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    Music video by Demi Lovato performing Commander In Chief. © 2020 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. joud zeitoon

      We can’t breathe since 1948 🇵🇸 #freePalestine 🇵🇸✌🏻 #gazaunderattack #savesheikhjarrah

    2. Jay T AKA Jeremiah Tisdale


    3. Panda Bun

      Worst leftist GARBAGE ...I feel dumber for listening

    4. I Didnt Ask

      This song for biden

    5. derrio6871

      What kind of cheesy, demagogue song is that ? I hear it every day at work and I'm always cringing so hard. Did a 12yo wrote those lyrics?

    6. perry blaxe

      I can’t stop playing this song it remind me of dido

    7. Allex Leme


    8. Susana Gonzalez de las Penas Rodriguez

      😥 such a sad song


        A M O G U S


        When the imposter is sus 😳😳😳😳

    9. On The Bright-side


    10. Gerd Ruud

      If trump get elected again 2024..then i really hope someone do The right thing..the ones that dont like him know what i mean 😈


        A M O G U S

    11. Max ThunderTM

      O Brasil tá sofrendo tanto, na mão do genocida, as vezes eu me recuso a acreditar em tudo que ele esta fazendo com o Brasil. Sua música é maravilhosa Demi, você é maravilhosa ❤️

    12. WNM

      This song and “Clover Cage - One More Try” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you..🙏🏻🤍🤍

    13. loyal to me

      I wonder how she feels about her song having less than ten million views after 6 months it debuted. And she has 17 million subscribers.

      1. Di Jay

        @loyal to me they claim to not be racist but they cancelled their own show because people were not judged based on skin colour😂. 2022 the house will be back with republicans I guarantee you.

      2. loyal to me

        @Di Jay did you hear about the hollywood has finally hit the ultimate cancellation point by cancelling itself. Omfg they cancelled their award show because lack of diversity.

      3. Di Jay

        well it's probably because this song was written directed at Trump but a lot of people are starting to realise that its not trump's policies that the celebrities don't like, it's just trump himself. The celebrities lives will not change regardless of who is president, more people are realising that so they want to think for themselves now rather than depending on a celebrity to tell them what to do.

    14. Jeanette Ngwachi


    15. Gustavo Sena

      ela mirou no Trump e acertou (em cheio) no Bolsonaro

    16. Nan Feliciano

      yes the true will set us fr

    17. Sweet Canela

      This song is dedicated to the goverment of Colombia 💔😔

      1. -ѕαvαgє mσσn

        @Sweet Canela Lamentablemente sí ;;

      2. Sweet Canela

        @-ѕαvαgє mσσn Pasa en todos los países 😔 unos más severos que otros pero en todos.

      3. -ѕαvαgє mσσn

        No solo Colombia...

    18. Joselin Reyes

      Each word of this song is like talking about what started in my country 10 days ago 🇨🇴 thanks demi, I love you💛💙 ♥ ️. Cada palabra de esta canción es como hablar sobre lo que empezó en mi país hace 10 días 🇨🇴 gracias demi, te quiero💛💙 ♥ ️.

    19. The Infinite Mag

      I can't stand liberals I vote trump

      1. The Infinite Mag

        @Insert Game Pak lol I want em so wen the government try and take us over I can defend myself and you don't keep a man week for the safety of others your supposed to keep them dangerous but disciplined because if you keep him week he will stab you on the back wen he gets the chance witch taking are guns away is keeping us week and theres bean many countries that have established gun control and more mass shooting happens right after they did it so I prefer freedom no authoritarianism and saying that people who think this way are the ones that commit mass shootings so that gives you an excuse to take the guns away is technically saying guilty till proven innocent which is not what it says in the Constitution but of course progressive liberal fucks like you don't believe in the Constitution so what am I talking about

      2. Insert Game Pak

        World will not run how you expect it to learn to live with every one and this mindset is why government want the guns to get a ban, since many who feel this way have a tendency to commit a mass shooting.

