Covid Vaccines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


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    John Oliver explains why some people don’t want to get the Covid-19 vaccine and how they might be reassured. (Even you, Mike in Baltimore.)

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    1. That Other Bloke

      Anyone supporting or conspiring to this war crime against humanity should be given the death penalty. Disgusting liers. Before you dumb sheep flap your mouths at me. Do a google search yourselves on these 3 things in ALL the cov 1 9 shots. Google search - MRC-5, RECOMBINANT, ChAdOx1-5 try not tripping over your own face.

    2. pm trieve

      University of Florida Lab Finds Dangerous Pathogens on Children’s Face Masks GLOBAL BIOTERRORISM: DR.REINER FUELLMICH INTERVIEWS DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH Peter McCullough is Professor & Chief of Internal Medicine (Cardiologist) at Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, TX. Editor of two medical journals. Has over 600 papers published - more than any other physician in his research area (heart & kidney disease). Developed the early treatment protocol for Covid19 in the United States. Based on data he has obtained from insider sources/whistleblowers, McCullough estimates there may be as many as 50,000 deaths so far in the US due to the Jab --- none of these deaths are due to the covid virus. The Jab is likely orders of magnitude more deadly that the virus.

    3. Christopher Logan

      Get a permanent cure on cold sores using an herbal mixture from Dr. Gbenga, I was completely cured of code sores since may 2, 2020, all thanks to Dr. Gbenga.

    4. Blood for Dracula

      It's mass genocide sheeple!

    5. Taiyo Matsumae

      Shout out to actual Mikes in Baltimore. get it together Mike.

    6. Villanueva Elaina

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    7. Patrick's Music

      I am waiting to learn more because I am immuno-compromised. I would love to take the shot but I will be waiting a bit longer

      1. seigeengine

        That's fine. If you have a legitimate medical reason not to get vaccinated, don't sweat it. But make sure you do. Consult your doctor, or w/e if you don't definitely know.

    8. Dave Foley

      Delighted to see more people are having the guinea pig bridge song embedded into their mind.

    9. C McB

      One of my loved ones is extremely hesitant and it's caused me to have doubts. I really wish you guys had directly addressed the concerns - I feel like a lot was missed. Like you said, hard to nail it all down when the concerns of the group are not the same. When the concerns aren't directly addressed, hesitancy will remain. Yes I'm sure just as much attention was given to the process of creating the vaccine, but there is the idea that releasing it to the public was pushed through quick emergency approvals. Many things we use today were approved as "safe to use" but over long periods cause us harm: opioids, cleaning chemicals, pesticides, cosmetics, detergents, air fresheners. There isn't enough trust. Just because doctors or scientists are saying there isn't any 'evidence' that vaccines are causing harm, doesn't mean they aren't. People wonder how clear the evidence would need to be for it to be acknowledged. There doesn't seem to be much data tracking - people's health when they got covid (how it affected their reaction to the virus) or people's health when they received the vaccine (how it affected their reaction to the vaccine) so the stories are used to support whichever argument someone wants to make. The hypocrisy! There have been severe adverse reactions with some people and we're supposed to shrug and move on, but when unhealthy people were affected by the virus we were supposed to care. How about we care about both? How about more transparency? How about more rigorous long-term testing? Doctors are telling people it's impossible that the vaccine has had any negative effect on a patient - how could they possibly know? It's pretending it's not an issue, refusing to believe it may not be perfect, making jokes that dismiss valid concerns, that convince people they're right to be concerned. I encourage you to do another episode on this and get more to the heart of the issue. Please contact me if you need more points to address. The theories definitely seem to support an "every man for himself" approach by making a person's health their own responsibility (even when a person's health issues may be no fault of their own!)

    10. Misery

      Got my vaccin invitation in the mail. Location and time with a set of rules to follow and what to bring. Didn't have to register anywhere. Got the first shot a few weeks back, just a bit of pain around the injection for about 24 hours. Other than that nothing. Location was well equipped, professional, in out in 20 minutes. 4 minutes for check in and walking the designated paths, 1 minute for the shot, mandatory 15 minute wait to ensure you were ok afterwards. Never in my life has something run by the government been this smooth. I'm in Europe BTW.

