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    Music video by Demi Lovato performing Anyone (Lyric Video). © 2020 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. CSRULESbob

      I think I would make her so happy...

    2. Stanisław Komorek

      kto w 2021 roku 🤗

    3. Haleemah Hussain

      So much pain in her voice, it's overwhelming. Wish you health and happiness love 💘

    4. Good Times


    5. Katerina Thorne

      Oh my, Demi girl know we’re all here to support you kk keep cruise in on through life and slaying all the haters with your AMAZING VOICE QUEEN!!!❤️❤️❤️

    6. just be a nice human

      I need someone ! Oh , Demi ... You're not alone now.

    7. Saidy Jack

      Me quema me lastima 😢

    8. Cassie Borneman

      Demi used to sound like everyone else... I love her now though. She's honest in her music, that's what makes it so beautiful to me.

    9. Krystie Minor

      Demi how did you write a song about me? God this makes me cry

    10. Syre Frazier


    11. Antuan Mack

      Mrs/Ms Demi Lovato U Have Yourself Your Family Your Friends & The Man Upstairs & His Son Mrs/Ms Demi Lovato Keep Your Headup In The Mist Of The Storms That Can Come From Ourselves Life & Others And Keep Pushing & Pressing Forward W/ Yourself Life Goes 2 Those Who Allow Themselves 2 Rebound From Situations Issues Concerns & Challenges That Come From Ourselves Life & Others Along Our Own Personal Journey Through Life With Growing & Maturing In The Right Way/Ways From These Things & Allowing Ourselves 2 Become Better & Stronger With Ourselves From These Things Than Applying These Within Our Daily Living Of Life After The Going Through Of Them Be Loved & Blessed By The Best & His Son 2Day & Beyond🤗🥰🤗🥰

    12. Brielle Mulé

      Anyone else get goosebumps to this song ? I’ll never forget my first concert. It was a Demi and Nick Jonas concert and Demi’s voice filled up that stadium 🤍

    13. Rachael Stengard

      This is me

    14. Ilinca Acostachioaei

      This song is totally my Life in reality…

    15. Natália Bernardes

      Eu te amo Demi, abraço direto do Brasil.

    16. Punita Leekha katyal

      I m listinin

    17. sanjeev arthurr

      2nd " Shirley Bessey " ...... What a beautiful😍✨❤ & Powerful💪😎👍Voice She has .......... Love❤ From India🇮🇳

    18. Y B

      Anyone. .. 🎶

    19. Jay Bonn

      This sounds like another song but I cant remember what.

    20. Iwonka Kowal

      A girl from Poland, 12 years old, I think she sang even better than Demi.

    21. James Chavis

      Hi Demi

    22. Justin Edmonson

      I just heard this for the first time and this shit really hit home

    23. Dash120z

      it pains me to think that if Demi hadn't made it that fateful day this would've been her legacy song.. :(

    24. James Chavis

      Hi Demi

    25. DEMI Lovato

      Sometimes to able have this nominated for the Grammy awards is to have the person also ready if not ready or feel ready then they won't nominated you that how Grammy works the do support her to and the way it like Noah just got Grammy winning I think just sometimes Grammy is not important it the person important then Grammy

    26. Paz Pearl Official

      Why its off key?

    27. Hayley A.

      This could have been the last song we ever heard from Demi if she had successfully overdosed.....holy moly. I’m so happy she is here with us😭😭😭

      1. Lisa Ann Radice

        Thank you for clarifying that....I was wondering

    28. romina


    29. Sayira Silverio

      this could’ve been her last song... wow

    30. Ariana Cortes

      Hit different when u tried to express yourself many times.

    31. Floor Price

      What a woman voice please !!!

