Little Mix - Sweet Melody (Live from Little Mix The Search)

Little Mix

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    Music video by Little Mix performing Sweet Melody (Live from Little Mix The Search). (C) 2020 Under Exclusive Licence to RCA, a division of Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

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    1. Wole pyro

      Wait they never had jade in this one where was she? And Jesy actually was performing this live?? Where have I been????

    2. Tom Palacuos

      I miss jesy really bad

    3. May Burk


    4. Ms Trabajales

      Mamamoo x Little mix pls?

    5. Asia kibodia

      Where's jade

      1. Skittles Is a mixer

        She got in contact with someone with covid so she was self isolating

    6. Bhoy Alcazar

      They never had a ot4 performance of sweet melody

    7. Ruti Foureira

      Jesy stage's presence is magical, Leigh-Anne is the base of the harmony and keeps everything under control and Perrie hits every note delicately and powerfully. I love them and missed Jade so much here cause ik she would have killed it

    8. Laura Nova Viola

      Anybody see jade?

    9. Ghaby Macedo

      Omg Perrie! 2:56 😍😍😍

    10. Kpop i stan

      Where is jade

      1. Skittles Is a mixer

        She got in contact with someone with covid so she was self Isolating

    11. Soo Ya Un

      I really miss mommy Jesy

    12. Dieon Waltman

      Jesy My Favorite 🥺

    13. Hanzla Walker

      the fact that this was meant to be the only Sweet Melody performance with all 4 of them but Ms. Rona had other plans is so heartbreaking i can'tttt

    14. Mena V

      Jesy isn’t fat at all, she is perfect and has lots of muscle. You can see toning in her arms and obviously she has some amazing abs.🙂 (I mean this in the best way possible but that is what I can tell) I think muscular is beautiful, and I know you guys agree with me. She also has some amazing curves.

    15. Willow

      Jesy was amazing and it is so unfair how much hate she got about her body. Like why should her body matter.

    16. Jayshree Patawari

      Btw where is jade??

      1. Hanzla Walker

        she was in quarantine for 2 weeks

    17. Jayshree Patawari

      Jesy is a multitalented person she can sing in any tone

    18. Brenley Buchanan

      Why wasn’t Jade there

      1. Brenley Buchanan

        @Hanzla Walker oh ok thx

      2. Hanzla Walker

        she was in quarantine for 2 weeks due to coming into contact with someone who had a positive COVID case

    19. Sultan Ali

      where's jade:

      1. Hanzla Walker

        she was in quarantine for 2 weeks due to coming into contact with someone who had a positive COVID case

    20. Selvi Erdoğan

      Where s jade

      1. Hanzla Walker

        she was in quarantine for 2 weeks due to coming into contact with someone who had a positive COVID case

    21. Vanui

      This performance is not right without Jade...

    22. Skittles Is a mixer

      Perrie’s highnote at the end 😍

    23. cece white

      They killed this.

    24. Bon elangbam

      And the most sad reality of this song is that we will never get OT4 live performance of sweeet Melody 😥

    25. Official Tai - C

      I’m o the only one who thinks the only time Jessy sings in this performance is during her verse

    26. Marta Burzynska

      Hey wait a minute where's jade?

      1. Skittles Is a mixer

        She got into contact with someone with covid quarantine so she self-isolated

      2. Marta Burzynska

        I'm so sad :(( jessy left I want to see them all together again.... Group of 4 :( is gone 😭

    27. Marta Burzynska

      Ya so sad she left little mix :(

    28. Mat Ariana

      gosh perrie’s high note

    29. kruxii

      Jesy is a real life power puff girl

    30. Mr Lots-o'-Bricks & Mortar

      I loved Jesy's last bit, so emotional 😢

    31. Miranda

      damn you can’t even hear jesy until she does that last note lmao she had already checked out

    32. Dodi Gigi

      Where's jade

      1. pati xx

        she was self isolating back then

    33. no

      i love the choreography

    34. Wyatt Wicks

      She should not have never left I love her voice

    35. Hana Nazdrajic

      3:27 Jesy's voicee

    36. P

      Miss Jesy🖤

    37. SSRMusicVidz

      Jessy is literally me if I was a singer on stage, she's so energetic and powerful I love her!❤🙌🏾

    38. Leiela Sanchez

      Jesy really was perfect for the middle

    39. genilson azevedo

      Jesy Nelson a que mais canta e a que mais dança, amo, sem você o Litlle Mix tá sem graça ❤️🌵🙏🏻🌈🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    40. Mehak

      Can u guys saying i miss jesy and this and that, think how that will make the other girls feel. Once a memeber leaves it gets harder to keep fan base still with them look at 1d and 5h, dont keep saying it and make little mix disband and dont make this their last album but keep saying jesy this jesy that. They have a good relationship, it is sad but that doesnt change anything.

    41. Ethel Parnell

      Where is jade ?

    42. SandraRecordings

      Ginger Spice has left the group, I will miss her. ❤️

    43. Hip Hop Queen

      Where is jade

    44. ondrej hrabalek

      What jade

    45. Milena

      Where was Jade?

      1. pati xx

        she was self isolating back then

    46. Ailee Steffany

      Where's jade?

