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    1. Alanna M

      Sorry for your loss but what a song

    2. Dkp oki Ralala

      Incredible song 👌 touching 👍

    3. Alliant For Insurance Services

      great song Rest in Peace we will see her again in heaven ❤️😭

    4. adarsh kl

      New album, Mercury: Act I, will be released on September 3 i am waiting................

    5. Patrizia P.


    6. obrian francis

      #FireBreather Thank you

    7. Wedam Mamboda

      Someone missing Aja...beautiful song Imagine Dragon

    8. Orangel. R

      Hasta nosotros los latinoamericanos escuchamos este gran grupo musical, ♥️

    9. Shahed Sameer

      Another timeless classic from the legendary Imagine Dragons!

    10. Karmi de Villiers

      My dad passed away in January...this song started playing today and wow...started crying because the lyrics, so true...

    11. Вера Котикова

      We are waitng you in Odessa Ukraine so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    12. Maria Alejandra

      Muchas Gracias Imagine Dragons por está canción tan hermosa y conmovedora.

    13. Ephemeral Eiswer

      Awesome Song By Imagine Dragons... Just Thinking On I've Left Behind... ¡_[[[

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    15. Valentina Vucak


    16. Htet Shine


    17. Adeeb Mahmud Turjo

      Guyz Dragons are back after a looong time.Let's make this song the best of the year. Just listen to this masterpiece every day atleast twice.

    18. Tindra Josefsson

      Love it ❤


      Who agrees to me that singers like Ed Sheeran, Chris Martin and many more their voice doesn't suits in some of the songs But, But Dan Reynolds voice suits in EVERY SONG

    20. Md Bi


    21. Cheong Jie Ling


    22. Young Ruin

    23. Jacqueline Göpel

      Einfach nur genial! ❤👍👏

    24. Burnt Toast

      I love the prechorus omg it’s so good

    25. Sharon Larson

      This song speaks to me... I lost my roomie- longtime friend - family on December 12, 2020. Everytime I hear this song it reflects on our longtime friendship and all the amazing memories we share!! We both shared some amazing experiences of overcoming obstacles. Rest in Paradise my Yolie.!!

    26. Ryan

      This one hits me on a different level. The timing is also scary. 30th of june my girlfriend 20 years old. Died in a car accident into a tree, we found out she did it on purpose she had depression and ptsd. She was working hard to get her normal life back but her past was haunting her all the time. For everyone here don't forget we all live day by day month to month but death will happen, don't regret anything you say to someone because one day maybe you don't have a chance anymore to make thing right and talk with them... Love your close ones today not tomorrow.

    27. Liviana Cenedese


    28. Aryan Tripathy

      Damn I don't believe now it's 9.6m views only it always gives me goosebumps i swear and this must get some more and more views just love this song

    29. flyfreefeelme

      My dad passed away last year. When I listen to the song I can't help but think about him and I really miss him. It is a beautiful song, thank you!

    30. Євгенія Бондарь

      FINALLY !! I've been waiting for your return so long! Ukraine loves you and waiting for your tour !!!

    31. Gbowie

      Masterpiece ❤️ ID era

    32. carson len

      this is what you call a good song

    33. İmpossible Aeri

      şarkıyı dinleyince çok duygulanıyorum

    34. o n d ř e j ✨

      omgg, i loveee it!💖

    35. Quang Cảnh Hồ

      Im a wreck without you here! Một thời như vậy.

    36. goran muhamd

      Remember the words that you said Remember the life you led

    37. lovi208

      Song brings tears. Weird thing is I haven't even lost anyone!

    38. John Salas

      I Love your music man!! Got me thru alot of sh!t

    39. Hasan Sharif

      A pure rendition of love and lost! End of the day: when trials come, things that are important become really clear!

    40. 최원진

      My battery: 2% Me: Listens to wrecked My phone: I will wait

    41. Ishit Srivastava

      Here before the billionth view 💜

    42. SAJJIREY

      i love this musiccc ;(

    43. Valentina Dian Larasati

      Oh my God! Again, only Imagine Dragons can accompany me in my sadness. Because one of thousand way to heal for me, is screaming! Your song is loud and roar. Thank you!

    44. Delcio Gregorio

      Esta canção parte-me literalmente o coração...

