Girl Screams When Bison Comes At Car Window And Walks Away With Another Animal Hanging - 1188261

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    1. Frezzco

      They think she's one of them You can figure out why

    2. sta1.m

      ‘Another animal hanging’ thats a wrong way to say that😂😂😂

    3. Xavier

      She watched David's affair

    4. Ferg's Chinese Food

      The bison is clearly way out of her league

    5. Moosa Awad

      This is what I call “on the fly fuckage”

    6. G00se Gem

      There are so many layers to this video

    7. David James

      Did this happen on a Wednesday (hump day)?

    8. John Hein

      When nature loving SJW’s visit real nature not just what’s depicted by environmentalists and r/earthporn

    9. Akhsin Ilhami


    10. Bear Sommerfeld

      I'm from NB, MI... our mascot is ironically the Bison lol

    11. amma crellin


    12. Pes is Awesome


    13. GUESS MY name

      Jumpscares in horror games be like :

    14. Natsu Dragneel

      I need more context behind this 😂

    15. Ava Korea

      She screamed cuz she remembered when her boyfriend had done the same thing

    16. Akshaya

      This has a better plot than most movies i have seen

    17. Kay Rascon

      There's so much in one clip 😂😂

    18. John Carlo Infiesto

      Sadt Appa Noises

    19. Relic Monka

      She approached her so she can be safe from that creepy bison

    20. Moj Pub

      😂😂😂😂 it was asking for help i think

    21. Roshan Kumar


    22. Sunshine .e

      oh is that appa?

    23. E. Simon

      Brother Bison

    24. Steve's

      We saw that happen to a lady

    25. Dks• Shadow


    26. The Fanciful Gun

      I think the two animals were fuking

    27. Gautham G

      May be the bison came to complain to her about the abuse. The girl didn't care to hear 🙄

    28. piyush arya

      Yup yup

    29. Niiyah ém

      For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For everyone has sinned, we all fall short of God's glorious standard. For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord. But God showed his great love for us, by sending Christ to die for us, while we were still sinners.

    30. Aditya Pandey

      If Dwight Schrute had a daughter.

    31. Axy

      there's so much to take in i dont even know where to begin

    32. sal alvarez

      She’s cute

    33. Beetlejuice's Fans

      Cute af whats her @

    34. Sxnnybelle

      Her mom: *hahawahueh*

    35. Appu Kuttan

      Bison came to check out the new buffalo 🐃

    36. Roman Zerstören

      What a smart girl.

    37. gaming station

      Erling haland is that you?

    38. Weird af

      Is that illymation

    39. Jiminah Ari

      Remember when tailor swift said her boyfriend broke up in 25 sec. Looks like there's been an updation.

    40. Pankaj Karmakar


    41. Taylor Swift videos

      Didn't thought this is what 'hanging' means

    42. dreamer b

      Her smile shifting into shock 😆

    43. nandan rainbow1998

      and kids... that's how you make a New Buffalo 😂

    44. Harrambou

      That was so fake 😂

    45. KeSean Woods

      Oh my shes cute

    46. Jacob Sed


    47. Ab Rar

      She looks like Erling Haaland 🤔.

    48. Oceane Calafia

      she must be a Taurus 😂😂

    49. Random Boy

      This video is gold!! We need to protect it at all costs!

    50. JB Maitre

      The man's laugh at the end was hilarious !!!

    51. Srinjoy Paul

      What's that on her window mirror?

    52. Nabila


    53. Google d2

      Guess she already moved on

    54. nikhilodeon

      *Bison comes* Girl screms Bison - easy bitch I've a bf , here we go !!

    55. Albish Debbarma

      She looks like Erling Haaland Who else agree? 👇👇👇

    56. uktokers

      In the UK we call this “dogging”.

    57. Einstein117

      She can see with her ears.

    58. Dylan M Smith


    59. wartanabadanooh

      Bison: "I have a boyfriend!".

    60. firsttry2

      Jurassic Park

    61. Manfreski

      Girl: "I have a boyfriend"

    62. R

      She seems like one of the funnest people to take a road trip with.


      She was asking her if she wanted to join

    64. Mera_ SAFAR

      She is so cute

    65. Ivan Getsukdov

      If this whole sequence happened in a movie, we would laugh at how impossible it would for it to happen

    66. The Fangirl Rachel

      This is a piece of art

    67. MrLeonLuffy

      This is like a cartoon or a written comedy segment in a movie

    68. Aadhya Chintala

      It's less than 20 seconds but I feel like I've watched a whole drama

    69. kumar yogesh

      They were making a new buffalo

    70. jayesh chandawat

      Not yelled but screamed.

    71. Soumyadeep Banerjee

      She looks like Erling Halaand

    72. Sam Vohra

      No Thank you 😂😅🤣😂😅🤣

    73. vinoth s

      That bison 🦬 is a male or a female?

    74. Sukhmandeep Kaur

      Somehow the first scream wasn't what I was expecting reading the title 😂

    75. Aku Bapakmu nak

      Gay bison

    76. Tanmoy Samanta

      No Thank you! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    77. movingonandup

      The jealousy strategy at work. Classic case of bringing the new lover around the last lover who rejected you. "I'm totally over you boo. See? Pfft..."

    78. Kira36k

      That girl is absolutely hilarious


      So much drama happened in only 18 sec

    80. Zayna

      am i trippin' or this is girl in red?

    81. James James

      Wearing that Buffalo top, I think he was saying your next!

    82. Skyee Boy

      _Caught in 4K_

    83. UniterOfWorlds

      The bison was just checking on the new Buffalo, but she wasn't hairy enough.

    84. Yuki A.

      Moving on... 🤣

    85. Saware Kothari

      Is it only me or anyone else feels she looks like Haaland.

    86. Abra kadabra

      The bison just wanted the new buffalo T-shirt.

    87. Lia J

      Never laughed this much in a looong while

    88. Shah Rhaiyan

      The girl looks like erling haaland...

    89. Saner

      LMAO❗️that Buffalo was in the act of being mated while she was talking to it🤣😂🤣 they were making a “New Buffalo”, her shirt was a premonition😆

    90. RodrigoBorgia

      some trailer from xbuffalo

    91. Stranger

      That buffalo was hoping for a threesom

    92. 0m N0M

      Last summer, I clearly remember seeing something like this. But with two tortoises. Getting it on. In the middle of public. At Cedar Point.

    93. Kenneth Gueta

      He is just looking for Aang!

    94. Gabriel Adebisi

      LOL! wonder how she'd react to a moose

    95. Theodor the Cat

      Legend says She still screams

    96. Kareencita DP

      Bison: Uhmm.. Hey is there any room available? Girl: 👁️👄👁️

    97. Harsh Kaushal

      I will name it as mother of all twists 😂

    98. Dan C

      Hahahahahaha her reactions are hilarious!! I'd love to tease her if she was my little sister then spoiled her with my love. 😂😂

    99. B H

      This is akin to a renaissance painting, but it’s a video.