NBA Top 10 Plays Of The Night | May 4, 2021


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    1. Bot 02

      The blue taurus acceptably race because bat interestedly zip an a cold hall. hapless, silky lip

    2. Vladyslav Kurbatskyy



      yo did he say FACIAL!!! daaaaym

    4. KAZI 300%

      Love this video keep them coming and if you see this may BLESSINGS come upon YOU and your FAMILY

    5. Jerry Omwansa

      Tuesday is actually trash day @my place in Kenya 😂😂

    6. Carl Allan Labasog

      this commentary is actually great!

    7. The Fun -_-guy

      “Tuesday is trash day get that outa here!”😅

    8. Da Us


    9. siaaaaN

      no knicks highlights? this is ridiculous!

    10. Brendan

      how is lamelo’s pass number 9

    11. ItMeRagnarok

      number one screams "game. blouses." but i guess REEEEEEVERSE STYLE will do

    12. Char lie

      Finally... a well deserve number 1 clip💪😎

    13. ilgas11


    14. Dan F

      Bergmentator not too shabby😤

    15. Dagz Querubin

      Crowder looks like hitting some mv 😂

    16. ralph tynan

      The reverse slam in a game! Thats NASTY! In guys face...Deserved #1

    17. Phenom SG


    18. persian

      i like this guy

    19. igro p

      Cameron Johnson with a Top 10 dunk of the season so far

    20. The Chosen One

      Bams dunk was way better than zubacs he actually posterized him this list is nonsnese

    21. Souleymane Sidibe

      Bautyfull top 10 🤫💫💫💫💫💫💫💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

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      2. Jane Austen

        True thought unfortunately,mine always ends up with losses😭

    23. Extreme Ed

      Its getting to the point where if yall see Melo. Click SMH BAM with the SLAM


      Stephanie must be here now

    25. Clark Nebres

      That Bam Babambam Bam reference was witty as hell bro lmfao

    26. Samuel Lanham

      1:24 ayooo

      1. Samuel Lanham

        @Lonzo Ball listen to the announcer

      2. Lonzo Ball


    27. Capricorn

      Cam Johnson has improved a lot this year🐐 🔥🔥🔥😍. Hope the SUNS will win the 1st round 🙏🙏🙏

    28. MovedBySound

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    29. Kenneth Francis

      I hope Melo can still get ROTY

    30. J Simmons

      #1 is legit. Another Zubac sighting on the top 10


      Rubin lopez yan🤣🤣

    32. Andrian Sogocio

      That Bam bam babammmm is what that Chris MIles was trying to achieve with that skrrrr skrrrr.

    33. The Mastermind

      Can we take note that Jared Allen is the first player in nba history to dunked on via a back dunk 😭😭😭😂😂😂

    34. Kevin Chang

      TUESDAY IS TRASHDAY!! That means Monday is recycle day?

    35. JKeyz Official

      Who’s this commentator??😂😂

    36. Prince Vegeta

      Reverse dunk poster be different!!!!

    37. Edward Laquis

      What about lonzo fade away for game???

    38. C PA

      Sad NBA highlights are only dunks and blocks. If they want people to learn something about basketball they should show some fundamentals too, my 2 cents.

    39. Pi Dong

      Cameron Johnson 👍👍👍👍

    40. HecStory

      0:57 Like this if you heard the ERROR LOL. . .

    41. Steph Curry


    42. Ivan Knows Best DIARY

      Best ever dunk

    43. mj3martinez

      NBA Basketball Team M25 > Dartford

      1. mj3martinez


      2. mj3martinez

        Tilbury \ Junction To M25 \ J15 To M4 \ A355 (6) A3022 > Windsor Castle Legoland Windsor Resort Winkfield In Bracknell (A329(M)) (M3,M25,M4,M40)

      3. mj3martinez

      4. mj3martinez


      5. mj3martinez

        Via M25(CW) M4(W) A355 > Windsor A3022 > Legoland, Windsor Castle

    44. Ismail Benchekroun

      Lights. Cameron. Johnson.

    45. Carlos Souza


    46. Benyamin Gerber

      a facial supply to willie cauley stein? ayo?!