      3. The Infinite Mag

        @Insert Game Pak I don't care how cringe I am as long as I get to keep my guns and not have to live with liberals

      4. Insert Game Pak

        You are the cringe right now lol

      5. The Infinite Mag

        @Insert Game Pak I just came for the cringe

    20. querooo Rivas


    21. Atmos Valor

      What a perfect song for the current state of the world today. Especially our current “president” in the US.

      1. Lindsay Weir

        @Atmos Valor I guess it was the media influence then

      2. Atmos Valor

        @Lindsay Weir I don’t know who likes Biden.......

      3. Lindsay Weir

        current president? really? Sorry i don't live in US so i am surprised to see a comment like that, i thought everyone liked him and he was good for US (sorry for my bad english if I made any mistake)

    22. Adrita Majumder

      This song should not be dedicated to only Donald Trump. There are other "commander-in-chiefs" all over the world. This is for Myanmar. Occupied Cyprus. Nigeria. Colombia. And lastly I dedicate this song to my own country's Prime Minister. The Indian Prime Minister. The one who's playing with people's lives because winning an election matters to him more than thousands of people crying in our country for oxygen. He'll pay for this. All of them will pay for this. Karma doesn't let you get away.

      1. claire miller

        From the USA, I hope you guys get better soon. We all need to heal ❤️

    23. Natalia Cepeda

      Why this Song doesn't have the reconigtion that it deserves?

    24. Natally Panda

      Pray for Brazil... Help us please...

      1. claire miller


    25. Adriele Oliveira

      seria cômico se não fosse trágico essa música servir não só pros Estados Unidos como pra América inteira

    26. Adriele Oliveira

      the most powerful woman that i ever met

    27. ハンナHannah

      I don’t take Demi seriously anymore. This arrogant rich girl complaining about things she understand very little about. Line your pockets? It’s hilarious coming from a celeb.

    28. karey njeri


    29. WNM

      This song and “Clover Cage - One More Try” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you

    30. daniela sanchez ospina

      Esta canción me duele cada letra por mi país Colombia 🇨🇴 es tanta la impotencia que siento que la verdad me duele despertar y pensar que esta utopía de miedo, rabia, temor e impotencia no termina 😭 veo sangre manchar mi bandera y no aguanto más, mi mente está colapsada y uan así salimos a las calles a marchar y hacernos escuchar porque un pueblo unido es más 💪 fuerte.

    31. Gisell Robayo


    32. Simon Guerrero


    33. B T

      Did somebody eat Demi Lavato?

    34. Maria Colmenares

      Pray For Colombia 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🆘️🆘️🆘️🆘️

    35. Geo Miguel

      Pray For Colombia 🙏

    36. Verónica Torrez

      Nos estan matando, el gobierno pretende quitar las redes sociales , difundan por favor lo que esta pasando en COLOMBIA NECESITAMOS AYUDA ‼️🇨🇴

      1. periodt

        please educate me, what's going on in Colombia?

    37. sebastian torres mendez

      #SOSColombia NOS ESTÁN MATANDO 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴

    38. Andrés Silva


    39. Nicolas Sandoval

      Let's pray for Colombia 🥺💛💙💔

    40. WNM

      This song and “Clover Cage - One More Try” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...❤️ 💛

    41. Crystal Raven

      i literally felt every word from this song 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    42. Alvaro Castaño

      El gobierno nos está matando en Colombia SOS Colombia 🇨🇴

    43. Esteban Andrés

      COLOMBIA 🇨🇴

    44. NCAAathlete16

      Trash. She’s clearly a product of the ignorant democrat propaganda machine. What an ignorant woman this Lovato is.

