Best Songs Alan Walker Playlist 2021 ♫ Alan Walker EDM Mix Songs Collection


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    Best Songs Alan Walker Playlist 2021 ♫ Alan Walker EDM Mix Songs Collection
    Best Songs Alan Walker Playlist 2021 ♫ Alan Walker EDM Mix Songs Collection
    Best Songs Alan Walker Playlist 2021 ♫ Alan Walker EDM Mix Songs Collection

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    1. Philomène Vernier

      Very Nice !!👌😉


      Grazie mille grazie buona notte Alan walker my good friend of mine fratellino 🙏🙏🙏🌞👍🖐️👉🌃

    3. Brian Maghinay

      your song its sogod

    4. Pedro Alves de Souza

      Está música faded só min lembro do Titanic 👀✌

    5. gaming nethum

      thank you alan walker🤩😍😍😍😛😜

    6. Fox trot

      i just got to add that play isnt playing the video starts at unity. other than that i absolutely love the songs.

    7. kenny garcia

      lo mejor xd

    8. Alveena Khan

      😍😍😍He's so handsome ❤🥰💋💕💞💗💝💖💜😘😍😍

    9. kaila official


    10. Ssbir Ali

      Alan walker songs are so best than indan songs

    11. Daya Curtis


    12. Daya Curtis


    13. نینجا Ninja


    14. نینجا Ninja


    15. Kamaruddin Hasibuan


    16. Temem O demonio dentro de mim

      i love you Alan walker

    17. Fitria Novitasari

      bagus lagunya

    18. Dark Sider

      Music can heal your brain"s dead neural cells

    19. SimonTheFlareon

      Alan walker is awesome

    20. isaac jael

      my favorite and : ignite , dark side , on my way, lily , all falls down, faded , the spectre , sing me to sleep , alone and play

    21. Mon Music

      i love music

    22. Yuridiana Martinez

      Son las mejores canciones bendiciones para todos ustedes les deseo lo mejor que está música no dejé de sonar saludos desde México

    23. carlos correa

      i love

    24. Gaming With The Killer

      uhhh why is all the song not the same :/ like play is unity and unity is on my way

      1. Gaming With The Killer

        btw i love alan walker i am in malaysia

    25. Martina García Muñoz

      all the song of Alan are beautiful like he

    26. Rijesh KK

      @Alan walker I love your songs your heart touching songs will never be forgotten, you are a legend ❤️,love from INDIA ❤️🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️

    27. Orhan Güzel

      on my way

    28. Asenla Tsuktilemba

      Faded is our favourite song❤️❤️😊

    29. A. Hermawan

      Apa nyong tok sing kan Indonesia...kwkw

    30. Petar Petar


      1. Petar Petar

        thx for support

    31. Suzee Rathman

      cool music

    32. EL DARK


    33. Mohammd Alsubaie

      What does w mean ?

    34. Angel Grace Danuco

      Your songs makes me relax especially the "Lily"!😊😇

    35. schorns32

      Jamin in class boiss

    36. Nathalie de la cruz

      No la entiendo la música pero me gusta ✌️😎🤗

      1. jhonatanQ taller


    37. Tamara Sandoval

      who listens to her in this quarantine, alan walker is the best 👍😎

      1. Tamara Sandoval

        @Daviator747-400 XD bro

      2. Daviator747-400

        “Her” xD

      3. Greyst Gomez


    38. Assil Boulehmi

      Your music saved me !

    39. witherd foxy

      All that is an alan walker fan say iv

    40. Dilly Atkinson

      Alan Walker forever

      1. Jose bu

        Le voy a preguntar a mi mama

      2. Dilly Atkinson

        @Jose bu puedes venir a mi casa a las 1::30

      3. Jose bu


      4. Dilly Atkinson

        @Jose bu puedes jugar

      5. Dilly Atkinson

        @Jose bu hello bu

    41. Williams Parisi

      falto "play"

    42. Travel Music

      Alan Walker has been protecting himself long before Corona virus has begun.

    43. Mabel Ivanovich

      son re bellas tus musicas

    44. Billy Huang

      Alan walker is the best!!!

    45. •solarGacha yt •

      i luv thissss

    46. สมาน นาม


    47. Abdiel Gamboa XD

    48. -ItzZeon-

      😍 I M A W A L K E R 🤩 IKR

    49. Rosane Chaves

      Faded too handsome...

    50. Raksmey Ith

      I love the music because I watch it all days.

    51. Andre Agius

      Alan walker the best bj with best songs and beats

    52. Travel Music

      A quien le gusta la música electrónica a todos dale like por fa

    53. ishhaan Nanda

      he's da best

    54. Shelou Menchavez

      Eeee i love Alan walker

      1. Naomi Smith

        Me too

    55. trisha jane lopez

      thank you Mr. Alan walker your music comforts me when I'm so down :) :(

      1. SnowBunnyAl 。,。

        Alan Walker is the best 🙌

      2. -ItzZeon-

        @trisha jane lopez IDRK what goin on in my brain I’m so H A P P Y after listening to this btw I subbed NOT SIMPING

      3. trisha jane lopez

        @ជួប មុនិកា what? i don't understand hahaha

      4. ជួប មុនិកា

        Babbling n

    56. Thaise Cristina Reis


    57. Danner Valencia Flores

      WE ARE UNITY😊🌟👐

    58. Terronce Fernando

      I'm from Sri Lanka, 🇱🇰 I 💖💖💖 ur songs so much

    59. Hugo G

      best playlist ever

    60. Se Ryoung Choi

      1. Play 2. Unity 3. On my way 4. Lost control 5. Lily 6. Are you lonely 7. Darkside 8. Ignite 9. Faded 10. Diamond heart 11. Different world 12. Tired 13. All falls down 14. The spectre 15. Strongest (remix) 16. Sing me to sleep 17. Alone

      1. Se Ryoung Choi

        Raptorgamer 928 just wanted to put this down because sometimes people want to skip songs

      2. Raptorgamer 928

        No need dude...

