Jaden - Photograph


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    Jaden - Photograph (Official Music Video)
    Official Music video for JADEN's Photograph
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    She found a photograph
    Known faces make her mad
    Don’t care about all our fights
    Or memories we had it in our bones
    Baby girl we’re out of control
    Wasting our energy
    Woke up in Tennessee
    Only you can piss me off
    I’m staring at that hole inside my heart
    But all we have is us
    Cause you, you just found a special part of me
    That’s sinkin me by pulling me down
    And you are in the middle of the ocean and I need you right now
    If I can’t love you I guess I will drown
    She found our photograph
    These tears can’t hold them back
    And when I sleep at night
    The dreams I have I fantasize of you
    Tell me what to do
    Thought I might write a song
    Hoped you might sing along
    O girl my head is gone
    Our Paris stay O incredible I know
    Tell me where to go
    Cause you, you just found a special part of me
    That’s sinkin me by pulling me down
    And you are in the middle of the ocean and I need you right now
    If I can’t love you I guess I’ll drown
    #JADEN #Photograph #WavyBaby #CTV3

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    1. Jaden

      Epic 🌊Shout Out To Justin Bieber For Being On Set With Me And Helping Me Film The Photograph Music Video Love You Bro.

      1. Nehmo Playz

        Love live laugh I’m a big fan of u bro always have been always will be I love u 🤟

      2. Ajit Rai


      3. Felix !

        Ikr Justin he's so real ♥️

      4. 《AndrejȚhëŁýñx》

        Bro why you upload music videos less and less? Its been a month and no other music video than Photographer

      5. Sunset SYRE

        Love you Jaden ❤️

    2. Nyasha Chimwara

      This should be in an episode of Steven universe or something like SFOE


      That’s pretty awesome 😎 🙆🏻‍♀️

    4. Mwando Mubbwele


    5. dave fishbro

      2:03 the violin here is WOW

    6. Simón

      Lo importante es que se esta recomponiendo, no hay que ser impacientes hasta que salga tremendo peliculón

    7. levi Da silva

      That beach looks cool !!

    8. Dela Dela

      I love you jaden❤

    9. Marang

      jaden it's very cool!

    10. jjoachim mugisha

      soul seller

    11. robert pennell

      Reminds me of Lost. Walt grew up found a girl but went back to the island... #Nostaligicvideo

    12. Playboi

      I am just an icon living

    13. minyoongis pillow!

      He is literally the most prettiest person ever ✨

    14. Isabella P

      Are you and Justin Bieber still friends?

    15. org beast


    16. Juan Dias

      Toda vez que eu for pra pra praia eu vou escutar essa música 😊🇧🇷

    17. Ella Bauer

      Jaden this hit on so many levels

    18. GLZ999 7FF

      Muito boa pra relaxar em plena manhã

    19. Alliterm

      my new favourite artist

    20. Yara Alves Carvalho


    21. Anestis_killer 68

      Karate kid

    22. Rudy Lls

      M E X I C A N O S ?

    23. YBN thekiid


    24. Isaac Ponce


    25. NiNe

      Life of pi- Aesthetic version

    26. Tomi Meneza

      Jaden i need you in Cobra Kai, please!!!!

    27. Cat Fan

      Super Talented

    28. Ngalya Kangawe

      Can you do the song i got this

    29. Ali

      Studio magic at its finest

    30. Yaren

      Omg dance, music, sports. But your look like gay.

    31. Yaren

      You are our karate kid dont do this to you pls

    32. Kevin Pinheiro


    33. BRITIN TM


    34. marx

      alquem que fala o portugues por aqui? ..ficou muito foood@ essa hein.

    35. Janique Stewart

      1:05 is the shot. Very well done.

    36. Luyando

      This a great tribute to y'all's relationship

    37. Harshit Laiker

      After listening to this song who will say that he is a starkid. In my thinking he is a pure talent

    38. Liam O'brien

      I wonder what this kid sounds like without autotune

    39. René ORU

      This song make me cry, I don’t know why, but at the same time I know why

    40. MaKaI Miller

      Stay classy be safe drink water stay up G stay frosty if you where to ask me what's my dream job I would say I don't dream of labor ❤

    41. Rys RECORDZ

      Why ain't nobody speaking about the facts that SYRE is so STRAIGHT and this Album is GAY AF lol

    42. jefry chartuny

      Saludame jaden Smith

    43. Thuto Young Fizz

      if I don't listen to this song it automatically plays in my head....