    47. Oliver Reading

      To Jesy’s credit, you can’t tell these were her last performances with the girls. Comparatively, with the Spice Girls or 1D, Geri and Zayn had completely tapped out in their last performances

      1. Chanel #6

        she always gave it her all for the band no matter how much she was hurting on the inside :(

    48. Sara Nocun

      personally I have never liked jesy's attitude, always seeking attention I adore the other girls ;))))

      1. Eleni Galanis


    49. Phúc Home - Nhà Bán

      I miss Sugababes

    50. :*Little mix Fanʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


    51. KEENZxx

      Jesy baby 🥺😩😞

    52. ASHEN

      why is jade not there cause i dont know what happened

      1. Ellie Clark

        she was issolating

    53. Carla Hooley

      jesy looks the best she ever has

    54. Madikotsi Chabaku

      Jessica Nelson is a born perfomer !! WOW

    55. Armixer With Love

      wish all our girls the best and all happiness

    56. Armixer With Love

      our only sweet melody performance with Jesy and she SERVEDDD

    57. Armixer With Love

      they we're so amazing together I miss ot4 so much

    58. saf

      My Perrie 🔥❤️

    59. Yares

      I miss Jesy.

    60. PinkDiamond7777777

      Jesy ! 😭

    61. Anne Regonan


    62. Joshua Gabilo

      This is the best live performance of the track. It’s because of Jesy’s vocals.

      1. Joshua Gabilo

        @Ndetah Daizy huh? Did i say anything? I just apprecisted Jesy's vocals. Duh.

      2. Ndetah Daizy

        Enough please! Such comments might break the band. We're happy for her but we should respect the other three

    63. anakarolina freitas

      I loooooveeeee them 😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖

    64. Bb's diys

      where was jade

    65. Bárbara Ramos


    66. Third Buenafe

      I'm just sad because they never perform sweet melody complete it's always the three of them😭

    67. Güldal Acar

      Where is Jade ?

      1. Güldal Acar

        @Gabi's X Romeo hmm l see

      2. Gabi's X Romeo

        She was self isolating cuz she was in contact with someone who had covid

    68. Miz dee

      Where was jade?

      1. Merle Lübeck

        She was in self isolation

    69. CoolG Panda

      I am gonna miss you jesy❤

    70. GoKa

      Jesy and Jade are the Best dancers 😍😍😍😍

    71. Corinne Moore

      I miss Jessi :( she left bc so many people were attacking constantly about being ugly and fat.

    72. naomi felix

      Where is Jade???

      1. Merle Lübeck

        She was in self isolation


      Cover *_*

    74. xItz_dxrknessx

      My favourite is Jesy, Shes so pretty, and her voice is beautiful and Pretty, I want to be a singer and a Champion horse racer, also I've been watching ur video's since I was 7-8 im now 9 I love all the songs, also im sorry about Jesy leaving because of hate of her body.. (to the haters of the Jesy:Dont bully people of their body its not nice and if you do im politely asking you stop, Shes pretty and kind just don't bully her!)

    75. LMX SAUCE


    76. Esai Sanchez

      Ughhhhhhh i miss this but can’t wait to see what the futures hold for all them

    77. iiSimplyCreami

      I think Jade might of been sick when they did this.

      1. Merle Lübeck

        She was in self isolation

    78. Grace Brooks

      Where was jade?

      1. Merle Lübeck

        She was in self isolation

    79. Lulu Aljasser

      We’re jade

      1. Merle Lübeck

        She was in self isolation

    80. 1

      I love how all 3 of them have stable vocals with incredible dancing stills ❤😱

    81. Masa Halamova

      Where are Jede ????

    82. Maha

      Where was jade

      1. armixers

        jade was self-isolating

    83. Azra Erbaş

      why only 3 people

    84. Reagan Bluhm

      Perrie’s high note at 2:55 GAVE ME CHILLS

    85. marie

      miss you, jesy 🥺❤

    86. Kola Sowande

      One thing is for sure that we will remember Jesy and her wonderful energy and friendship that she displayed ,imma miss her like crazy


      Where is Jade?

    88. lima roy

      Pls I beg you guys stop saying jesy pls come back pls support her decision

    89. Daniele Nepomuceno

      jesy has a unique voice huhuhu

    90. fan of Nehema Rahman

      Where is jade?

    91. Abigail Hor

      For all of those hater who think Jesy is fat Jesy is not fat the only person who is, is the person who in in the miror, go see for yourself

      1. Sierra Star

        Zero reason to call out body shaming by doing it back

    92. Squishy Kitty


    93. Merve Özsoy

      Where is jade?

      1. Merve Özsoy

        @Marrie Q. oww than you

      2. Marrie Q.

        she was self isolating on this day

    94. TikTok Smash

      Jesy our Queen, has so much energy ,like you can that the hair is flipping into different things and the other girls are slays Queens as well and I love all they outfits

    95. Vanessa Utomo

      Where's jade?

    96. queenoftheclouds

      It's just so satisfying to hear Jesy sing her part live.. since this is the only time we got it :/

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    97. Robie Eunelle DS Abitona

      Where is Jade

    98. Kevin Brandsma

      Were jade

    99. Amelia Mcchesney

      3:27 🥺 the last time we ever heard

    100. Lily - rose Killeen