      3. Annie Channel


    61. Jemini Sabu

      very nice songs

    62. Rita Buensalido

      Alan walker i love your music its giving me the good vibes🥰🥰

      1. omwassamu Maawe

        His my best

    63. Jan Komín

      i love this songs

    64. Ayeesha Nicole music

      Your music feel me better 🥰

    65. Nalvinha Rios

      Música linda

    66. Khushboo Sikri

      Best playlist ever... 👍🏻🌸🥰🥰

      1. Waty Aa, a woman of the wili, who is the only 1


      2. Warsim I r

        @Hugo G qq No

      3. Hugo G

        same to me

    67. Matthew Piggott


    68. fr3jkee

      you have the list on spotify?


      Alguien sabe como se llama la segunda canción

      1. Nicole Londoño


    70. LARA TAN XIN YAN Moe

      I'm on my way

    71. Frank Langat

      Alan Walker🤞I love your songs❤️❤️❤️😘

    72. Haina Official


    73. THRX Tech Bengali

      My favorite song is ignite


        Mine too bro

      2. Se Ryoung Choi

        It used to be mine........

    74. BGB inx

      nice playlist, but where is Play, and Space Melody?

      1. Daviator747-400

        Dude play is the first one

    75. Moji.

    76. Moji.


    77. Ramiro Jordan

      good song

    78. Jimmy van der Hoeven

      Subscribe to flaviopandaking

    79. Phương Bùi

      I love you Alan Walker 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

      1. Thinh Vlog Uc

        Me not much

      2. Erik Lenaburg


      3. Naomi Smith

        Who loves justin bieber 😍💋

    80. 30 XI ICT-A Laurence Trinidad

      *TIMESTAMP* : 00:00-3:20 UNITY 3:24-6:37 ON MY WAY 6:39-10:17 LOST CONTROL 10:21-13:32 LILY 13:39-16:15 ARE YOU LONELY 16:18-19:45 DARKSIDE 19:48-23:14 IGNITE 23:18-26:44 FADED 26:53-30:50 DIAMOND HEART 30:51-34:11 DIFFERENT WORLD 34:16-37:27 TIRED 37:31-40:47 ALL FALLS DOWN 40:56-44:13 THE SPECTRE 44:23-47:51 STRONGEST (REMIX) 48:12-51:15 SING ME TO SLEEP 51:20-54:01 ALONE *HERE YOU GO GUYS*

      1. 어머나응

        you are the best it helps a lot. in korea we say "thank you" in "감사합니다" so 감사합니다 ^오^

      2. Da BREAD

        @Joshua Pilo ok *gives bread*

      3. Joshua Pilo

        @Da BREAD give me bread

      4. Temem O demonio dentro de mim

        Tanks man ❤❤❤

      5. Raghu Alvandar

        thx really helpfull

    81. Daniel Stefanovich

      i love lily and darkside

      1. Norlida Zol

        Me to i love song lily and darkside

    82. Arianne Rivera

      Is it Alan walker is a dj

      1. Aadithya Saran


    83. Arianne Rivera

      Why I not can doanload it I want lilyyyyyyyyy aghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

    84. Sri Atim


    85. On The Spot Lite

      Amazing music, thankyou

    86. Shaun Derpson

      the nostalgia I feel for my EDM/Alan Walker phase [it was only a few years ago, but times were better then :'( ]

    87. Capt Bobby Mombasa

      Faded my favourite song

      1. Thinh Vlog Uc

        Ilike on my way better


        Diamond heart my fav

    88. sandra mohammed

      ❤❤❤I just Love your music it is so good I just meen like wow it's so good

      1. Naomi Smith

        Music is a lot to me!

      2. Judith Belen Betan


    89. Sanbor Dohling

      Unity is my favorite I love it

      1. Se Ryoung Choi

        @Dj Darkw0lf U WHAT

    90. Nely Noemí Castro Castro


    91. Rok Opresnik


    92. Samiksha Chauhan

      My favourite.....😂😂

      1. 비둘기 다방

        Me too zz

    93. Marissa Lugsanay

      i love it forever

    94. Noel Sabu

      good song

    95. 姚水賜


    96. Jolanta Szefler

      Super Alan Walker muzyka brawo dziękuję bardzo 🎵🎧🎧💝🌹🌹🤗👌❤️🔥🔥👏👏👏👏🎵🎧🎵❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    97. A Smile

      I never knew what edm was I was shown dubstep didn't like it Skrillex didn't like it so I always turn down that type of music and then I was introduced to Alan Walker and I said to myself this s*** I can get down to

    98. Dance tv


    99. Gretel Naidoo

      Nothing is better then alen walker 😎😎

      1. Sujan Ghale


      2. Wool hostgae

        god is better than alan