      1. seigeengine

        Canadian. Where I'm at at least we have to register when we're going in. The place I went was set up in an arena. A few questions, show your health card, get jabbed, have to sit and wait for 15min, then asked how we're feeling, then we go. Was in and out in 20 min~. Only downside is your second jab is scheduled several months later to prioritize getting as many people their first dose as possible.

    11. Hannah Fuzzy

      For any Blind people reading the PLshows comments, yes, the vaccine cicada did pop up behind John Oliver during that bit

    12. yikes

      This video actually feels like cosmic intervention. I live in Canada, and got my first dose of Pfizer about a month ago. Appointments were hard to come by in my region, so I was just waiting for them to start opening up. The whole Michael bit got me to just check the availability, and they had just opened up bookings for where I live. The day after, they closed it again, so I just got in. Now, I’m able to get my second dose earlier than I would have if I got my first dose later on. This video came into my recommendeds at the perfect time. Thank you King John, you saved me a hell of a lot of wait-time anxiety. Rollout is speeding up, but seeing the US have so much availability and people choosing to put it off was so frustrating. It just shows that we are so lucky to have this magical science juice. I can’t imagine living in a developing country, watching people be stupid and refuse to get it when you would kill for one, and have no idea when things will get better. In short, book your appointment and get that needle in your arm, for the love of God.

    13. Gaurav Bose

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    15. Jigar

      What a clown 🤡

    16. Ryan Martin

      John, my guy, I have no power over my family when it comes to swaying them into getting vaxxed. The last thing I saw on one of my own family member's FB feed was a post that essentially read: "X years and no cure for AIDS. X years and no cure for cancer. X years and no vaccine for the common cold. And only several months for the covid vaccine? I'm not putting THAT into my body." Just... like, dude. Not gonna fight any of 'em on this one, they can fucking have it. Most I'll do is say, hey, you should get vaccinated. Leaving it at that.

      1. seigeengine

        Sometimes it's best just to cut your losses and throw out the whole relative.


      Take me back to 2019 (1989 would be better). Most people have lost their mind over a bad flu.


        @seigeengine , wow.

      2. seigeengine

        @ROMAÆTERNA Not really how disease outbreaks work.


        @seigeengine , …and relative to USA population?

      4. seigeengine

        @ROMAÆTERNA 675,000 in the USA. I wonder how many people in the USA have died from SARS-CoV-2? Oh, 602,000... and a couple hundred more every day. I wonder how medical tech compares to a that of a century ago? HMMM.


        @seigeengine , yes, apparently 50,000,000 people worldwide died from the Spanish Flu, far & above worse than SARS-CoV-2.

    18. Matthew Schnell

      Long-time viewer…last episode I’ll ever watch. I’ve lost all respect. Don’t care what anybody has to say in response. Bye ✌🏻

    19. LeafInTheStream

      22:07 Too soon.

    20. Jones Omar

      Thanks to Dr Alaho Olu on PLshows who cured me and my wife from Herpes Simplex Virus💃💃.

    21. Lew Bates

      Don't take the jab. This pandemic was man made, it doesn't make sense for them to cure their own disease YET. dont be manipulated by eggs and cicada stories into being a science experiment.

    22. Charlie Vardar

      OMG, why did you titled the video Vaccines, if you intend to spend the majority of the time taking about a TV host? I thought that after the savage hate advertisement campaign of Pepsi and Coca-Cola such "flatterings" were over! I understand that it might be natural that none of us would remember Pepsi describing Coca-Cola bottle as a "historical artefact" which the children in 21st century would see only in museums - I wasn't born at the time when this add was running, and John Oliver must have been a toddler! But you know, just because WE ARE the children of 21st century, we know terms like "generational intransitivity" - which practically means that if you are supposed to rediscover over and over again everything that your own grandparents have already discovered long time ago, you are not going anywhere.

    23. J K

      I recently watched Jon Stewart on Late Show with Colbert, and it was a reminder how much John Oliver sucks.

    24. Marian Martin

      People can say anything.......doesn't mean it is true.

    25. EntityRocknRolla1

      This is all fine and dandy but I would have rather that instead of having him 'debunk' these vaccine reasons for hesitancy by showing innacurate or simply making some idiotic joke or name calling - the fact remains that this episode had NO evidence, data or anything remotely Science to encourage convincing. Huge failure and I'm thinking more people are doubting the vaccine than when they watched this stupidly produced episode.

