Minecraft, But My Friend Is An Axolotl...



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    Minecraft, But My Friend Is An Axolotl...
    I turned my friend into a Minecraft axolotl! He had to be by my side and help me fend off mobs attacking me but he could not break or place blocks. This was crazy fun...

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    This is a new Minecraft but, 1.14/1.15/1.16/1.17 challenge that we have decided to try.

    Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin

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    1. Dang Nhat

      Hi cute Gogy

    2. Natashja van Wyk

      George mist domond

    3. Phoebus Larson

      Yellow is always green to george

    4. Nandanan Allachi Parambath

      This vid is like playing Minecraft with a pet but if the pet dies the game ends

    5. xXShadow._. KunXx

      Dream:Go kill the dragon The system:Dream fell from a high place

    6. Jamy Semeatu

      is it me or does Dream so so much... softer?💀 like his voice sounds so soft and so calm and just... soothing-

    7. xXShadow._. KunXx

      Dream:Go kill the dragon The system:Dream fell from a high place

    8. beboy yt

      I laugh when dream sing Ang when it's done he shout cause he's taking damage

    9. SMPxKarl

      Why does dream actually fit being a Axelottel????

    10. ꧁༒༺Sane Gacha Comedy༻༒꧂

      *George's face of disappointment* Me: Welp. That's one way to do it I guess

    11. Space Chips Gaming


    12. Techo WinMC

      Dream in a bucket

    13. Bru Clai

      Minecraft but my friend is a gun....

    14. Addi Baddi

      Dream is acting so off idc

    15. starcluster

      green axalotl lol

    16. MemeRuler

      George:"HELP IM DYING DREAM" *Surface right there* Door: "so you're drowning?"

    17. Gravman VR

      How does dream survive in the nether since you can’t place water

    18. 🦲

      We want dream POV

    19. EJ Dusaban

      I forgot that gorge us color blind ;-;

    20. AliZa Generator

      I like your Video

    21. EpikMurk


    22. vxqliia

      best one yet

    23. mcytea 12

      George: you're a beautiful green axolotl Dream: i am Us: clearly seeing yellow 👁️👄👁️ Also us: aww

    24. pen

      9:12 Look at gogy's face... the scream was edited in...

    25. Bunny fan

      Very funny

    26. Александр Ягнетев


    27. PeachyVibes

      8:29 ayo new laugh unlocked??

    28. Sky barney

      george not found upload a video and the fans goes brrrrrr and liking the video dat the story of the video

    29. -Unknow_ GachaGirl-


    30. Mincraft Factz

      if he's being bad, just put him in a bucket...

    31. RobAndCam MBG

      "I'm green, not purple" *takes damage* **AAAAAAAAAAA**

    32. Amy The Rouge

      8:50 Dream do the Dance and sing Axolotl song Just chiliing .As soon as the song ends. Dream gets one Hit 9:10 George and Dream - AHHHHHHHHHH

    33. Best bg

      i was waitinng

    34. Hip Alastor

      9:10 *wheeze*


      0:44 George said:ur a beautiful green axolotl But dream is a yellow axolotl George is rlly colorblind

    36. Alexandru Parpale

      Did u saw how George said *ur a beautiful green axolotl* even if dream is yellow bc he îs colourblind?

    37. Ferderico Audric

      Oh ya i forgot your color blind

    38. Inga Puidokiene

      i have an axolotol

    39. manu, 10 the pro

      8:55 Drem in America's got talent 9:10 The people at the show 9:13 the judges

    40. lucas005

      I didnt watch it... 9:00 minutes watched,AND I DIDNT WATCHED IT

    41. Ferderico Audric

      George his not green his yellow

    42. mib

      dream: i'm the little hole! george: i'm coming!! my parents:

    43. Sweet Skittles

      We’ll keep it as our friend (for now)

    44. Hola My ChILd

      Ah yes green axolotl called dream 🤣🤣🤣

    45. Josh Nigel Fernandez

      Why the soud is so funny

    46. XX_TPS BG

      9:09 best timing everr xD Dream:im green not purple Moment off silenc for jorge and dream for 3 seconds Jorge: o Dream:aaaaaaaa