    32. Pablo Rodriguez


    33. Jamal Love

      If I had all that money I would give it to the poor and keep enough money to live and if you do so make sure you don’t seek approval and truly love the lord and do what he says to do idk if you need help like this but I would offer this type bc I seen some stuff in the clouds while I praised who they call Jesus Christ but it’s impossible to please the lord without faith and faith without works is dead so there’s some stuff you shouldn’t be doing and this is for everyone who believes in Christ I wouldn’t live by the law either acknowledge that you are dead in Christ so sin isn’t a factor to you but remember faith without works is dead he said I will never leave you or forsake you so if anyone is feeling abandoned don’t be the lord is closest to the broken I love you all and I pray for you every day 😊😊🙏🏽


      People are bullying this wonderful badass independent woman for her mental health, addiction, and her body. THIS SONG IS SO UNDERRATED!

    35. Marline Noguera


    36. Ryan12182

      Painfully beautiful.

    37. Harris Johneddy

      My sister : Hits me very hard Me : Hits her very slow My sister : 1:21

    38. Mindy Schaper

      This is amazing. The raw emotion and desperation in this song makes me cry.

    39. Edna Alberto

      We should listen to the message she's trying to send to us,,this could help her get over the situation she's facing during the time she did this song ,can we at least give a positive comment,who knows it could save her from doing stupid things,be kind to "anyone" !

    40. Dr. CLS Ferguson

      This song and performance touches my heart. Thank you!

    41. Just a Jake Fanboy

      I can't believe no one close to her realized how desperate she needed them. I mean are you hearing this? This is no longer a song, this is a plea for help.

    42. Bethany Rice


      1. Just a Jake Fanboy

        You dumb or what?

    43. Bethany Rice

      do u hear me?

    44. Bethany Rice

      but it is okay i hear you guys

    45. Bethany Rice

      You can't scream for help bc no one listens to you. the only one that feels you or hears you is Jesus because he hears or feels you when you are down or when he died on the cross to take our sin away!

    46. 1103

      Is there ANYONE ?

    47. Desmond Miles

      Is it autotune?🤔🤔

    48. DEMI Lovato

      This album didn't get nominated for Grammy for a reason

    49. Mary dsouza

      He's listening to you , and he loves you very much . God's always there in our deepest moments and helps us get up again.

    50. Shane Donguines

      Demi is still one of the best singer always listening to this song over and over❤❤❤

    51. Shane Donguines

      Demi is still one of the best singer always listening to this song over and over❤❤❤

    52. May San

      Never fails to bring me to tears . . .

    53. Karmel Klaus

      Wish you the best,Demi!!

    54. Ben Trembly

      Hmmm! I just wish more people understood.

    55. apeksha patel

      Loved the song❤️❤️❤️

    56. damian limer

      This song get me every time ❤️😭

    57. Teresa Morgan

      I never heard this song until contestants on both The Voice and Idol sang it. I feel this song so much. My mom and sister were killed by a drunk driver when I was 5, then I lost my dad to lung cancer at 10. Was raised by an aunt that pretty much saw me as a live in maid and extra paycheck (SS from dad). Then 8 became a widow at 40. And I feel like when I try to talk about what I'm feeling and going through, instead of just listening, everyone wants to tell me you should do this or you should do that. I'm like, you don't even know what I'm going through, so how can you sit there and tell me how to feel or what to do? Just shut up and let me talk.

    58. sherrypitt

      Touching your soul

    59. Greg Smith

      She's a beautiful and talented young lady.

    60. Sarah

      Listening to this why eating sugar free cookies in The Big Chill

    61. Rhij Family

      No one hears me anymore 😔

    62. L

      Man the passion and raw talent of this girl is extremely underrated. I’m a male that usually doesn’t listen to female artists but this song is very powerful and she can sing just as good as any female vocalist in history. She deserves more credit.

    63. Rebecca Dahlinger

      @demilovato you're pain and emotional resonates so deep in heart and soul..I identify completely but baby girl love you and definitely listening

    64. Lee Ann Kelly

      Im listening

      1. Lee Ann Kelly

        You may have just saved my life.