    45. R L

      Propaganda at its finest

    46. R L

      Now this song makes sense. Its been for biden the whole time

    47. Anna Johnson

      I was just checking the comments and the fighting and bickering proves the point that we can't get along. People have become too hateful that is fueling these arguments and what people do to eachother. Its your choice to follow that path or not. Also, people who support trump etc. need to do their research with credible sources 🤭

    48. Alex florez

      🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴SOS SOS SOS SOS

    49. nentawe ibrahim

      Wow, so much sobering, empathy the state of Nation

    50. sun

      from: brazil to: jair bolsonaro

    51. Stella Bolding

      Its sad that this song does not have a lot of views

    52. paula marcela

      #SOS #COLOMBIA we have our own commander in chief, we are in a state of crisis. we are in the streets and people is being killed

    53. Crystal Pistey-Lyhne


    54. Juan Esteban Pelaez Restrepo

      #SOS #Colombia 🇨🇴

    55. Mint

      No one asked

      1. Mint

        @Eduardo DL I can't lie, that's a good comeback

      2. Eduardo DL

        For your opinion

    56. ferney reyes

      S.O.S COLOMBIA 🇨🇴 S.O.S

    57. Sagal Durran

      I couldn’t stop crying through out the video thank you Demi 😭❤️

    58. Indian Smith

      This song is what we need

    59. D Medilicious


    60. MezTV

      Who else thinks this song was put together and dedicated on behalf of the president of Nigeria.

    61. CNLYRICS

      Such A Powerful Song 😢🥺

    62. Blue Fox

      The cringiest music video ever, yikessss 😂😂😂😂 insane celebrity out of touch from reality, bitching about someone who only gets paid a dollar a year. You’ve made more money that him in the last four years! Oooh the oppression! 😂😂😂😂

    63. Ruby Grace

      Omg I love this song its so powerful! 😍 and your right, and what a nice singing voice!

    64. kishore nakka

      It's so scaryyyy how this song is applicable to a lot of countries where the leaders are ruining the said countries. Omg. Thankyou demi. This hits very hard when people known by people you know are dying daily. I wouldn't expect a celebrity to completely understand whatever is going but THIS SONG is ON POINT.

      1. kishore nakka

        @Maya Maurin true but many times they already have so many privileges and that kinda separates them from the general public. Still, all kinds of people are gonna be there so yeah haha

      2. Maya Maurin

        Why wouldn't a celebrity understand? They're regular people too, just famous.

      3. Lety Reyes

        It's applicable 2 mine

    65. brair rose

      and this is y we love demi lovato #ourravequeenandidol

    66. Speli Pela

      It is an amazing song♡♡♡♡

    67. HilarityBribo

      She needs to stay away from politics and get on a treadmill instead

    68. AllTheWorldsWonders

      Commander in Thief

    69. Rayden Ang

      Sheeshhhhhhh this song gave me goosebumps

    70. Cameron Johnson

      "People are dying while you line your pockets" I don't support Trump but he literally didn't take his salary and lost money though his presidency.

    71. Zim princess - Tands

      This song is deeper, than just one commander in chief. We have 186 of them all over the world and we need to be praying hard that God touches their hearts that we survive this ordeal. Covid will kill us all directly or indirectly... xx

    72. Shane Cordova

      Why don’t people keep political opinions out of entertainment!

    73. Razaq Abiola

      This is really as deep as it sounds - many Nigerians can relate so well. Still we hope for better days 🙏

    74. Greg Parks

      Yeah the commander and chief was larry

    75. xSamuelGames

      Beethoven wrote all 9 of his sypanys by himself and this took 3 writers. Really?

      1. Grace without Grace

        @xSamuelGames ok 😊

      2. xSamuelGames

        @Grace without Grace no one can write music anymore this took 4 writers

      3. Grace without Grace

        @xSamuelGames ok, thank you for the information

      4. xSamuelGames

        @Grace without Grace shake spear wrote all his plays by himself too fool.

      5. Grace without Grace

        People are different and everyone has their own skills

    76. Marvin Evangelista

      T'is the first time I heard this and man, am crying so hard! Cuts deep!

