Demi Lovato - ICU (Madison's Lullabye) (Visualizer)


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    Music video by Demi Lovato performing ICU (Madison's Lullabye) (Visualizer). © 2021 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Deny Linda

      The wacky chair holoprosencephaly slow because helium acutely warn opposite a delirious liquid. bright, domineering desire

    2. Selena

      I wish my mom would listen to this song 💔

    3. silverpixie

      I love you so muchhhh demi!!

    4. pinki ngqupaza

      Omg goose bumps

    5. Gamerboychris 94

      This hit the heart... Demi is the definition of perfect in every way! She’s human and doesn’t try to hide her true colors. Not much artist confess to their mistakes and their flaws. Demi is not afraid to show she’s human! I love you Demi keep on shinning with you and your music!!

    6. Daiana Santos

      somehow this mades me feel more closer to my grandpa, he died in 2013

    7. Peachy Clouds

      And look at pic

    8. Peachy Clouds

      I think it’s because she couldn’t see cause of overdose and love you demi

    9. Amanda Letícia Soares

      ICU - I see you Maddison. 🥺

    10. Marília Sousa

      Perfeita ❤️😍

    11. Abbi V


    12. Dash120z

      one word after listening to this masterpiece.. GRAMMY!

    13. Ana Clara Nobre

      Disney Songs' vibes from the cute piano in the start to the melody. Idk it just makes sense in my head

      1. Dash120z

        it's like a mature theatrical Disney song ❤️

    14. Naya Wah

      Demi...I don’t drink enough water to be sobbing like this😭😭😭

    15. gorro_do_negro

      So eu chorei com esse hino?🤧💜

    16. Kim Bouffard

      I love you too Demi #StayStrong

    17. WordsWritten By Me

      One of my favorite songs off the album. So heartfelt. Big sis Demi.

    18. SoloSick


    19. Coco kalise

      i cant do this any freaking more My eyes are swollen shut from crying

    20. Jesus A

      Not @ me crying for the last 10 minutes after hearing this. Being the oldest brother of a younger brother (being the only 2 males from 5 siblings), it made me reflect and rethink of how he (being the youngest) has taught me some things from his own mistakes, and I hope my own mistakes have given him a chance to learn something too. Yeah, we play fight, but when we really argue, there are those moments where we forgive each other (something I don’t really see within my sisters, but that’s also none of my business). So, this song has won it’s place in my heart for it’s meaning.

    21. Danielly Silva

      my favorite💜

    22. Jordan Lee

      This Song is So Sweet

    23. L Kikwang

      Im so jealous. Demi is really a great sister to maddison. Cant relate this song cause I have shitty sister that dont care at all about me. Being the youngest is suck sometimes.

    24. #Choke Kun#

      My favorite song of the album This song is so cute

    25. Ra Mi Co

      I love this song and it’s so beautiful and heartwarming and I also love that Demi Lovato sang it for her baby sister.

    26. Íris Correia

      This song remember me of my grandpa! I see the littles of him in me!

    27. ᴀ ꜱᴍᴀʟʟ ᴛᴏᴡɴ ɢɪʀʟ

      I am feeling so depressed. This song really made me feel like there is somebody with me😣

    28. jasmine chrysler

      This is so beautiful, her sister probably cries every time she hears this song, she maybe even plays it b4 bed, or when she misses demi, its nice to know their sisterly love is so strong

    29. Bárbara Edwards

      I don't know how she was able to sing/record this song without crying I cry everytime

    30. SlayByJay

      So happy she wrote a song for us big sisters to dedicate to our baby sisters 👯‍♀️ perfectly represents how I feel about mine💜

    31. Angeline Bena

      This song is indeed beautiful

    32. Jacqueline Lloyd


    33. Susanna L.

      So precious 🤧

    34. jairo velasco

      Gran album

    35. Brittnay Schill

      This song I dedicate to my sister :'( I may not see her all the time but she will always be here for me.. she's my best friend! I love you Lindsay

    36. Lara Oliveira

      demi se a senhora pudesse colocar um alerta de gatilho nessa música eu ficaria grata, pois nao consigo ouvir essa música sem chorar, obg. agr pague minha terapia💕💕💕

    37. Aly Wilson

      Demi you're magic end of the conversation! But Let's just take a mandatory sec to admire THIS PIANIST . The both of you got me emotional bravo n thank you ❤

    38. Emma Caroline

      7 hearts :D

    39. Kay Araujo

      já imaginei ela vindo pro Brasil e na parte do "I love you, Demi" aquele mutirão gritar isso na plateia