    26. Alexander Walker

      Sorting the comments section by newest, I didn’t know they had internet access in insane asylums

    27. Petar Stojko

      F off John with your prepaid propaganda

      1. seigeengine

        @Petar Stojko "hurrgurralurrdurr"

      2. Petar Stojko

        @seigeengine Get a life m8

      3. seigeengine

        @Petar Stojko "Durr I have no counter-argument, pretend I don't know English."

      4. Petar Stojko

        @seigeengine who are you quoting?

      5. seigeengine

        "Hurr anything I've been told to dislike is paid propaganda"

    28. Danni Shelton

      Mike in Baltimore: 👁👄👁

    29. Newsnowengland

      Your a disgrace to the united kingdom.

      1. CMG The Person

        The uk has the highest vaccine acceptance because it’s where anti-vax began

      2. Francklyn

        You're* Hey let's take this guy seriously even though he can't even spell one of the most basic english words

    30. Tyler Durden

      Bill Gates wasn't assuring. I say, one day we're all going to run windows inside us. Windows VR.

      1. seigeengine

        It's still weird people think he has much of anything to do with Microsoft anymore when he's almost completely removed from them at this point.

    31. Musterion Ministries

      I get it, John. But you can't antagonize and evangelize at the same time. The people who need to be convinced would just be resentful about your approach. Use less of a dismissive tone, unless you ultimately don't care if they take the vaccine or not.

    32. Musterion Ministries

      Kennedy joke horrible

    33. shaunthegoat

      Yes he brought up the Johnson and Johnson thing and I'm thankful but the biggest reason is if the government would make a vaccine with Johnson and Johnson you know the company that sold cancer causing baby powder then what other decisions they made to get this out as soon a possible my real problem is I don't trust my government time and time again they have lied to the people and backpedald like that dr said I'm black first and I don't trust my.government to do right by me

      1. seigeengine

        You don't need to trust anybody. In fact, I suggest you never trust anyone ever. You should assess the credibility of different entities alone and in aggregate, as well as what those entities have to gain or lose depending on their actions. I don't buy the argument that there's a large-scale multinational conspiracy which no major conflicting sentiment that these vaccines are safe. I don't buy the argument that either governments or companies are willing to risk the intense mass public anger that would result from use of seriously dangerous vaccines here, given huge swaths of people would be affected, especially given how many powerful people are also getting those same vaccines. Meanwhile, we do know that covid is extremely nasty, both in terms of it's moderate lethality, and the extent of the lasting harm it does to plenty of people that recover, including even in asymptomatic or mild cases. If you don't want the J&J vaccine, but another is available, feel free to get that one, sure, fine. Just do get vaccinated.

    34. Justin Johnson

      To be clear I don't think there's a microchip in the vaccine but let's be real. If there was Melinda isn't about to tell everyone.

    35. Hal 9000

      Without media hype & mask visuals, most people haven’t seen or suffered anything like the media is portraying & especially for the 8 states that did not lock down.

    36. Mrinal Vashisth

      which 3 of those things you were able to do simultaneously, Mr. Oliver? I am curious :)

    37. FlacaDeRacaMandaca

      Loved it, thanks

    38. StormTalara

      🤣😂 watching this in the background while I’m at work… 🤣😂 I already have shot 1 though. 😁

    39. k

      Did-did Tucker Carlson finish high school? Cuz it sure as hell sounds like he didn’t finish high school biology

    40. Ron H.

      Get a REAL education on all this: ('Plandemic Part 2')

      1. kappasigma1284

        @Ron H. I can refute every claim made by the idiots in the video you linked. Where would you like me to start?

      2. Ron H.

        @Jimmy Swaggart Not Woke, informed. When you hear wolves at night coming closer to where you are you don't need to see the wolves to know there are wolves and they're about to pounce on you. No one is refuting the facts on all this, they can only ridicule like you are doing (calling me a crackpot). And remember that the info and "science" coming from mainstreams are nothing but repeatings of what they're being told. It takes an electron microscope to see a virus, and COVID has not been isolated (out of these supposed cases). And China haas not given U.S. labs samples of it. And the maker of the "test" being used says it does not test for COVID, and that if you magnify it enough, as they are doing, every object will test positive for COVID.