    47. GirlOnceu37

      I can't believe Miles Bridges is on health and safety protocols. Now he won't be in the Top 10s for now 😔

    48. Mason Bell

      Bam 1#

    49. probly zuited

      ayton with the elgin baylor type top play

    50. probly zuited

      brook lopez the what legend??..oh dear god

    51. probly zuited

      i miss my girl.. to each his own

    52. Angel Angeles III


    53. Jeremy Newton

      That’s a fact Brook Lopez on the Nets was definitely top 5 Centers playing in the NBA

    54. Matteo

      #2 was clearly #1

    55. nico halili

      Good thing it's not the lady narrator today.

    56. BCRamos

      This commentator is 2nd to the best and we know who is the best...

    57. b0bOne

      why is LaMelo on this list?

    58. Joe Spector

      goatmentator was good in this one

    59. johnlinks

      Jared Greenburg with the top 10 hell yeah

    60. Oppa LoveS to Sing

      Reverse with verseeeeeeeee

    61. Edoardo Pasta

      ahahahhaahah bam ba ba ba bammmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I loved it! reverse style!!

    62. Zefrain Mora

      This is funny as hell 🤣 "reverse style" 🤣🤣😂

    63. Super Onyor

      Jaxson Hayes runs like a guard! 💪🔥💪

      1. Makoto :v

        He traveled so fkin hard Imao

    64. Andreas Manalu

      Number 2 looks like traveling

    65. Rotem Sela

      Did ha just say: Bam with a facial😳

    66. mill b c

    67. Nicolas dinozzo

      Kawhi is so impressive!!!!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱

    68. bqebobby

      What happened to goatmentator 🤔

    69. Erwin Rommel Sj Labayen

      Came here for the goatmentator, where is HE????

    70. LI TAN

      1:20 - commentator is high

    71. Dawid Podurgiel

      Duuuude n.2 is a big time travel

    72. best song

      Alright melo is my new fav

    73. T Bone

      #2 he took 5 steps. The NBA is total shit.

    74. Charles Johnson

      LAMELO#2 BACK ..

    75. Posterized

      Reverse Style

    76. Sam TheMan

      Top 1 play was Crazy, reverse dunk poster🔥

      1. Vi Trinh

      2. Xi Benton

        You spoiled it you the top comment

      3. 五歲抬頭的冇看廢鹽


    77. Cassius 2206

      Yikes for Khem Birch push there. Totally unnecessary.

    78. Chris Haslam

      Gotta give probs to New Orleans for coming back from that 1st game against golden State. Zion #1

    79. Sydyf McMillan

      Number 9, Lamelo’s pass is awesome but after that there is a horrible travelling that refs didn’t whistle. Lol

    80. tatenda muzondiwa


    81. Randy Walker

      Glad to see the Suns had both 10 and 1 on that list.

      1. Ceasar Brown

        Let's go Suns😁😄👏👏👏👏👏👏

    82. Alan Ramos

      Top 1 should be the defense of pelicans on Steph curry

    83. Last Cactus

      U left out pelicans best defensive play of the year aka lightsout

    84. 2ellas2

      Cryrie is now Tryrie. I like that.

    85. Brandon H.

      One of the best ones i seen in a while

    86. Steef VanBuren

      I Love this commentator!!

    87. allenmeistersantos

      Thank God its not Stephanie Ready!

    88. empeh jott

      Unclementator making some use of his frustration wif his wifey

    89. CarCar Stz150

      If you watched the games u would know what number 1 would be every day

    90. Laurens HFK


    91. Stayoffmygrass

      Travel Hayes

    92. Keith Groover

      I'm kind of laughing at the thought that he's recording this commentary in his closet at 3 AM. "Honey, can you keep it down?" "REVERRRSE STYLE!!!"

      1. 8Max24

        Get it out!!!

      2. Gabor89

        hahahahaah xDDD

      3. Vi Trinh

      4. Gregor Ayling

        "BAM BAM BAM BAM BAAAAM"!! 😂😭

    93. Sock Dong

      this commentator has good energy

    94. Double M On Tha Beat

      ** ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⚠️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

    95. Rubén Barreiro

      Gangstamentator 🔥🔥🔥

    96. Tima Anoshechkin


    97. YoUPlay Well 1%

      what A night May The Fourth Be with Us

    98. Michael Benfield

      Top play was so good I had to rewatch it a couple times.

    99. ramchik

      The commentator is really impressive and cool

    100. Yaser Taufik Syamlan

      We miss 2 hands for safety phrase..