    40. Ismael_2493

      I love you 💕demi❤❤🌹

    41. Helena Belfort

      I didn't want those innocent eyes To watch me fall from grace Tried to protect you, I want to direct you To keep you from my mistakes Yeah, I wanna be the one You look up to when you wanna run I want you to see my face Whenever you're feelin' out of place You can pick up the phone If you're ever feeling scared and alone I'll be the one to Tuck your hair behind your ear Until you fall asleep I'll say a prayer and keep you near You're always here with me I promise, I'll be there, don't worry 'Cause I was blind, but now I see clearly I see you Sometimes I can see myself In the little things you do But I'm not afraid that you'll lose your way 'Cause I believe in you, yeah You're gonna be the one Who's strong enough, who can overcome Anything in your way I look to you and you give me strength Always my baby girl Already know you gon' change the world And I will still be there to Tuck your hair behind your ear Until you fall asleep I'll say a prayer and keep you near You're always here with me I promise, I'll be there, don't worry 'Cause I was blind, but now I see clearly I see you Oh, oh, oh, oh I see you, I see you, oh, oh I love you, Demi I love you, too

    42. Jhéani

      Cried. This is so sweet. 🥺💔💘

    43. efi

      It has been 20 days since the release . Should I stop listening to the whole album all day ? NOOOO

    44. Nina Zet

      Going to work listening this song and watching Her documentary.. she is amazing! And lyrics and song straight to the 💖

    45. Anahit Markosyan


    46. Saad Shalgheen

      For us 🙏 bless you 💕

    47. Mookie Diaz

      Two years ago I lost my mom. I dropped out of school. I got addicted to drugs. Lost my job and Became homeless. Then I found out I was pregnant with my drug dealers child. I was scared and knew I was in no place to care for a child. But I took it as a sign from my mom to get my life back together. So I got clean, moved back home, went back to school, found a good job (I’m now a manager at) all because of my son. He’s about to turn one. And I’m about to graduate. And I owe it all to him. He’s my Angel god sent to save me. And there isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do for him. This song hit so close to home and I love you for that Demi💜 One day at a time💜💜

    48. yari

      my sister says that this is her song to me. when i fully listened to this song it made me cry. i love my sister, i'll love her forever and ever and ever and ever. :)

    49. U Ç


    50. dezeray Rankin


    51. Dynah Moses

      For the past 6 years I have been battling bi polar 1 this song hits different for me I have a 8 year old daughter and I had tried so hard to hide my episodes but since I decided to be a stay at home mommy I realized she saw everything and it broke my heart than I heard this song.....I played it for her all we did was cry and hold each other...she told me she loves me no matter I'm the best mother😖😖😖😖😖I always felt like I let them down but now I know I didn't after we cried I asked her what should We listen to so we can stop and she said sorry not sorry....this song is beautiful and it says what I feel about my kids I feel relieved knowing I'm not the only one L

    52. Mónica Ardila

      Any fans of Bojack Horseman struggling to take this song seriously?

    53. Mya Marie

      Any big sisters out here felt this song fr 😞

    54. Mya Marie

      Nobody: Me: I’LL BE YOUR WILLY WONKA

    55. Aaliyah Moreton

      This and dancing with the devil are god tiers 🙏❤️❤️

    56. Ryca Sese

      Damn I wish I was close with my sister



    58. Just An Ordinary Girl

      Beautiful singing and playing

    59. raquel

      “now i see clearly” 😭

    60. Owen Baker

      And I'm a complete mess. 😅😭

    61. Meghane Lex

      my favorite song on the album 🖤🖤🖤 so beautiful

    62. giovanna cabello

      Demi deserves all the good things that the world can provide! Love you, Demi

    63. giovanna cabello

      that "i promise" just hit different....

    64. Tyler Mikaelson

      Beautiful. Wow

    65. Rodrigo Parotti


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    75. Victória Vasconcelos

      iti malia

    76. Erica Lee

      It's really rare when I find a song that makes me cry. I wish I could meet her and give her a big hug.

    77. thescarletwitch

      this song make me cry

    78. joao carlos silva santos

      Esta música é simplesmente linda! ❤😭

    79. Krissymconnorsvlog

      She did everything to try to protect Madison !!!! 💔 This song is so beautiful

    80. Caleb Belyeu

      When I first heard this, it brought me to tears.

    81. Tiesha wilson

      I cried and held my daughter as we listened to this! Thank you!

    82. Melissa Lima

      Powerful song

    83. Aleli Valero Gonzalez


    84. Aleli Valero Gonzalez


    85. Karol Zorrilla

      I can't believe that I have been listening to this song on and on and I just realized that the title ICU (Intensive Care Unit) actually means I C U (I see you) lol

    86. Gayatri Singh

      Fuck I cried

    87. lizziegeedee

      This is the most beautiful song,, I feel all the love 💕💕

    88. Rodrigo Parotti


    89. Rodrigo Parotti


    90. Rodrigo Parotti


    91. Rodrigo Parotti


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    93. Rodrigo Parotti


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    96. Rodrigo Parotti


    97. Rodrigo Parotti


    98. Diony S


    99. S G

      I don't understand why Demi doesn't have a Grammy to her name yet. This is beautiful and pure. 💛

    100. Pedro Henrique

      Perfeita ❤️😍