released

    52. agvWFQw arehwh5

      This used to be a jump scare game

    53. full-time Animeman

      Was that supposed to be scary?

    54. Angel Animates

      Is it just me or does Gregory kinda look like he’s from an anime show lol (he looks rlly cute and cool tho I love his design)

    55. napim bruhmomentoğlu


    56. Alon Shahar

      I keep coming back here for the godly sound track.

    57. HiipityH0ppity

      What is the arm at the end? It cannot be a Nightmare animatronic since the Nightmare's are just a voice disc or whatever. I wanna take a guess it's either Ennard or William since there is litterally a purple light.

    58. gameplay entertainment

      Excuse me is this PS VR

      1. Roberto Valiente


    59. Gaara

      0:10 Ralph?...

    60. A Y D E N

      Ok no offense to anyone who likes this, but what are these off brand characters- This isn’t the fnaf I know. Ur supposed to check cameras, not roam around

      1. Zachariah White

        Imagine a series evolving... Shocking I know!

      2. Josh1571

        there still is cameras, and a lot had changed. Cant always keep the same thing over and over again. The “off brand” characters are the new animatronics. That’s basically like saying the toy animatronics are off brand, they are mostly just new variants.

    61. CookieManos

      I AM SO HYPED! (To watch gameplays cause I don't have a PS5 xD)

    62. sᴇᴛsᴜᴋᴏ

      At 0:56 im the only one who thinks thats chris afton?cuz if you see thoose lines its the same shirt that chris wears

    63. Dragonix

      it's time grown up kids, this is the reality.

    64. FanzyPants

      From a 2d looking game to a 3d game am proud of scott he evolving

    65. iam_hellapoor _


    66. SuperMarioAction

      This looks absolutely amazing can’t wait for the game to come out

    67. Johnathan Lee

      They needa make a place like this in real life, it would be so fun

    68. Cristóbal Loza

      Se dan cuenta que encada escena azul aparte se el conejo🙄

    69. Cristóbal Loza

      Esta chiiiidooo 🤓🤓

      1. Roberto Valiente

        @USSF Enterprise ????

      2. USSF Enterprise

        @Roberto Valiente T Shirt Two

      3. Roberto Valiente

        @USSF Enterprise 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

      4. USSF Enterprise

        Crying Child is Gregory FNAF 4 Crying Child in FNAF Security Breach

    70. Hirofeelee Gamer

      1:41 who in what is that

    71. JuanJesus Pérez

      se ve como que muy brutal

    72. jacobo Galvez Arias

      Its perfect

    73. Twisted glitch

      Freddy not ready for this insanity

    74. Lucifer Ciel

      I love You

    75. GalxayPlayz

      Wait the kid from Bite of 83 is a live?

      1. alexuxlo YT

        @USSF Enterprise bruh, its only a refernce, scott say "the new games will se in front" so... this say the other persons and the other games dont have canon now, srry if there are bad grammar, i speak sppansih

      2. USSF Enterprise


    76. Miguel Evangelista


    77. Sandy_Creates

      Looks like Gregory got some trust issues with Vannessa-

    78. Spring Katsuki Bakugo

      I’m excited but I’m a little iffy about the night guard look but I’m looking forward to CoryxKenshin and Markiplier if they play it.

    79. Nicholas Douglas

      2014 fnaf fans 👀

    80. 45Rubix

      1:58 So Everybody says it’s ScrapTrap or a Nightmare Hand and I really believe it’s scraptrap or another form of purple guy. So here’s my theory:You know the Purple Black Shadow Purple Guy Rabbit Model, it has purple glowing eyes and a purple mouth and maybe Scott Noticed that model but changed it up. Because the hand At 1:58 is purple and black like the model. So maybe Scott added that into the game and changed it up. It might be a new springtrap or something.

    81. Aaron Sonic 2.0

      This looks extraordinary

    82. Anima Nime

      Which console it will work I only have Xbox 360 Que console ele vai funciona eu só tenho Xbox 360

      1. Josh1571

        @ZOCKER_MEISTER_1 it’s not confirmed for it to be on Xbox one

      2. Anima Nime

        @ZOCKER_MEISTER_1 thanks


        But only in xbox you have to wait 3 months when it comes out in playstation


        And will work in ps4,ps5, xbox series x


        It will be working in xbox one not in ps3 or xbox one

    83. Sparkles spice adventures

      Yes I love fnaf *insert scott image* LEGAND LIVING LEGAND king you dropped this 👑

    84. Near

      terror has arrived on the PlayStation 5 ...

    85. pig a' boy

      so i was watching "Blammed, but he's stronger than you. (B-Side) (FNF Mod)" and i got this recommended again, i realized that if you start the other video while this one is in like 0:02 it kinda fits

    86. Dajissa Jerico Gómez Sivirichi

      una pregunta soy la unica que escha un chillido en una parte en el minuto 1 con 6

      1. Miguel ghost


    87. Axel Skald Ljungblom

      They dont move like actual animatronics. This feels to ”alive” for me. I liked it when you really felt that they were animatronics. Graphicwise it looks awesome though! Edit: I also have some issues with them being able to talk... But its to late to change that i guess :/

    88. нарута

      пиздатые фури

    89. Valentin LE ROY

      Ok but now can they fix a day for this game ? I can't take it anymore

    90. Bakugo Katsuki

      Love the new game, but the sad part is that they gave new designs

      1. Josh1571

        Every game has brought new designs

    91. Claudia Pantoja


    92. Razmig Bekarian

      This may contain content inappropriate for children Me who is a kid I see nothing bad?

      1. USSF Enterprise

        Crying Child is Gregory

    93. A the gamer 7546

      Wow when did freddy fazbear earned so much money?

    94. just a vegan

      Can’t wait to see Caliber play

    95. KM M

      cool map

    96. KM M

      I like the Trailer i 0:36 0:40 0:43 0:50

    97. Aiaety The Creator

      Seems like there are more animatronics then the glamrocks 0:24 and 1:35 also 1:57

    98. -Zaira- -Perez-

      de fondo pusieron la musica de ballora xd