    65. Roz Serr

      Can anyone can hear her pain as loud as I do... 😔. Oh Demi thank you for singing like that, thank you for sharing your pain with all of us in pain too. God Bless sweet girl. Stay safe. 💛

    66. Guiben Estimable

      Demi Lovato canta com a alma dela ❤

    67. Justin Napoli

      Hey not sure if this helps but heres some food for thought: Its hard to understand the pages because the context is beyond lexicon at times. I can spend like 20 minutes reading a page sometimes just to get the words basically connecting barely, then let my mind wander, kind of marinating for like 5 hours at times. Its not for everyone, I realize.

    68. Juliana Lacerda

      How does one even try to describe this vocal range? It's pointless to make sense of the absurdity of Demi's voice, it's just insane and almost unworldly.

    69. jairo velasco

      la amoooooo!

    70. FLAbiu 11


    71. Erich Champney

      For real tho is there ANYONE

    72. America Woke

      Beautifully used in this week's Law & Order SVU ep: "In the Year We All Fell Down"

    73. Ralph Panelli

      Just heard this song. I’m bawling my eyes out right now. I’m a 25yr old guy. That is all👋

    74. Jay H

      It's so weird... Idk what's going on here, but I swear every single time I listen to this song, I literally burst out in tears. I rarely EVER cry but it's like every single line in this song stabs me in my heart (in a great way) no matter how many times I hear it. I feel like that's how you know a great, impactful song when you hear it - each time you hear it, it's just as heart-wrenching as the first time. Love you Demi!

    75. Gary Owens

      Law and order svu anyone

    76. James Chavis

      You're my person That will never go away I will always be your girl

    77. James Chavis

      I Love you 💋😢 Always im so sorry

    78. Rachel Lampen


    79. Chris Sparks 史 瑞 德

      Beautiful singing! I can relate to the lyrics and emotion in this song!

    80. kar cañas

      La escuché por primera vez ayer en Law And Order SVU 22x12 "In The Year We All Fell Down" 😭❤️

    81. Samiyah U. Davis

      It's 2021 and I am just hearing this song. So so so sorry. You were literally crying for help

    82. Samiyah U. Davis

      I am so sorry we didn't hear you....

    83. Emma Caroline

      7 hearts :D

    84. Gaby Gabrielly

      This song makes me cry every time 😭😭😭💕

    85. imageniusplz

      SVU brought me here.... and I'm obsessed 😍 💛🙈

    86. Gisela Llanos

      o I have a good game love g oooの

    87. ɴᴜɢɢᴇᴛ.


    88. ulysia217

      Why the FUCK am I praying anyway when nobody is listening. Nobody's listening.

    89. ulysia217

      it hits so hard. But when you're a no one, no one is actually listening anyway. I'm glad she got the help she needed.

    90. Moon Shadow Essentials Soap’s n More

      This melody reminds me of a lady Gaga song I can’t think of the name of the top of my head. My heart breaks for her. The pain and yet the beauty of her voice together is stunning and heartbreaking.

    91. James Chavis

      Do you love me 🥰

    92. Pamela Gregory


    93. L San

      She is the new internet clown lol that is just funny

      1. L San

        @Dash120z thanks for the laugh

      2. L San

        @Assia :p she's the new meme lol it's hilarious

      3. Dash120z

        she's still the vocalist of the generation 🤷🏼‍♂️

      4. Assia :p

        why would you say that

    94. Juliana Abel

      If you guys haven't listen to here new song dancing with the devil it is the greatest song ever

    95. Chelsea Crook

      This makes me so sad listening to this after Demi's dancing with the devil documentary ☹️ wish I could give her a big massive hug 🤗💗💕

    96. Roxy Edits


    97. Aidan Vela

      I can’t stop crying

    98. jeff lim

      American idol. Makayla

    99. Karin Jensen

      Wow. I mean... wow. My question: how could you be in the studio with Demi while she’s recording that song and not realize that it’s a massive cry for help? Granted- I’m being unfair. Others helped her write this song and it’s extremely easy for me to say (not involved, not there, etc) after the fact. I have also attempted to help several people in similar situations who are either in full blown denial or flat at refuse help. It’s just hard to hear the heartbreaking honesty in this song (even for a person I don’t know) and feel helpless. 💔