If you challenge Messi, you will regret it

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    If you challenge Messi, you will regret it

    In 2017, Real Madrid and Barcelona are facing and this match is marked by every sense of messi ...

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    1. funny games pubg(bgmi)

      RAMOS Bad playr

    2. Sazzad Hossain

      AS LIKE AVENGERS MOVIE DIALOGUE "HULK SMASH"... EVERY TEAM PLANS BEFORE THE GAME WITH BARCELONA "SMASH MESSI". Football is more fighting than playing now days. Watch old games where it was so clean.

    3. gon

      Si desafío a Messi me va a gritar

    4. William Klemp

      The obedient australia marginally squash because coal preclinically slow mid a rebel mexican. petite, orange basement

    5. Kevin Arakaza

      Casemiro,seemed like a the rock in the field this day

    6. Sivaprakash C

      Salute to both the teams goalkeeper

    7. Seidu Kinda

      Ramos is the best defender


      The Statement is wrong: If You Challenge Messi , You will regret it - WRONG...... If You Challenge Messi , You have to regret it - RIGHT.....

    9. dainiwar Chiru

      Sure did Messi is the best player in the world

    10. Najmus Sadaat

      Why messi got thesp yellow card?

    11. Linksuz

      No pasa nada ese flacucho lo mandan pa la mierda

    12. Hậu Jun Art

      You follow i. Thanks you

    13. Dharmashyam Kandha

      Asm #dharmashyamkandha

    14. Sammy Reings

      the fan that also shouted at messi is a bitch

    15. Sammy Reings

      the thing that got me was how did he do all that and the tissue didnt fall off

    16. UNIVERSE.

      Ronaldo is an example that if you work hard you will be no.1 all time... Messi is an example that you can be no.1 if you work hard..

    17. ankul agarwal

      everybody is talking about how good is either messi or ronaldo or whatever but no one is talking about the goalkeeper of Juventus , he was so good !!!!

    18. Roshan Kunwar

      Challenging is good then scareding ❣️

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    23. Martua Sihaloho

      👍👍👍👍 ko 😀

    24. Martua Sihaloho

      😢😢 akan 🤲🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

    25. Martua Sihaloho

      👍👍👍👍👍 ko

    26. Martua Sihaloho

      😢😢 akan Gambar 🇵🇱🇵🇱🤲

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    30. Vitthal Khonde

      Real Madrid Player are not football players like serjio Ramos....

    31. José Luis Batres

      God they are fucking dirty

    32. HYOTO gaming

      Next bs6

    33. HYOTO gaming

      True legends

    34. Tobe act

      Messi has just one type of skill that he has been using since he was 3 years old, at this rate it's obvious God created him to be the best

    35. DBS METALS

      aver is a channel in English and the title is in Spanish wtf with their lives

    36. rez m

      Segel ramos is the most bad boy in football history ...

    37. RR To


    38. ba at

      Barcelona ....the best of all time ! CONGRAT BARCA !!!!

    39. April Ann Jaranilla

      Madrid is still d best.. No doubt about it and it still on d record... Just shot up

    40. LIMON !

      how can someone compare some average player with messi! just look at his on pitch performance he is on another level.

    41. Mustafa Sherko


    42. Galaxy Football 007


    43. VELET LITE

      Harika olmus

    44. Sultan Molla

      My Boss Messi👌👌👌👌

    45. đạt võ

      both goalkeeper really perfect

    46. MITODRU's  fun club

      I being a big fan of Lionel Messi can say that he can make the whole Real Madrid team or Juventus sit in front of him

    47. Arpan yadav

      messi king.

    48. kangkan kalita


    49. kangkan kalita


      1. stalkers

        Leo Messi 👽❤️💥

    50. Kuntal 1716

      Ramos got 100 red cards in his career, yet he has no shame

    51. Neil Confesor

      10:00 why was he given a yellow card?

    52. Jesse Vukkink

      Heel veel respect dat hij door gaat hoor zelfs als die veel bloed en dan heb ik het over messi natuurlijk

    53. Ali tariq

      Everyone has there own opinion of who better


      Legend Messi ❤️

    55. Krishiv Kukshal

      Messi played a very great game

    56. Ronna Seledon

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    57. Andri Belakang


    58. Football Empire


    59. Deepak Anto J

      Messi doesn't deserve GOAT status bcz even greatness is levels below him

    60. Sadia Peu

      Ramos a great defender! But attitude 👎 unexpected behavior professional footballer! Messi ❤️

    61. FIFA WORLD

      The only way to stop this man is to pause the video

    62. FIFA WORLD

      I wonder how players can't stop him although they know where he is going !!!

    63. FIFA WORLD

      Messi makes everything looks so easy , but it doesn't

    64. FIFA WORLD

      any arabs here ??

    65. FIFA WORLD

      We are so lucky to watch this humble legend playing 😍😍

    66. FIFA WORLD

      The only way to stop this man is to pause the video

    67. JDM Vibes

      Best match of all time 🔥

    68. Dragon

      6:09 azarkeşlərin əlin Azərbaycan bayrağı görənlər +1

    69. Aazeb khan


    70. Aniket Ghodake

      Madrid is playing Football or Rugby🏉😂🤣

    71. Greg Gross

      Love watching Lionel Messi destroy Real Madrid and its collection of thugs.

    72. saluten j

      lö,klojiojugzfutrztd3awaw4suvf uißp0

    73. Paris sportif en Direct ou Avant match


    74. KishoR_ nath

      I believe in Messi's supremacy.🧎‍♂️

    75. eler

      It should be a tradition for Ramos to have more than 15 red cards in a season.

    76. Tanvir Ahamed


    77. Littel pikcy


    78. Coulibaly Papsonne

      Le Lion 💪



    80. Like don’t cost money

      well you can say it about Michael jordan ... messi is not perfect footballer he is maybe best all time it's debatable ... with mj it's not debatable

    81. Dadje Medium


    82. T O N Y

      Even you serch on Google that who is the god of football Google will say : ha ha ha. Obviously MESSI !!!🔥🔥

    83. César Alvarado

      Casi todas las veces messi se tira

    84. Léger Christian Djiba

      On se serait cru dans un film ou l'acteur donne un dernier coup de grace pour sauver l'humanité... Messi n'est pas ordinaire les amis

    85. Jhorna Akter


    86. mahesh preethan

      and i love him

    87. mahesh preethan

      i want to be like messi

    88. mahesh preethan

      i alos want to play football and i want to be football player

    89. mahesh preethan

      mahesh preethan

    90. mahesh preethan

      hi i am

    91. robert garza

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    92. José Basterrica

      Sos pelota !!

    93. MR3 gaming

      F*ck casemiro for making fun of Piqué .

    94. MR3 gaming

      I’m challenging that shit head , eat 5 paqui one chip challenge. Fan of Piqué, Ronaldo and Mohammed salah.

    95. Mohammed Shahabin nv


    96. Štoki rock

      Šta pišete strani ako je ovo iz hrvatske

    97. Naryana


    98. ibyimanikora pacifique


    99. XdMoDz29

      Man's having Big Brain and some angeeeerrrr boiii