      3. Jimmy Swaggart

        That Ron H is the 'Woke' taking control do some real research and stop listening to crackpots. Research their claims look up the science behind the claims who wrote the papers who is making the documentary? When you have done all of that and you think you have the it all again, that is what science does.

    41. Darrell Powell

      Only the scared stupid can't handle a needle and a vaccine. Have no sympathy for the stupid.

      1. Stanley Masterson

        Only the insurmountably stupid believe that the vaccines are even necessary for anyone without a preexisting condition, while providing a yet unknown scope of potential harm. Learning to decipher data will do you a world of good. Don't be a left wing ignoramus

    42. Saltino


      1. Saltino

        @seigeengine lolllll great to hear

      2. seigeengine

        I would describe it as freaking amazing more than freaky, but I'm not a misogynist, so your views may differ.

      3. Saltino

        @Jimmy Swaggart is that how that works?? I don't know much, just read about hek and hela cells and it was freaky

      4. Jimmy Swaggart

        So obviously you do not believe in organ donation?

      5. Saltino


    43. Lvl 99 Boss

      What makes me hesitant is all the censorship on PLshows and social media. Also, they lied about it being leaked from a lab for months and said it was a far right conspiracy so why should I believe them now. These people always lie.

      1. Jimmy Swaggart

        @seigeengine Do you actually know, I mean have you worked in a lab, do you know how hard it is to leak anything from that type of laboratory?

      2. Trailobyte

        @Lvl 99 Boss Spreading misleading information can be dangerous. It's how we got the January 6th riots.

      3. Lvl 99 Boss

        @seigeengine wow you’re deluded

      4. seigeengine

        What censorship? No, they didn't lie; there was, and afaik, is no reason to believe it leaked from a lab. It was and is a far right conspiracy.

    44. Alan Constantine

      Im on chemotherapy and I had my second vaccine 3 weeks ago and experienced zero side effects from the vaccine so 8f its safe for someone like me then its bound to be safe for any healthy person so there's no excuse not to get it.

      1. Random User

        Got me 2 shot last week and while yes I did feel unwell in the evening and the day after it's better then potentially having to be put on a ventilator or getting someone else sick if I did get covid. My sister also got her 2 shot same day as me and felt totally fine. Lucky her.

    45. Buck Rogers

      Not getting it, I don’t trust the people pushing it

      1. Random User

        @Buck Rogers Even if they didn't care about people they do care about profit and injuring/killing your employees off first is not a good business move. No instead they are spending money to make sure employees won't get sick, covid restrictions can be lightened and their factories will stay open/operational. All things that go against the idea that the vaccine is purposefully made to harm people. Although judging by the second part of your statement no amount of reasoning or logic is going to change your opinion if you have seriously fallen for and believe such nonsense.

      2. Buck Rogers

        @Random User because they don’t care about people, it’s very simple, the same people on the boards of these companies, the decision makers are members of organizations that declared 90% of humanity needs to die, it’s called the club of Rome, a lot of these ppl are eugenicists

      3. Random User

        @Buck Rogers presidents generally experience a boost in popularity at the start of wars like that, America always did like toppling regimes they did not like, Iraq has over 10% of the worlds remaining known oil, they thought it wouldn't be as bloody, they didn't care about casualties, and so on. Now will you answer my question?

      4. Buck Rogers

        @Random User why would they lie about WMD? Seems like destabilizing Iraq and killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and thousands of US soldiers isn’t a smart idea either

      5. Random User

        If it wasnt safe then why would companies like Pfizer give it to their employees first? Harming the majority of your workforce is not a smart idea.

    46. K. A.

      Wonder if anybody going abroad e.g. to africa to hunt lions or something asked his doc if the vaccines they got before traveling there if they where save....

    47. K. A.

      I really would like to know if this tucker is already vaccinated...

    48. pyoukmoi

      I know some ppl who refuse vaccines or mask wearing because they believe they have a right to choose not to. Smh.

    49. IV

      I'm only here to see the guinea pig segment of the video.

