Nessa Barrett - la di die (feat. jxdn) [Official Music Video]

Nessa Barrett

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    Director: Andrew Sandler
    Producer: Connor Gould
    Production Company: UnderWonder Content
    Executive Producers: Frank Borin, Ivanna Borin
    DOP: Eric Vera
    Prod Designer: Wes Dogan
    Editor: Jordan Orme
    Color: Kinan Chabani
    AD: Mike Roque
    VFX: Kawika Banis

    1st AC: Matias Wajner
    2nd AC: Chakarra Johnson
    Steadicam: Jose Espinoza
    Gaffer: Taylor Huddleson
    BBE: Matthew Tokuno
    Key Grip: Tigran Tsolakyan
    Grip: Jesse Guzman
    Art Director: Will Havertape
    PA: John Avila
    PA: Malachi Barnes
    PA: Adrien Hinijos
    CCO: Clayton Johnson

    does it rain in california
    only dream i’ve ever known
    where they love you when ur famous will you never be alone
    hope someday i’ll find nirvana i’ll be looking down below
    ill be dead at 27
    only 9 more years go
    i got a bully in my head
    fake love, fake friends
    i was broken when you left
    now you hear me everywhere you go
    la da di oh la di da
    gonna be a superstar
    be the girl you used to know playin on the radio
    la da di oh la di die loving me is suicide
    i’m a dreamer, i’m on fire
    la da di run for your life
    ya jxdn ya jxdn
    said i’m going to be a rockstar ya (x3) told her i don’t wanna war ya (x3)
    i don’t see me going far ya (x3)
    that’s what happens when i fall apart
    all of me wants all of you
    but i’m far away and i can’t choose
    i got lot of lessons that i need to learn got a lot of lessons
    my depression and misconceptions
    and all the mistakes that lead to lessons
    my depression it makes me question
    my depression it makes me question
    la da di oh la di da
    gonna be a superstar
    be the girl you used to know playin on the radio
    la da di oh la di die loving me is suicide
    i’m a dreamer, i’m on fire
    la da di run for your life
    does it rain in california
    where the angels cry for me
    want the drugs that taste like candy and blood diamonds in my teeth
    la da di oh la di da
    gonna be a superstar
    be the girl you used to know playin on the radio
    la da di oh la di die
    loving me is suicide
    i’m a dreamer, i’m on fire
    la da di run for your life
    ya i’m gonna be a superstar
    #NessaBarrett #jxdn #ladidie

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    1. XxabsolitexX X

      Call me wrong but I think nessa fucking killed it however was spoiled a bit when jxdn came in

    2. Gachatea


    3. Maasha Mujthaba


    4. Саша Блоссом

      Бооожжеее ,это лучшее

    5. Kathy Jansen

      Slaps real hard 👌♥️

    6. JD - 09ZZ 798413 Chinguacousy SS

      This is fire

    7. Jonathon Wilson

      This is really good

    8. Melānija Feldmane

      Nessa and Jayden shouldn't be called tikotkers they're superstars

    9. Jailah Brown

      not yall saying dixie is better at singing..omgggggg who invited these 10 year olds that actually think dixie can sing HAHAHAHHAHAH

    10. Fuck BigTech

      Why do kids these days think it’s cool to be depressed

      1. quietwhenimcominghome

        who said that

    11. Callie Corcoran


    12. Elisabeth Schulz

      dope track

    13. Zaynab M

      they're genuinely so talented

    14. Sofia Carrion

      i mean ship

    15. Sofia Carrion

      Is it just me or i actually sho[

    16. Victoria Rosas

      this makes me feel badass

    17. Charli Gutierrez

      Love itt

    18. Srihitha Pericharla

      Nessa is the only TikToker who sings, who is serious with her music career.

    19. valentina barrera


    20. Ryan Evans

      The nessa girl was good but that Jaden dude sucked

    21. Afrah Ali

      This is AMAZING ✨

    22. LilChallion Gaming

      so nobody noticed how she said shell die at 27? okay then lmao

    23. NF's fan

      so underrated !!

    24. Emma Weatherbee

      This is a banger. There voices are immaculate together. Absolute 🔥

    25. Weston coalition Organization

      You can sing just dont give up

    26. Music Vibes

      Imagine how many people are listening to this right now!

    27. Music Vibes

      Imagine how many people are listening to this right now!



    29. kelly rondina

      This is incredible😲💖 im not a fan of rock but this one hits different

    30. Настя Ильина

      This clip is better than that of the Russians

    31. Taylor Seitler

      Wow this is actually so good

    32. mira

      nessa and jaden the best duo ,

    33. alinax

      this one hit different

    34. Arai

      Слушаю песню и хочется сделать того

    35. Hannah King

      Okay ik jayden is with mads and i ship the 2 completely but jayden and nessa...idk i theyre actual goals

    36. Anecia Garcia

      @rebecca Robles who put you on the planet?

