Demi Lovato - Met Him Last Night (Lyric Video) ft. Ariana Grande

Demi Lovato

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    1. Damian A

      Flop song

    2. Monica

      WOW! 🙌🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥👏👏👏

    3. irviani here

      The melody sound like Don't Call Me Angel

    4. Kyrill Atanassov


    5. Félix Maidana

      *Casually twerking*

    6. Aracely Grande


    7. Hunter The Rottweiler

      Their voices together is just 💫💫💫💫😇😇😇

    8. Hollywood World's

      Beautiful ❤️

    9. Jesús creations

      Cerdemi reina del floop

    10. Edu rique

      I've been waiting this since I was in my other life.

    11. Jordan WilliamsNance

      What Did They Put In This Song😭😭✋

    12. Juan Alberto

      Absolutely breathtaking. I’m utterly gobsmacked

    13. Paula Fuenzalida

      AAAAAAAAAAAAA Mis 2 cantantes favoritas 😭😭😭

    14. Shurie McMahon

      How is this not trending tho...

    15. RED CLOUD

      The collaboration All of us been waiting.... 2018: NOP 2019: NOPI 2020: NO NOW 2021: IT'S TIME TO MAKE ART

    16. Joanna

      I got shivers every f*cking sec, omg

    17. Pola Jankowska

      Instant goosebumps

    18. Pola Jankowska

      Jeeez... pure art

    19. London Black

      i love this song i'm one of Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato fan

    20. シMari

      I don't know why, but this beginning reminded me of stranger things, just me.

      1. High Notes Perú


    21. michaUL it’s me

      oh she did a damn thing

    22. unknown Unknown

      I know it’s not actually about the devil and it’s about a boy ofc (Maybe Pete) who knows but I’m a Christian and this I- I don’t know what to think. I love the collaboration and I love you both.

    23. Yulian varo


    24. Ariana Fan

      Stop twerking and think this song is gonna have a MV like PERFECT***

    25. Ariana Fan

      *Ramadan twerking*

    26. Lauren H.


    27. Lauren H.

      demi's voice shined in this track omg

    28. Juveriya Rockzz

      Me thinking how epic will the music video be of this song

    29. Gotta keep an eye out for Selener

      Wow, Demi and Ariana actually has great chemistry. Their voices blend well, from Demi's strong and punchy vocal to Ariana's sweet and angelic tone. I hope there's an MV set for this.

    30. Ethan gaddiz

      Demi LOVATO your work in music isn’t accomplishing yet you still gotta sing and release ya know and I thought we got a deluxe track or a hidden track with 4 visualized songs

    31. Cody 1

      Waiting for the music video this songs gonna be the second best of the album



    33. abdou Capitain

      the collaboration of the year perfection

    34. Lauran Casandra Koeberg

      I can't get enough of Demi's vocals😍

    35. thescarletwitch

      obsessed with this song

    36. anissa monique cruz

      Can somebody tell me the meaning of this song

    37. mat


    38. Thainá Oliboni

      Caralho essas vozes juntas tudo pra mim😍❤️

    39. Bucked Up

      This pulls my heart strings and my major vibe radar is going thru the roof. I love Demi and I’m a big fan in her recovery. Along with Ariana I love them and the genuine artists they are. They are amazing human beings. This hits so hard. I hope they continue to make music for us that are in recovery and battling just genuine life. Going thru whatever yk. Please no hate.

    40. Nagito Komeada

      My class loves this song and my mom does to 😌👌

    41. lil miss moonshine


    42. Levi • 12 years ago •

      Im here for Ariana. Demi can go sleep

      1. Chaela C

        You can sleep instead :)

      2. thescarletwitch

        you can go sleep.

    43. Jyrmaine Smith

      Now this is History ! IM IN LOVE!

    44. ArtistMoonGirl

      those harmoniessssss ✨

    45. Lindsay Butera


    46. Aracely Grande


    47. Aracely Grande


    48. irene sadsad

      str3am focus

    49. irene sadsad

      y’all str3am 7 rings

    50. irene sadsad

      this song is a bop

    51. Tomandoum Xa


    52. Rick Finn

      Nobody gives credit to Bach for already writing this? Really?

    53. Mitchell Scott

      nooo.. please don't make your newest tracks as high as Ariana's ponytail, it's easier to sing to a voice that bounces from alto to baritone like original Demi's


      Dariana forever

    55. Kayan Sousa

      Não tem como não amar essas duas aaaaaaaaaaaaa🥺❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤RAINHAS

    56. Alahna Whitner

      Finally been hoping they would collab.