    77. That Chicken Chick

      the sign language part really got me. I've been trying to learn. But honestly you can just see the emotion in that woman's face. You don't even need to know sign language to understand the pain she feels.

    78. Tom Kinast

      This is sooo powerful and beautiful. thanks Demi!

    79. Stephanie Delaney

      Girl you gotta leave the drugs alone. I know its hard I've done it to. Your the only celeb who talks about these things. We need you.

    80. Hugh Järse

      “Do you get off on pain? We’re not pawns in your game.” Wow. That was, like, really deep. I feel like 2020 was, like, a year of, like, realization. Where everyone was just, like, realizing stuff.

      1. Premulis

        Yeah I gotta give props to the pre school special needs class that wrote the lyrics

      2. Hugh Järse

        @Blue Fox Yes. Anything to play a victim. Demi Levato is such trash

      3. Blue Fox

        We’re not pawns in your game...sounds like the Democrats who uses POC to line their pockets

      4. Hugh Järse

        Garbage music for a garbage generation.

      5. Samantha Traviesa

        😂 Love that reference

    81. sion sebastian

      Demi Lavato is a hypocrite. She won't sing about trafficker in chief(Joe Biden)

      1. supersonic gameplays


    82. Salma Altaji

      I love this song it supports how we’re going threw in the world and we need help

    83. Queen Purple

      Lmao go cry about froyo

    84. huyen lai

      The emotion of every single person in this video speaks volume!!🙌🏻

    85. WNM

      This song and “Clover Cage - One More Try” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...💕

    86. XLT 20g571

      This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?

    87. Shari Walker

      It’s like she knew exactly what we were in store for with the Biden/Harris administration

      1. On The Bright-side

        We need trump back

    88. Mariposa Noturna

      #forabolsonaro #cadeianobolsonaro

    89. Helga von den Schnitzelbergen

      This is a classy way to communicate your political stance, even though I disagree with Demi's perspective. If everyone kept it classy there wouldnt be so much mayhem in the streets, seriously.

    90. Kelsey Grant

      Pink feels.

    91. Pk Ok

      She literally never said the words trump so I don’t know why everyone has to hate on it. I personally think it applies to a lot of presidents we have had.

      1. S K

        And there's a Maga hat. Obviously it's about Trump bit this is more true now than ever with biden

      2. S K

        She actually has in her interviews about this song.

      3. Pk Ok

        @Dash120z yes that’s my point

      4. Dash120z

        this song applies to all commanders in chief around the world

    92. ImperialNoob

      you are loved demi

    93. Luki

      Came here cause ajay said this song was one of the worst song of 2020. She didnt lie😭😭🤧🤧

    94. Alaina Sanders

      Love how she made this Trump but it fits perfectly for Biden!

    95. Alaina Sanders

      when we can finally apply this song to Biden now after what he’s been doing 🤡

    96. Brandon Bakken

      “While you line your pockets deep” Funny coming from Demi when her net worth is $40 Million...

      1. Alec Rogers

        @Robert Escobedo Well she was able to overcome it and become a better person. I never said it was about her being famous

      2. Robert Escobedo

        @Alec Rogers literally what does that have to do with her being successful?

      3. Alec Rogers

        @Robert Escobedo she battled drug addiction

      4. Robert Escobedo

        demi is a hardworking latina woman who has endured trauma to be where she is. trump used his daddys social status to get where he was. demi earned every penny she made

      5. Alec Rogers

        Yeah, Trump doesn’t care about money. He’s already got plenty.

    97. Mari an Mari an

      Wow just wow!!!!!!!

    98. Wendy richardson

      the trump supporters who love this song 🤡

      1. Wendy richardson

        @S K hun this song was made to bash trump

      2. S K

        The Biden supporters who love this song 🤡

    99. Katey Nunnyabizniz

      This truly shows how cut off from reality California really is.

    100. Simon George