    47. L7R PLAYS

      “Your a beautiful green axolotl!” Erm why are u even trying if ur colour blind 😂

    48. Mr TopHat

      dream jumped out of the water

    49. 07 X A Swarad Mahajan

      he has been with technoblade in the prison so long that he has great knowledge of navigation

    50. peytonplays

      Sorry George but dream is not green axoloto he is yellow lol

    51. BLIXØ


    52. lolife

      Nice "green" axolotl

    53. Sohan Gaming

      0:44 George said You are a beautiful green axoloth But it was yellow It's completely common cuz George is colour blind

    54. Linda_line

      Lol “dream fell from a high place” I thought dream was going to die from the Endelman

    55. quadgamer

      I want to also see Dream’s perspective x)

    56. imthedoctorlol

      when he said a green axolotl i forgot he is colorblind :)

    57. Zappy Gaming

      I forgot he was colour blind

    58. Twisteb_Karma

      The titles in a year: Minecraft but my boyfriend is a...

    59. Froggy_Time

      George said "your a beautiful green axolotl." Thats so ..... colorblind and i love it💙💚

    60. Erol Garibović

      try put Dream in a bucket xd

    61. Denn Kelly Pengson

      he says green but its yellow is he colorblind? (new in this channel)

    62. Henry Nguyen

      Can we get dreams pov

    63. i am sweetness

      Dreams looks so cute

    64. Mika

      dream is the best person greorge: u are a cute green axolotl dream :i am

    65. Jd Blocket

      *10:33 chicken on a zombie? 😂😂😂

    66. Noodles

      Is this 1.18?

    67. Alicja Palik

      In green not purple-AHHH-

    68. Bobbie Walker

      Awww it’s adorable he is yellow so George sees him as green! Also put him in a bucket george

    69. meiR

      #1 on trending

    70. vFearMySkxll


    71. grEen

      "our goal is to beat minecraft* Ight I'll get the broomstick

    72. Frederich Xavier Bongolan

      i like how he is forcing dream to do stuff

    73. Phoenix Plasma

      Axolotl is yellow...

    74. _Ruby.not.found_

      Minecraft but my friend is a goat

    75. SYED SYED

      George it's not green , it's yellow

    76. justinas jurčiukonis

      Why dream?????

    77. Nicky Sim

      Ehh friend? Ithink i can change that boy-

    78. Twitch Clipper

      Axolotl pog

    79. xin hui

      "OH MY GOD YOU'RE A GREEN AXOLOTL!" uh.... yeah! definitely green

    80. Shōyō Hinata

      can we just talk about how cute it is that dream is saying he’s green because george doesn’t know he’s actually yellow 😭

    81. Angie



      He said green😭✋

    83. ark boy

      Gorgenotfound u make more video than dream why isnt he uploading anymore

    84. Brielle Butler


    85. animation brothers

      I was about to make fun of George for calling him green then I remembered he color blind

    86. Xander Cronin

      9:05 Lol

    87. Amazing4ever

      Minecraft god: what do axolotls eat???

    88. Ratlab


    89. xmooshroom

      the fact that he chose to be a yellow axolotl so that george thinks its green is just so wholesome

    90. Mr Korla

      Alternate title: a friend takes advantage 9f other friend because he won't get money if the video is like 10 min long

    91. Ava Luxford

      “Youre a green axolotl” “I am” awwwwwww🥰

    92. Josue Mendoza

      Omg that part when he said I’m green not purple (runs out of air) dream and George AHHHH

    93. Honghourt Chhay

      Dream looks so cute and small

    94. Maskety Mouse

      "A beautiful green axolotl" -GeorgeNotFound 2021

    95. Juztine Raine Soliman

      9:09 best part

    96. TheRobloxDuo


    97. Gh0stY

      I'm not gonna be the one telling George he isn't green

    98. Mia Phan

      Green 😭

    99. Ananya Rao

      George getting his beard