    50. Joseph Felton

      Fauci has predicted this outbreak virus four years ago

    51. elizabeth mckenzie

      Would like to point out he had to get one :) soo he should stop spreading lies

    52. Billy Bloomer

      Who else had to re-check the title when it got to the egg seggment

    53. Hugo Hernandez

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    54. Awkwardtunity

      At work we listen to Pandora radio and almost every ad is just a PSA about getting a vaccine. That’s how few people are getting the vaccine. It’s fucking wild

    55. peqio seroa

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    56. Paul Brower

      Good reasons to get the vaccine: Just get the vaccine for the sake of: 1. your own safety. 2. your loved ones 3. your friends, co-workers, customers, and clients 4. Humanity in general. 5. the fiscal health of local government, your state, and your nation. For good reason it is free! 6. your pets. They will miss you if you get an extended stay in the ventilator, and they will miss you if you die. Dogs can contract and die of COVID-19.

    57. Y Erasmus

      Spike proteins are dangerous, see from inventor

      1. Random User

        Scalpels are dangerous. Good thing they are used by professionals and only when necessary.

      2. seigeengine

        There is no evidence spike proteins are dangerous. Look somewhere more credible than one loser screeching he's the inventor everywhere.

    58. Miguel Lopes

      " The vaccine is proven to have killed exactly zero" Straight up lie

      1. seigeengine

        @Miguel Lopes "hurr I can't prove it cause of conspiracy bs" People die of heart attacks all the time. Even if you did, that wouldn't prove anything.

      2. Miguel Lopes

        @seigeengine Since the data are hide from the general public cant send you the links. But I personnaly know a case where the person in question took the shot and had a heart attack two hours later so...

      3. seigeengine

        Straight up truth. Show me evidence that the vaccine definitely killed anyone.

    59. Andrew Maynes

      This guy actually believes what he is saying is true, what an unplesant human being

    60. Miguel Lopes

      Fock off John. Who are you to decide if its good or not to take the vaccine? I expected to hear facts on both sides not a vaccine propaganda. Rip impartiality

      1. seigeengine

        @Stanley Masterson Let me know when your entire contribution isn't extracted from a can from Fascist Propaganda co.

      2. Stanley Masterson

        @seigeengine Spoken like the obedient, mindless ignoramus you evidently are

      3. seigeengine

        There aren't both sides. There is only one side. You should take the vaccine.

    61. Hunter Crookk

      He's not talking about how the vaccine can lower your sperm count and decrease your gray matter in your brain

      1. seigeengine

        because it can't do either of those things.

    62. Hunter Crookk

      7:20 a news network's not supposed to end their sentences with questions,a news network is supposed to tell you how to think and what to believe not leave it up to yourself

    63. Janra

      What John Oliver doesn't realize is that his arguments needed to be fact checked, too. I am not convinced that this mRNA-vaccine could not be harmful in the long term. We don't know! Instead, he ridicules people who are asking for more safety tests. At Min 15:48 he is confusing the person pointing to the atrocities with the people responsible for them.

      1. seigeengine

        Okay. Go onto your search engine of choice and type in "covid vaccine safety info" or any similar search and you'll find he's right. Yes, we do know. It's not.

    64. Arnold Johnson

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    65. Mr Miner

      dont worry john, your always welcome back home in the land of the not bat shit crazies. all we ask is that you dont bring the egg.

    66. Dormirai

      Guinea pigs have to eat their own shit for nutrients, so that's a no from me. The egg thing sounds good though.

      1. Dormirai

        @seigeengine, I don't remember the exact nutrients they get from it. It's been so long since I've had one.

      2. seigeengine

        I mean... isn't that mostly for B12? Couldn't they just... get B12 supplements and not have to eat their own shit?

    67. Saj Ayyy

      Why is this soggy knob harassing my boy Joe Rogan.

    68. bill davis

      1:46, point taken.... don't take things that are, "weird, broken, and that will kill you in your sleep" got it, no vaccines... thanks Jeff Olivia. Almost got a blood clot shot #supersafe nothing to see or report on.

