Demi Lovato - The Making of 'Dancing With The Devil' | Vevo Footnotes


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    Demi Lovato - The Making of Dancing With The Devil | Footnotes
    "There's something really cathartic and healing about being able to address trauma through art," says Demi in our latest Footnotes. This edition explains the immense work and attention to detail that went into "Dancing With The Devil." The video, co-directed by Demi and Michael Ratner, has an impressive goal: to visually communicate the emotions in play the night of the singer's near-death tragedy. Learn the meaning of the vid's disco ball, and see how Demi's new documentary informed the video itself.
    Watch the official video for Dancing With The Devil:
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    A true story by Demi Lovato
    Directed by Demi Lovato & Michael D. Ratner
    Produced by OBB Pictures & SB Films
    If you or someone you know is in need of support, it’s OK to ask for help.
    If you are struggling with addiction, call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or visit
    If you have experienced sexual assault, call the RAINN Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).
    Need someone to talk to? Reach out to your local crisis text line:
    USA: Text HOME to 741741; UK: Text SHOUT to 85258; Canada: Text CONNECT to 686868 or 741741
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    Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
    Producer: Priya Minhas
    Editor: Kevin Rose
    Music & Talent: Annie Shapiro & Sam Mackoff
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    1. Apollo Selispeks

      I'm happy to learn this about the video ❤ How did you have the peace inside to do it? I can't even say/write mine down! Is there something that got you passed that point? To be able to make this?! 🙌🏻😍

    2. Norbu Rema

      I love you demi you are so amazing and inspiring

    3. Mateus rodrigues solart


    4. Chelsea Skylar

      The fact that they had to make it clear that this video isn’t glorifying drugs or drinking just shows how ignorant people are about addiction

    5. Dude Man

      So is this like a wig

    6. Mr Me

      We aren’t talking about her music anymore, we talk about her problems and how annoying she turned.

    7. doireann nagle

      This is an amazing song!!

    8. Katie B

      If I was Demi's parents I would have had that drug dealer arrested for selling drugs and for attempted murder and sexual assault

    9. tzuyuna

      Lmao how did ou feel when you got roasted on x factor?

    10. tzuyuna

      Auto tune much?


      Can you please do the heart attack again please that's my favorite song of you

    12. Miguel Angel Montenegro Sepulveda

      basura 100%

      1. amie

        bro shut up how about you make ur own music

    13. Jemand Jemand

      i hope this drink was not low carb. or else she wouldnt feel included to the AA. she should shut up and stop giving us half ass full time annoyed excuses for her failing in life. reflect demi.... not project

    14. nico !!

      she deserves all the love in thr world

    15. Ashley Ventham

      Anyone know what some of the 23 Easter eggs are?

    16. TikTok Compilation ➊

      U deserve 3 follower’s bc of the "allot of people work hard for theyre dreams but its not mean’t for everybody. " BRUHz

    17. J. David

      Auto tune much?

    18. Ihatedayslikethis1

      Protein cookies anyone??? 🍪🍪🍪🍪

    19. Lila # LoveHorses

      I love this video, watched it about 56 time already!!

    20. Maria Gonzalez

    21. Billy

      Sugar free.

    22. a Friend or Foe

      I would like to believe her but after the froyo shop, its hard to tell if shes being real or exaggerating it some.

    23. Radio Flyer

      Sad that you should have to say your not glamorizing the lifestyle, when your doing just the opposite. Creating awareness and maybe they’ll finally do something to help young people get the help they need before its too late instead of reporting growing su i cide statistics. You may even be saving lives with this, its eep. I don’t need to know someone personally to be able to empathize with them, especially when you recreated it and likely relived any of the pain you felt that day or time in your life. That being said it’s gonna bother me all day because you took your audience to see everything you went through. Thank GD your alright, but i felt your pain and i feel for all the ones on the streets who pass away because they give up on themselves. So sad you went through this pain

    24. Riff Wizard 666

      WAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! Change your yogurt shop!! You should be walking into a hair salon to fix that bowl cut.

    25. Deadlykiss ASMR

      She is so beautiful ❤

    26. Boost ,

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    28. Evolution deniers are full of bullshit

      You are not CAUGHT in the middle of anything, you are DIRECTLY the cause of this " something" --------WOW

    29. K M

      retitle it How i tried to destroy a small business during the pandemic....have lost all respect for this woman

    30. lyndasa

      Did anyone find all the Easter eggs in the video?