      Mi mamá me dio la vida Pero esto me da las ganas de vivirla 😍😍😍😍😍 lovEeeeee

    58. Octavio Espinosa

      nice voice

    59. LAZARO

      Looking forward to mv

    60. LAZARO

      Ariana and Demi, omg, it's too much for me

    61. 井上彩


    62. Amy

      this hits different the day after being sexually assaulted

    63. Ella Grace The dangerous woman

      My ears : 🎶✨😘🤗😁☺️☺️😚😙😙😋😜😛😁😁😁😁😁😄😃😀😃😃😃😇😇😇😇😇😊😊🙂🙂❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🤍💗💖💝💕💞💓💋💘💖💗❣️💟💞 My eyes trying to read the lyrics : ⬆️↗️↘️↔️↕️↖️⬅️↙️⬇️↩️⤴️⤴️🔃🔄🔄⬆️↘️↕️⤵️⤴️⬅️🔃⤵️↕️🔃🔃⤵️↕️

    64. Bree


    65. Nalin Mohanty

      I need a music video on this

    66. Lexi

      I need an entire album of these two together ❤

    67. Guillermo Chavarria

      This is my long cardigan song

    68. Ayde R

      What a perfect song from two amazing artists with beautiful vocals

    69. Попова Наталья

      Most beautiful lyrics I've seen)))

    70. Gabby Workman

      Demi+Ari= heaven

    71. Ricardo Marques

      Eu quero o clipee pelo amor de Deeus 🇧🇷

    72. Kani Garcia

      Te amo Demi ❤

    73. Semra Arslan


    74. Nazdar Il


    75. Tiago Genaro

      SUCH A HIT OMG 😱

    76. Calvin James montenegro

      All day twerking.

    77. jessy bil


    78. momina arshad

      Its a master piece. Best collaborated song. It sounded so beautiful. Ari your vocals are very nice. You guys sounded splended.Great job

    79. roses_are_rosie

      @Ariana Grande please we need an MV for this one🔥

    80. Saptarshi D

      Demi just overpowers ANY vocalist. GO GIRL!!!

    81. Ale

      Butterfly twerking

    82. marleotulis

      Ariana's low notes was everything!

    83. Antonio J. Figueroa

      Demi lovato Love music wahoo 😘

    84. Javi Ledesma

      ✨✨✨ IS DIS HEAVEN? ✨✨✨

    85. Dhanush

      yall better stop twerking

      1. Natali Sanders

        We can't 😆

    86. Josh Lynch

      ngl i thought the thumbnail was sushi

      1. aritanaudios


    87. juvnlopez

      Demi’s power!!! Aris range!!!

    88. liana moshkovich

      The was this guy ya i met him last had conversations ya i think he's alright :)

    89. Daniel Franco

      The cover of the single is blatantly satanic not only a reference to the Goat of Mendez Baphomet but to Monarch programming. The lyrics too are unholy.

      1. Daniel Franco

        @쯔위 I'm not christian. And why should I?

      2. dancing with the devil

        and to think she cares💀

      3. Ariana Grande

    90. Susana

      I can hear two angels singing 🥰🇵🇹

    91. Banana XXL

      I can’t believe that this hasnt blown up

    92. Yumini

      I love this lyric video!

      1. Ariana Grande

    93. ketuwaa

      the harmonies and the vocalizing is just CHEF'S KISS.

    94. Nicole Mojica


      1. Ariana Grande

    95. Vidhi Sikchi

      This is such a mysterious sounding yet so sexy and such a bop♡

      1. Ariana Grande

    96. Ethan Clark

      when we heard Ariana Grande's tweet saying "Background vocals for a friend " we found her vocals were going to be in the song.

    97. stephanie kings

      Of course you arianators come here to praise JUST ariana and bring another artist down. Seems like that's all you guys do. Bunch of toxic people.

      1. Ariana Grande

    98. Carlos eduardo

      6 milions 😍🦋🦋 single.

      1. Ariana Grande

    99. Spencer Tanhauser

      Dancing with the devil and Met him last night deserve to be number 1 on the billboard hot 100.Demi lovato is a prodigious artist.Its time she gets what she deserves.

    100. thee rain maker

      What does this song mean?