    69. Bridget Avan

      There's a complete cure for herpes ! unless you never heard of Dr.ademise on youtube

    70. R G

      I actually know a guy named mike from Baltimore but he’s already vaccinated so take your anti mike attitude elsewhere

      1. R G

        @Mr Miner no comment

      2. Mr Miner

        whats with the pro mike stance? are you being paid off by the mike association?

    71. Mash709

      The ani-vaxxers just don't seem to get that decades of scientific experience went into developing these vaccines.

    72. lamin

      John Oliver will swing with the rest of them when the truth about Covid "vaccination" adverse reactions and deaths go mainstream. It's horrific to watch the level of deceit and coercion on display here to try and convince you of it's safety, when it is anything but.

    73. tomsonrk

      why not pair up the USA's love for guns with vaccination and administer by an arro / dart out of an air gun?

    74. codejoe1

      I watched it with an open mind, but the video still doesn't address the fact we do not know the long term effects the vaccine could have. It also didn't address Covid cases being recorded differently among the vaccinated per new CDC guidelines (no new cases recorded unless hospitalized or dead) which should be troubling to anyone wanting to know how effective the vaccine truly is. There is a lot of information suppression regarding the vaccine and that should be enough to make anyone hesitant to take it.

      1. seigeengine

        @codejoe1 The issue being that isn't what they said.

      2. codejoe1

        @seigeengine they say they aren't reporting all cases, this is bad. Simple enough for you? Or do you believe that is good somehow?

      3. seigeengine

        @codejoe1 "They say X therefor they mean Y." No, you're just stupid.

      4. codejoe1

        @seigeengine Your critical thinking skills are lacking. They literally say they aren't focusing on all cases, meaning that they are not reporting vaccinated covid cases unless they are hospitalized or die. Which means, there is a lack of transparency for how effective the vaccine even is. They should report all covid cases as they have been, but conveniently they are no longer reporting the same? Pro or anti vaccine that is important information to not report.

      5. seigeengine

        @codejoe1 Yes, there is. Vaccines are not magic. They can't manifest mystery effects down the road. Thank you for providing your source... and clarifying you're full of shit. Your original claim, and what you're citing are two different things entirely, as is obvious by simply reading the two statements.

    75. AKaluzhsky

    76. God_Beast_Bomb Playing

      Wait I thought getting vaccinated was bad because Trump was in office but now that he's gone it's ok for me to get a vaccine know???? I ain't getting vaccinated because I dont want too and that's my choice to make, my body! Maybe some liberals will contradict themselves by saying only pregnant women can say such things. Sexist much? What happened to pro choice? Honestly saying people are stupid because they dont want to be vaccinated is stupid in it of it's self. You have no say and I dont care about your opinion news, I miss the old person who use to do these shows. At least he wasn't so opinionated. The reason why you bever bring up data is because the masks shit and vaccines make no difference. And the only reason why you can even bring up the conversation of vaccines is because Trump helped to make it happen and didn't want to look bad. Honestly this would have taken years if it wasnt for the deregulation from the old administration and I dont even have to be a Trump supporter to know that. Even allergy drugs take up to 10 years to produce. For fucks sakes stop it with the politics.

    77. Neartmhor

      I would just like to note that the Covid vaccine card in Australia fits in your wallet. It’s true one thing Australia did right in regard to the vaccine.

    78. Elizabeth Bennet

      wish me luck guys on convincing my mentally ill, fauxnews-watching 75yo shut-in mom who I love dearly to get it done after procrastinating on her first dose...*sigh* Im calling her tomorrow

    79. Serenity Grubb

      This vaccine roll out was going alongside a lot of political ploys and dumb ass remarks made by Trump. I feel like that is where a lot of the public’s hesitation comes from.

    80. Bob Smithers

      1 month later, vaccinations are at 1/2 the previous rate and the US has been overtaken by Canada (1st doses) and the UK (1st and 2nd doses) in percentage terms - and they both show no sign of slowing down. That guy of F*x is a psychopath - he knows he is lying and he knows he will kill people who believe him and he does not care.

      1. Mr Miner

        the strange thing is advertisers have been dropping his and similar shows like mad but they arnt being told to even dial down the crazy/

    81. Konan Refer

      The point is Money for the drug companies.

    82. Dean William

      im waiting on herd immunity. I heard they are giving black males a vaccine that makes them sterile so to rid this country of the welfare system. By the time they find out if its true or not it will be too late.

