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    First RC cars, then RC planes, and now.. RC HELICOPTERS!! Another incredible DP Battle!
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    1. Charlie Pletcher

      Plastic Golf Battle 2?

    2. almagoh

      Every trick shots have a different size. BIG!!!! Or small.

    3. almagoh

      make 'huge ping pong trick shots" and "tiny ping pong trick shots" for me!

    4. almagoh

      can you make me "tape trick shots"?

    5. CN Power

      I'm from Sri Lanka😀😁

    6. Ambili M S

      Why didn't you upload the new video

    7. H S N GAMERS

      Love you guys please support my channel

    8. Ryker Hofler

      You should do Soccer stereotypes next

    9. bé sala

      In my opinion, you should let the Vietnamese subtitles know what you say. I'm Vietnamese nam

    10. Souffyaan Adamjee

      Cory soo funny🤣🤣😂😂❤

    11. Tuned

      Whhen is there gonna be anymore rc car stuff if there is

    12. Lincoln Alger

      I’m on Tyler’s team all the way

    13. Xxocto boyxX

      This Chanel is my child hood

    14. YUVG CLAN


    15. James Alldredge

      Hi Dude perfect as a birthday present from my parents I am going to go see The Dude Purfect 2021 Tour I am really excited to see you guys I just want to share that with you guys because you guys are the best 😀

      1. Abby Summers


      2. James Alldredge

        O sorry it is the one at Fort Worth

    16. CreamsicleAnimations

      Tall guy. 4 life and yes there is people out there

    17. Jessica LeMoine

      Who here just reads comments just for the memes

    18. TheJackGaming !


    19. Pulse Gaming

      Who else got tickets to their show but got it canceled because of the virus

    20. Dylan Wang


    21. Vauxi

      Bring back the song money run low by the score

    22. J G

      Kobe Bryant disapproves

    23. Dave Hall

      Dude Perfect will always be perfect

    24. COD Master

      The Intro never gets Old

    25. Issac Daniels

      When is RC car trick shots 2 coming out

    26. Eslam yous

      I love it

    27. Adam Mk

      Lets gooooooo Byby

    28. Peter Berg

      Wtf was this


      I wish who saw this comment there parents will live for 100 years 😍


      Wow! I am always amazed by your stuff.

    31. Awesome HLD

      How does it feel being passed by Mr.Beast?

    32. BOGUS

      Perfect video. 👌-I can only imagine the lifestyles these dudes live ahh'so jelly !! 😆 but for real keep up the great content

    33. z filho

      Sou BRAZIL

    34. Kevin That Cook

      Collab with Mr Beast

    35. 亗ZexVo

      RC Boat Battle

    36. Senada Selimi


    37. Wilson Machado

      awfull helicopeter to control and fly, its indoor helicoepters

    38. Zayed Khan

      I am excited to see the get crafty

    39. Zayed Khan

      Pls do a ot

    40. Girl 220

      Sick love this

    41. Eren_ Yt

      There is nothing that dude perfect didnt do. Change my mind

    42. tamia deck

      eggg tosss pt2

    43. ملح ؤر


    44. Captain Larkspur

      So wait.... yall started in College Station? Pretty cool

    45. Sasmitha Weerasinghe

      No RC helicopters were harmed during the making of this video!

    46. GoldBrixProductions

      Next overtime you should bring back fanmail

    47. 536gaming

      The mouse got caught in 4k :)

    48. jenberglund

      YOU GUYS LITERALLY MAKE THE BEEEEEEEEST VIDEOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    49. Mrs. Conner


    50. jenberglund

      I love ur vids

    51. Dina Fuselier

      After all these years who else has still ben wondering who panda is?🐼

    52. Sujal Raj

      Extreme weather should be back

    53. BK Ignacio600

      when i watched them first time they just have 2.2M subs :OO now 55M :OOOO

    54. Elizabeth Del-Rio

      Volleyball stereotypes?

    55. Harshvardhan varma

      So cool

      1. Harshvardhan varma


    56. Benji davis

      Finally Mr beast beat them in subs

      1. Teddy Hill

        no they didn’t they have 55.5 mil and Mrbeast has 60 mil

    57. Bloodmadness [GD]

      Dude perfect never get old and they have been doing this for a long time

    58. Mamta Gupta

      Hey that drone man could do that much better

    59. TacaZ 2.0


    60. A-dUb

      *KNOCK KNOCK* “Who’s there?” “DOGE!” “DOGE WHO?!” “DOGE TO THE MOON!!”

    61. khám phá Campuchia


    62. Gage Seymour

      Where’s Panda?

    63. Nishant Saini

      would you make a video with LEGO like lego trick shots

    64. fox 94

      56M here we go

    65. Milo Conrad

      I got a great idea do a Upredictable Real Life Trick Shots

    66. Ed Holt

      Love your game

    67. Black Crow

      I live in Ukraine

    68. Black Crow

      Please 🙏 me 5375418803777994

    69. mac mac seyer

      Agly triks

    70. I'm noob

      How can you do it?????

    71. Iguana vs monke


    72. Yeet09

      I have a full carbon fibre version of the RC helicopter that you used in challenge 1 the blade 120 s2

    73. Karla May De Villa

      i love this video

    74. Fathan Rizaldi

      Ramadhan Kareem Everyone!

      1. Fathan Rizaldi


    75. Total on Mobile tech

      Hi everyone

    76. Cason Collins

      i don’t think we care about anything more than you finishing the ostrich egg dropping thing from OT

    77. Andrew Clarke

      Hey guys can u pls do a church stereotypes

    78. Zack St.Pierre


    79. Runa Khan

      নুতনএকটি ভিডিও ছারেন

    80. BarnII B

      Here’s an idea why don’t you do trick shots with one of the oldest toys but most enjoyable ones. Bayblades?

    81. John Denver Obado

      plz do the coilz trick shot from Philippines


      Mr cody

    83. Mr Isaac

      I'm part of team tall guy, i have to be i'm 6'4

    84. SHADOW_X 77

      You should make archery steoryotypes

    85. Gaming with Gavin

      you almost lost subscribers

    86. Bryan Carrillo

      Hey dude perfect what’s up I loved those awesome trick shots and some awesome battles y’all made it was off the roof and I especially liked the nerf bow and arrow it’s cool

    87. Cody Cook

      In the next OT y’all should do Top 10 Country Songs

    88. Tim Atkinson Jr

      When is the next DP video

    89. Alvin Anja

      Pleaseee guys subtitle Indonesia

    90. Trevor Beckenhauer

      I love these RC battle videos!

    91. Mohammad Abdulmuqeet

      I love these channel

    92. Asher Weaver

      I think you should try and get Dragon City to sponsor and see if they can get you your own dragon. Maybe it could be like a 5 headed hydra dragon wearing merch.

    93. Gilb Tube


    94. Aditya Putra Sugiharto

      i always watching man hope subscribers dude

    95. Weird nation

      you guys are supposed to uplode today

    96. Andrei Peres

      Я один русский?

    97. Drew Bryant

      Please respond

    98. Drew Bryant

      I have a PLshows channel and I want to get famous so can you mention me in one of your next PLshows videos p.s. my name is Kate I am a really big fan we watch dude perfect every Friday at school

    99. Chase Miller

      I remember when my friend told me about y’all a long time ago