    31. Gaby Gabrielly

      Brasil loves you 🇧🇷

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    33. Gaby Gabrielly

      I love her so much ❤️❤️

    34. FlyFishingChronicles

      I really hope she has a nice weekend this time with her favorite frozen yogurt. Poor girly girl.

    35. Howie Dewit

      Oh, look. She's heavy again 🤭 No wonder the yogurt triggered her

    36. Carlos Iván Hernández Herrera

      Demi Lovato im love

      1. Carlos Iván Hernández Herrera

        I do not understand

      2. Carlos Iván Hernández Herrera

        What are you talking about?Are you crazy

    37. Grybauskaitės Pakaliku Klubas

      How was that yogurt ? Are you not ashamed for trying to cancel yogurt shop ?! We going to cancel you .

    38. Films • Channel

      I saw your comment is I was very emotional Never give up because you are a world idol We all know your fight I am from Brazil Here is our greatest idol ñ Yours if you know and Anitta in any way never give up The best medicine is to pray ask God protection because he will hear good luck demi continue this star that you were born to be.

    39. Let’s be Real

      Slams a business for offering sugar free yoghurts (and therefore triggering people with eating disorders) yet makes a music video reenacting a drug overdose... hypocrite or what man

      1. Piano Enthusiast

        I can never take these "celebs" seriously lol. They think the world revolves around them. What a narcissistic personality they all have.

    40. Geovanna Ana de Jesus Pedra


    41. Alwin indu

      After that experience she became a whole new person, A Karen.

    42. Nidhi Raut

      Used auto-tune???😂

    43. Anime 4k

      that's why you use autotune and I don't

    44. Kim Rangel

      I love you demi. I am younger than you, but I've watched you grow as time has passed. You are a role model for me and so much other young women. You have inspired me to keep faith and to keep growing and to keep loving life no matter how hard it can be. Best wishes.


      Auto tune ?

    46. Mr. Khan

      How was your Frozen yogurt?

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      1. Maeva B

        Everyone use autotune buddy

      2. JustZaker

        Can’t let her forget that lol

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      Can you recommend a good frozen yogurt shop?

    49. Frank Conrad

      The message is heartfelt *but demi lovotolatte is an entitled, privileged, garbage human being...*

      1. Mr. Khan

        No I get it why Simone Cowell hates her

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      Triggering to say the least

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    54. Belen Ochoa

      I love u Demi Lovato My Queen!!!👑❤️

      1. DoggedSam42 -

        You like froyo??

    55. missdemicarla

      I really hope her documentary Dancing With The Devil opens up a pathway to other men and women to share their experiences. To see what happened to her from the outside was so eye opening. All that I’ve seen from her teen years was happy and smiling, I had no idea what she was suffering with behind the scenes, and I’ve been someone who watched her from her Barney and Saved By The Bell days! Since she’s only a couple of years older than me, it makes me so grateful to see how “normal” my upbringing was. I always wanted to get into pageants, singing, performing and acting, but knowing what I know now, I couldn’t imagine how I would cope with her level of fame. I just watched Alison Stoners video, and it wasn’t all Glitz and Glamour. Everything is not what it seems. We love you Demi! 💗💕

    56. Roshan Jain

      "That's why use auto tune and I don't" ~ A savage guy in X factor

    57. Fallout Afterglow

      She should make a song about her traumatic experiences in the ice cream shop

      1. Justin Brooks

        The ice cream shop should make a song about their traumatic experiences with Demi Lovato. I'd buy that single.

    58. KP

      I love love love love love love love her.

    59. weamalaweamala

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      Really you be complaining about sugar free cookies? As much as you want to the world doesn't revolve around you 🤦🏽 their are some people who are on diet or just can't eat regular cookies do to diabetes etc. Demi Do better...

    66. Martial Deniaud Osiris Maât

      I'm French et je suis tombé Love de vous il y a 8 ans, je ne laisserais personne te faire du mal, (JE TE LE JURE sur la tête de mon fils), je serais toujours près de toi ou que tu sois, je t'écouterais et t'accompagner dans tes combat, (JE TE LE JURE SUR LA TÊTE DE MON FILS !!!) ceci est la plus grande preuve que je puisse te donner (My Life of Son!!!) I Love You Demi Lovato, je te souhaite une très belle fin de journée Mon Bel Ange !!! 😇💎💎💎💖💍💙💍🤍💍❤💍😘🥰🥰🥰🌞🌸💐💐🌹🌹🌹😉

    67. Patrik Einarsson

      Her psychological issues really comes through in this song. 💓

    68. Zed is dead

      You're a disgrace to humanity.