    83. Bart Korol

      16:00 well this didn't age well now did it? Can we please stay objective and look at the science and actually use common sense and not fear monger people into a decision that may not be the best or only option they may have.

      1. seigeengine

        Love how you losers are so far backed into the corner you're resorting to just pretending you have a counter-argument.

    84. Will H

      Except the information is NOT "out there." It is being censored. Every. Single. Day! These pokes are leading to blood clots, death, and other serious health consequences!

      1. seigeengine

        Except it isn't, and you're just a nutter buying into nonsense.

    85. judyjude

      i do not understand how so many people can watch tucker. its mindblowing that he has an audience.

      1. judyjude

        ​@seigeengine his face is just so annoying. Maybe thats a chosen strategy too

      2. seigeengine

        Hyping up people's fears and anxieties, telling them exactly who to blame, and then selling them the easy solution is a very successful strategy, unfortunately.

    86. Rebecca Compton

      Hard pass... watching serious adverse reactions coming thru the ER I work in. And NOT being reported

    87. MzyraJ

      I'd love if John were to do something about Andrew Wakefield with his history and impact on the anti vax movement

      1. Ian Tkach

        @Winterlilikoi 189 I assume they're talking about HBomb, since the comment they replied to mentioned "needs a wider audience" and "how many people watch Hbomb"? And, in response to that... feel free to highlight ANY of the claims Harris made in his video and show why they're fraudulent or in substantive, oh Internet sage :P

      2. Winterlilikoi 189

        @seigeengine Are you talking about hbomberguy or John Oliver?

      3. Winterlilikoi 189

        @MzyraJ That's true.

      4. seigeengine

        @MzyraJ He deserves to have no audience, since he's demonstrated his willingness to be a complete fraud to attack someone he has no substantive criticisms of.

      5. MzyraJ

        @Winterlilikoi 189 Yeah, that's why it's on my mind. Needs an even wider audience imo, how many average people watch Hbomb vs how many it deserves? 🤔

    88. DeadDancers

      Also: best mascot so far. I don’t know if I love the cicada, but I do love the guy inside it.

      1. Mr Miner

        im honestly curious if this was inspired by seth meyers and his cicada cicada joke or vice versa

    89. DeadDancers

      If you’re worried, also write in to your local stations and newspaper to blast those media shows spreading fear. You have to raise your voice against those hurting people for clicks.

    90. UberKrassMann

      i love how whenever black people do something stupid in the US it's never their fault. it must be so liberating to have everyone around you making excuses for why you suck all the time. "oh no, i was born in the year 2000, well past any of this stuff going on but because we get bombarded with W-guilt non-stop i still feel like we live in 1850 so i can never trust W people." oh really john? were they not treated well 70 years ago? you don't say. WHO THE FRACK CARES!! it's 2021! STOP LIVING IN THE PAST!! oh i wonder why they can't move on when all you can focus on is the past. (yes i had to replace the word with W to avoid getting censored by youtube. let that sink in)

      1. UberKrassMann

        @seigeengine mate... stop making excuses for them. (if you're going to want to comment on the history of the US, maybe you shouldn't instantly out yourself as obviously not being from the US....MATE...) you actually think we'll ever get anywhere that way? "oh we're being tarded once again but it's not our fault because NOTHING is ever our fault! we don't want a vaccine because we're a bunch of conspiracy theorists? WHITEYS FAULT because we can't trust something THEY DEVELOPED eventhough THEY are willingly taking it THEMSELVES! Now let me sit back and wait for everyone to make excuses for my bad behaviour. OH HI seigeengine, nice to see you here. having fun crusading for us to soothe your w-guilt? i bet you are". ok... you can't trust something we developed?.....well, develop your own vaccine then... PFFFFAAHAHAHAHAH xD I'll leave you with this question: what would it take for you to think it's their own responsibility? at what point would you say. NOPE! this time it's their own fault and no one else's. i really would like to know.

      2. seigeengine

        Mate... try the 1970s and 1980s.

    91. UberKrassMann

      wait? murcans are tards? next you'll be reporting on how water is wet

    92. lexx

      Good bye John Oliver, you outet yourself.Parroting doesn`t fit you that good.....