    45. Nguyễn Trần Quang Minh

      My hopeness is that We can see each other

    46. Kyle Berkman

      Yes, it felt so hurt but it's ok😔

    47. Nguyễn Trần Quang Minh

      You look older than you did

    48. Nguyễn Trần Quang Minh

      Chú già ù na :(((

    49. Daiana Gonçalves Ramos

      Maravilhosos 😍😘

    50. chance richards

      Im so sorry about your loss

    51. Ask to seduce Miss

      I can't even describe this song other than to say it is simply perfect. Everything about it; this is perhaps the most beautiful song I have ever heard.

    52. conan barbarian

      God bless alisha. Love this song. Please give this family peace. I feel this pain with 19 year old daughter who doesn't talk to me anymore

    53. Abdillah Fikri

      I really believe the message and feelings you put in this song reach every listener

    54. me Tuttle

      Great song

    55. Legend Sonic 888

      Exelente video

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        На рипите....

    56. Tori Armstrong

      I lost my husband three years ago. I lost the best part of me. My true love, my boys father, our hero. This song describes my life, his ghost is everywhere. His memory just a joke, billboard, or conversation away. Of all the things I miss, I miss being in love the most.

    57. Liv Martin

      This song is so beautiful, yet the meaning is so sad. What a gorgeous piece of art.

    58. Realz Product Reviews

      Wow. Amazing song. Made me feel all these emotions. 💖 Sorry for your loss 😢

    59. Stormbreaker46

      Night Visions Vibes!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    60. Belinda Jardim

      I love this song, I cant help getting emotional wen I hear this song😥❤❤❤

    61. Belinda Jardim

      Wen trials come things that become important become really clear

      1. Belinda Jardim

        "Wen trials come, things that are important become really clear" I love this quote ❤

    62. Spaced Out Gaming

      The lyrics remind me of my dog, Horatio. We had to put him down due to bad liver in 2019. He is much happier in "Doggy Heaven." But at first I was a wreck.

    63. Skeeter Jaxson

      thgis song rocks sop fucjking ahrd

    64. Meri Islami

      Why do every time I hear this song ... i feel like my heart breaks into 1000 pieces and then comes back together like a puzzle? But as always a piece is missing. And that piece is always owned by that person who is no longer there 🥺💔

    65. Leokadia Krawiec

      It's a magnetic and magical piece. I have it in my head and heart all the time. He takes me to the most beautiful regions of existence. It's good that you are.

    66. Poo kie

      This song made me cry non stop. 😭😢🥀

    67. Sean Thornton

      Honestly get Alt J vibes in the verses. That's a good thing!

    68. сергей шаронов

      На рипите....


      To all those who have lost their loved ones! We will meet them!

    70. sabenou kouman koffi djaniva ouattara

      Ce son fait rêver . Vous faites rêver !!

    71. Giovanni Minnucci


    72. Nuraini Sukhor

      Ahhh the legends! You guys will never be replaced. Always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for this beautiful masterpiece 🤍


      I lost my Dad due to covid in the month of May .This song exactly released after a month . Those lyrics are what our family is going through. I'll see you again, my loved one -Dad-

    74. Luther Daly

      The one song I heard in a Spotify ad that i actually added to my playlist

    75. luke s

      Soo nostalgic vibes... nice🐕🛣📷

    76. Thelma T. Beyer

      what a masterpiece

    77. Fares Chouihi

      this song is absolutely beautiful and heart touching

    78. Mark Joseph Edits

      This unearths emotions I didn't even knew I buried. This is what music does best: help us feel. Thank you Imagine Dragons.

    79. Kyle Burkley

      The upbeat router whitely obtain because instrument emotionally moan around a alike airmail. unique, pleasant hourglass

    80. Yod D' Plaz


    81. Julia Abatemarco

      This song deserves more likes and more views.

    82. Julia Zanaldi

      VICIADA, como todas as outras músicas 😍

    83. Samuel Lalmuanawma


    84. Lauren Morgan

      This song is beautiful ❤️

    85. sqeroo

      I miss you Dad. I am only 24 years old. Why did you left me? I am afraid i can’t handle it without you. I miss you. Love you. Patryk

      1. Sky

        @sqeroo that is soooo True.

      2. sqeroo

        @Sky life is unfair

      3. Sky

        My dad left us when I was 10, now I'm 40 and is even harder, I need him so much right now when I'm in the worst time in my life. BTW, his not dead , his still alive.....

    86. Léo

      finally some guitars... great song guys



    88. Liam Smit

      wow! My favorite song

    89. tinker gods


    90. shea Shea


    91. Katalin Nagy

      3,1 tousand people living with stone heart

    92. Alibek Azimov

      love you bro

    93. Mas Rahman

      Selamat anda menemukan komen bahasa Indonesia 🇮🇩