    44. Matheus Machado


    45. Matheus Machado


    46. Matheus Machado


    47. Matheus Machado


      1. Matheus Machado


    48. Yung Slattt

      Ain’t go lie jaden’s songs be hitting way more than sum of dis rappers

    49. Dylan Mathurin

      this is gonna get nostalgic in a few years

    50. Eric Robbins


    51. Anuj Yadav

      Life In A Year👌😁

    52. TheCrixG


    53. Najah Fineline

      epic music video. Loved the color of the sky

    54. David Westlake


    55. nqobile shezi

      nostalgic !

    56. Hey Carlitos15

      Like si eres latino America

    57. Christian Notario

      Jaden your song is so amazing👌🏾👑.

    58. locvst [ave.]

      Bro this is the old Jaden I missed

    59. luthuliboyz Luthuli

      Gud song

    60. foreign gang

      Still crying on this song

    61. Lulu Gebashe

      Cause you, you just found a special part of me💪💪💪

    62. Vítor Boelter

      vamos fazer um feat

    63. ana maria perez

      ya se ve mas humano no creen?

    64. Sunny


    65. ztu xslflyz

      pros brasileiros, venho aqui dizer para que ouçam essa música se possível de olhos fechados por pelo menos 10 segundos. só nos sabemos como a vida é difícil e precisamos de paz, estar em paz. nem que por 10 segundos...


      This is FIRE, good job Jaden 🔥

    67. EZE KILLER

      Te quiero mucho brooo 👊😎 cuando sacamos un tema juntos? Deaa jaja

    68. Hey Hey

      Somebody misses 2010 jaden?

    69. Rocket Marvel

      Man I thought I watched karate kid only yesterday 😭 time goes way to fast

    70. Kauã Vitor

      I Love you Jaden Smith 😭❤🌊

    71. Mohamad Saifudin

      This song was vibin my night and i feel angel sleep beside me even im single :")

    72. Michael Weever

      How is it that a 22 year old man can look so much like a teenager

    73. Jafoxy 91

      Jaden, Plis Come Back

    74. Payal Boejharat

      '...I'm middle in the ocean and I need you right now...' Daaammnn so true

    75. Luiz Felipe

      Esse cara é doido por ela mesmo, nn tem jeito

    76. Big SHEEN

      This reminds me of me and my girl, well ex girl

    77. Kevin Newell

      my friend made a slowed reverb version with the aesthetic and it hits more in the feels :( plshows.info/from/ioSxnNGHjtmMt6c/wideo.html

    78. emanuel espinoza vega

      I do not know why? but this song gives me a lot of feeling

    79. Brenda Arroyo

      “Thought I might write a song, Hoped you might sing along” Odessa: *does background vocals* 😭😭😭😭

      1. Shahad

        There still together?

    80. Pabllo Nascimento

      Só eu d br slk

    81. Vivian Kendra

      I like the song , , jaden u always inspire me 🔥🔥 , a like for jaden

    82. Ilke Alexander

      I love it so much ❤️❤️

    83. FIRE NINJA

      ERYS is coming...

    84. king diamond

      wavy baby/syre please turn jaden back to you wavy baby/syre by jaden smith

    85. hardik saraswat pro

      Jaden is fucking underrated man..

    86. Grizzle B


    87. Luk4s 24k

      ruin your entire acting career for you

    88. Calandra Tracey

      Jaden should sing with Billie eilish


      The best. From Brazil!!

    90. Yathanderson De Miranda Feitoza

      this song is beautiful, and you are amazing. I hope to be with you someday 🌴🌊🌊🏖️

    91. Eau Dore


    92. Sofia Gluz


    93. Ranelle Duncan-Letts

      I Love this song! I also like the theme in most of your videos with the purple sky's!!!

    94. Kago Seremane

      Amazing , his growth incredible

    95. Kago Seremane

      This music beautiful for the soul

    96. Freeman G.F

      Celebrities always have weird kid's

    97. Analia Busto


    98. Jose Fuentes



      this song is very good i'm from brazil and i really like your music.