    93. TheLiverpoolDelta

      I can't believe Liberals watch this garbage.

      1. Mr Miner

        moderates* liberals watch stuff like "ring of fire".

    94. Smedley Jefferson

      OMG, John Oliver is worse than Alex Jones, or should I say the Alex Jones of the left?

    95. Right Left

      Agenda 21/2030

      1. Ian Tkach

        Well, that's mildly alarming... sure would be a shame if people went through the actual Agenda 21 document on the UN's website and showed all the holes in Rosa Koire's claims. Oh, wait - people did. Several times, as it turns out.

    96. Mayor of Kvakvadopolis

      0:45 "The best way out of this mess is, CLEARLY, vaccines" nice assertion from the get go - no need to watch the rest

      1. lickspittle1

        @Mayor of Kvakvadopolis "There's nothing historically equivalent to this other than it has spread across countries." So you are saying there has never been a pandemic before? also the vaccines have been through trails and studies with millions of people and most have been shown to work very well. corona virus use the spike to attach to other cells hence the name corona (crown) it would take some large scale number of mutations to lose a major and essential part of its biological make up. source please for ssri and antibiotics being the best prevention and treatment for covid.....some have been of use but they are nowhere near as effective as vaccination. The Oxford Astra Zenica vaccine is being produced and sold at cost price not for profit although i dont see why the industry that invested and produce the vaccine should not make a profit . I live in the UK i have seen the results of the vaccine we have dropped from thousands dying every day to single figures since the start of the vaccination works.

      2. Mayor of Kvakvadopolis

        @lickspittle1 There's nothing historically equivalent to this other than it has spread across countries. The only 2 ways you can think of does not mean there are only 2 ways. Nor saying that it is the BEST way, is making it so. I won't go down this rabbit hole, but consider virus origins; botched responses to it; the corruption of health instututions from people with conflicts of interest; the politization of a health hazzard (where face mask wearing becomes virtue signaling), social media platforms acting like they know best who can talk and who shall not; pushing new vaccine technology with known serious side effects WITHOUT proper studies (excuse is - this is an emergency); pushing new VACCINE with the new technology (that has serious flaws - the vaccine should stay in the area that it's injected - it doesnt and it goes all over your body. not only that but the spike-protein is itself biotoxic. which brings to the most serious flaw of the vaccine - it narrowly targets the spike-protein as recognision mechanism - as soon as there's a mutation to the shape of the spike protein, all your immune systems antogens produced due to vaccine will be useless); the push to vaccinate people who already had covid; the fact that laws were potentially broken to pass the emergency authorization for the vaccines, that would take a decade of studies to determine whether its safe for human use while combinations of SSRI's and repurposed antibiotics are the best prevention and treatment to covid; billionaires now making money from pushing the vaccines - colour me surprised. I could go on, but it's depressing at this point. It's just enough to point out the "CLEARLY BEST" way is anything but.

      3. lickspittle1

        Historically correct, either you let the virus kill everyone vunerable to it and gain herd immunity that way or vaccinate .....those are the only 2 ways in history pandemics have been ended

      4. seigeengine

        That assertion is correct.

    97. Brennan Smith

      Tucker Carlson always sounds like he’s talking to a five year old and that makes him so god damn punchable

      1. seigeengine

        ​@Stanley Masterson "He's talking about liberals, that's why he's condescending to us, his audience, none of who are liberals, even when he's not talking about liberals!"

      2. Stanley Masterson

        He discusses liberals. When discussing such idiots, tone tends to alter

      3. Mr Miner

        but his viewers believe everything they see on tv like 5yr olds so why bother with actual writting?

      4. TheLiverpoolDelta


      5. seigeengine

        Not just that he's talking to a five year old, but he's talking down to a five year old.

    98. The crazy Entity

      Me a 16 year old with one unvaccinated parent due to busyness Wich is her excuse for everything: books an appointment to get a vaccine says they have teen vaccine and the booking goes flawlessly my dads going back to his second shot he says my kid is doing it while they inject him Healthcare worker: we dont have the teen vaccine a day after I've booked with no notif period dad tells me Me: GOD DA-

      1. The crazy Entity

        Im getting vaxed before next school year hopefully