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    70. B. Adto

      Anyone want some sugar-free cookies and fro-yo?

      1. weamalaweamala

        i have a lot of healt problems because of my weight, almost one heart attack, so that could help me so much, thanks :)

      2. kodi

        Lmaoooo me🌞

    71. Blake Sking


    72. Mark Jr

      This chic just got triggered over sugar free cookies. Cookies. Please children, there are so many other people to learn from. This disgusting humans brain was fried the last time she ODed.

      1. Blake Sking

        She’s a crackhead

    73. ArthursHD

      Take care!

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    75. James Rininger

      anybody else remember Poot Lovato?

    76. Zaw Shinn

      Can we take a moment to talk about how DL abused her status and power to try to cancel a woman-owned froyo shop, just so she can score some virtue signalling points?

    77. Emma Rain

      People are triggered by things every day but don’t expect the world to accommodate them. If you are unable to self regulate, it would be beneficial for you to learn how. People with eating disorders who have received the correct treatment are gradually exposed to situations that will trigger them and are taught how to deal with those triggers. No one owes you anything Demi. The world doesn’t revolve around you and the world isn’t going to change to accommodate you. Stop being a victim, step up and do some therapy that will actually help you move on and live a more fulfilling life.

    78. Meg :/

      this is harmfull to diabetic ppl

    79. *Astarael*

      Over entitled brat.

    80. SuperTuffgirl

      You be a good influence and make the world a better place or you can be like Demi and make the world worse. The choice is yours.

      1. Sayira Silverio

        well she makes it better for her millions of fans so 💖

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    82. ivi Deszatigny

      How to destroy a million album and documentary promotion to create empathy in 3, 2, 1.....

    83. BIG PAPA

      Your a bitch Demi

      1. Anshika Bhargava

        then why are you here?

    84. Alyssa propst

      I am truly so proud of Demi for overcoming this traumatic night and for continuing to be the strongest she can.

      1. Lee Francis

        The trauma of fro yo lolllll

    85. lucas Maluff

      I like ice cream

    86. Peace, Love And Happiness

      I can only imagine how hard this must have been for her to do. Great way to release the past thou. Embrace the pain from the past to move forward. She is one STRONG woman!! ❤

    87. Bruno Benetti

      im tired of seeing this in ads

    88. Kelly Fulton

      I wish they included the bit about the last shot. Where Demi leaves the hospital bed wearing the same outfit from the night of her overdose. This is an allusion to the fact (as stated in the documentary) that even after this horrible experience, she used heroin again. And it was only after that last time did she realize the high she was chasing would kill her and finally decided (on her own) to get clean.

    89. Michael Shane

      You are the very embodiment of a manufactured star. Every aspect of your "Career" is fake as fuck. You are not an artist. You're a product. I don't believe anything you say.

    90. joy Vass

      Thanks for sharing

    91. Nairacso B


    92. Karma Striker

      Demi, you are truly one and only individual that will ever feel and understand what you personally went thru. To make this video and show this, is speechless. Take care. We love you and cherish your songs and motivation to become stronger and better everyday .THANK YOU.

      1. Lee Francis


    93. Mark Wheeler

      All over some froyo eh?

    94. Kobe Smith

      imagine trying to use your celebrity influence to try to destroy a small business because "your triggered "

    95. Elizabeth Orwig

      I'm a recovering addict and this video wasn't triggering it was inspirational, its the awful truth that addiction causes or can cause that all to many go through and experience all the time! It's a story of her bottom and her rise to sobriety, she's a strong ass person and I am so beyond thankful that she got through her overdose and didn't die and is stronger then ever but im also scared for her cause she has to deal with all the negative public opinions and judgments from so many people and its really sad what our world has come to, we all need to just be supportive, loving and caring to one another no matter what!!!! Anyway I Absolutely LOVE this album and this song/video its so real and moving, Thanks Demi💗

    96. Brendan Box

      I bet you aren’t having any yoghurt. Cause you were triggered. 🙄

    97. emilia olie

      “just a little white line” 😢😢

    98. Michele Geren

      Half way through this before I realized there were words at the bottom lol

    99. Yo Rob

      Just wondering what other head ass thing she going to talk about next 😂

    100. Rico Cynn Official

      people really work hard for there dreams but its not meant to be