    37. Kyra B


    38. c r e s c e n t

      Im getting “No Time To Die” Vibes over here

    39. Carla Marquez


    40. Yoseline Garcia

      Most beautiful girlll...she is so talented I love it

    41. Lexie Smiles

      Needa and jaden would be cute sorry

    42. Siya Bhutani

      “She looks like Madison”, “she sounds like Tate” guys stop it she has an amazing voice stop comparing

    43. XxAriRosexX

      I won't lie... The video is LEGIT GREAT!~

    44. Kamryn and Kylie

      Did anyone else hear her she said she will be dead at 27 only 5 more years to go I’m scared

      1. Kamryn and Kylie

        I mean she said 9 more years to go

    45. angeltylerr

      It's like I've known this song all my life

    46. xenist

      она великолепна.

    47. Maria Cravcenco

      God! I haven't heard such beautiful songs for a long time, I’m in love with sound, lyrics 😍🙏

    48. Amelia Neilson

      She is a Dixie wannabe totally

      1. quietwhenimcominghome

        hell nah

    49. Figaleia Kokavesi

      This fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    50. chloe's missing sanity

      their voices together blend so well omg

    51. Adèle Sauvageau

      Jaden’s scream🥺

    52. Gracy Smith

      There so talented

    53. Gracy Smith

      I can not stop listening to this song

    54. Seb?

      I think i speak for everyone when i say THIS WAS ABSOULUTLEY FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

    55. Ava Kate


    56. Akayla Shephard

      I'm sorry I have to say this but shut Nessa and Jaden look like a really cute couple I'm sorry

    57. Soleils lifestyle

      Love it!

    58. Nikollyramos ramos da silva

      Admita não e a primeira e última vez que vc está Aki.🤡


      Love this woah you look gorgeous


      Ur so pretty queen I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️🦋🦋🦋😂


      Ur gorgeous bbg 🥺❤️

    62. Rithika Kapila

      1:08 so akwardd. hes just like saying his name in her ear lol

    63. Zomorroda Kh

      I love it

    64. Chana Wanaki



      Best music what i've ever listen ❤️❤️

    66. Qamar Taan

      Is It Bad That I Ship Them?

    67. Fatimah Muhammad

      is it just me or does she look like a mix between madison beer and Salena Gomez?

    68. Kiyana Gow

      She sounds like Miley Cryus in a way. such a good impression on the first note.

    69. tobesostyless_

      The only artists from tiktok who make good music

    70. Aaliyah Bana

      Who else loves the ✨aesthetics ✨ and the ✨vibes✨ in this music video-

    71. Fatima Zahra

      thhiisss iss wayyyyyy beettteeerrrr than in pain or pain wtv looooovvveee this soooooonngggeee and the fact that she is being her selllfffee

    72. Goatrazzi Family

      Nessa gives me Billie Eilish's vibes whenever I listen her songs:)

    73. Ayana Azikenova

      Песня просто Вау😍😍😍

    74. Opreva Arina

      Вот это и есть песня с реальным смыслом , не то что некоторые)

    75. XxItsAxvaraXx

      u can sing wow not bad ngl

    76. Esther Maryane

      Ninguém segura a lenda

    77. Sharanya Eranaguri

      she is the definition of talent

    78. Lily Lloyd

      Lmao I see comments talking about who she looks like, who she sounds like, etc. Nessa sounds like HERSELF, she looks like HERSELF, she acts like HERSELF. There’s no point in making it seem like she’s someone other than her.

    79. Sofiasim_ .1


    80. Maitha Helal

      Who told her she sounds good?

      1. quietwhenimcominghome

        a lot of people

    81. Larisa Timita

      i love it

    82. Junairis Arias

      This is talent yall better give this way more reconization then dixies video

    83. Peyton Gibby

      I love this song

    84. Hailey Hope

      shes so beautiful

      1. Laura Dew

        i know right

    85. Immani Brown

      nessa and jaden's personalities match so well. like imagine if josh and mads didn't exist, (not in a bad way because they all look good together)

    86. Andrea Smith

      She is one of the first tik timers that actually have a good voice

    87. Админ Админ


    88. Ash lewis Martin

      I love this song

    89. K-pop BTS

      Отличная песня))

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      everything about this song is good. the music video, the acting the song, i can see nessa going far.

    91. Cauane s

      That feat lowkey legendary

    92. Honey asmr

      All the 5 512 dislikes are probably Josh richards

    93. Cauane s

      They look soooo good together

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      it is unhealthy the amount if times i have listened to this song

    96. Naila Bla

      I like iiiittt!!!

    97. Victoria Rosas

      wait this is fire

    98. refal alhajri

      Bruh she is the prettiest and greatest rockstar she can actually sing not like Dixie

    99. Marielle Maalouf

      Nessa is so talented they haters are wrong to hate on her she did mistakes but how doesn't she learned and start to relize her dreams as she should

    100. Smone Smone

      "I'll be dead at 27, nine more years to go" bruh in 9 years and 5 months she turns 27....