Jannik Sinner vs Hubert Hurkacz | Miami 2021 Final Highlights

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    The first Masters 1000 title of 2021 was on the line on Sunday in Miami. SUBSCRIBE to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights: plshows.info
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    1. enjangyusufsupriadi580

      But badly for him that he must face bad journalists after this. No journalist asking the question during interviews. It was insulting

    2. Javier Zamora

      Me recordó a Medvedev en el US Open final contra Djokovic. ¡No se presentó!

    3. Mo

      I deadass had to check what speed I was watching this video coz Sinner’s groundstrokes are so fast

    4. GyariSan1

      How the hell do these tennis players slide on slick hard courts like that? Whenever I try to do it I feel l'll fall over

    5. jose antonio gatica bahamondez

      man, the focus, foot work and mentality from the poland was just amazing. clever and astonishing tenis.

    6. zikra2003

      Poor Sinner, just hitting hard... he needs to make his game smart!!!

    7. ken tamoza

      Sinner ..I always support you from Thailand

    8. capricornmagic63

      Sinner's not ready yet. I think he'll be a very solid top ten player but I as of now, he doesn't have the weekly consistency that the other 3 had as for winning multiple GS the days of one guys winning double figures are gone, at least for now. I just don't see one of these current guys who are head and shoulders above everyone else.

    9. Kayano Reeves

      I have doubts about Sinner ever winning 7 best of 5 matches after this performance. He needs a physio ASAP to build up his frame and get him stronger. Otherwise he might go the way of Guillermo Coria who was a great ball striker with excellent foot speed but poor endurance.

    10. Blew a 3-1 Lead

      Nello sport così come nella vita per avere qualcosa che non hai devi fare qualcosa che ancora non hai fatto

    11. Estiufish

      Sinner is more talented but he played bad.. too many mistakes

    12. Snoopy Bollox

      Lightweights never have the stones to win finals fact...

    13. Javier Ontiveros

      + Daddy, i won the miami open - Against Federer? + No -Against Nadal? + No - OMG, against Djokovic??? + emm... no, against Sinner... -Oh... little boy, you're not a champion, you had lucky loser

    14. Tony Miller

      Jannik Sinner lost the most important points, but won just as many points as Hubert I think. Can anyone tell me if that's true?

    15. john wayne

      Boring low lvl

    16. Adam

      Czemu bez komentarza?

    17. Jose Cardenas

      You see what happens when Novak and Rafa pull out of a tournament? You have the 21 seed and the 26 seed in the final. Wow this is crazy!

    18. MrWimMichels

      Preso giustamente a pallate. Ha troppe poche skills è ora che si svegli!!

    19. John John

      It would be better if you didnt show either player in the highlights thumbnail

    20. The Ringo & Monte Show

      wow Hubert is improving big time 0_0 im stunned by his performances lately, hes really something else, LETS GO HUBERT !

    21. Walter Nieder

      Jannik when he still was skiing: plshows.info/from/opuZo86YgLGW0YE/wideo.html

    22. Bartłomiej Czado

      Set point at 3:43 - look how Hubert changes the pace, length ang height of the ball in the rally - almost every hit is different. I think this was the reason Jannik made so many errors that only seemed "unforced", but really weren't.

    23. phong le quang

      So this is how a Master 1000 final looks like now?

    24. Mark Bielak

      Superb Hubert. Intelligent use of court and precise dismantling of opponent's game. Jannik is a quick learner, has a great future and he will be back at it at no time. It's nice to see a real friendship among players blossom. Both down to earth and humble guys. No drama, no theatrics or hysterics, shrieks and shouts and destroying rackets. How refreshing.

      1. Otto Welenberg


    25. Christoph Zika

      Like the fact that TennisTV doesn’t put the winner on the picture or the title anymore

    26. Abhimanyu Kohli

      Two genuine stars have arrived. Congratulations, my fellow Tennis fans!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😀😀😀

    27. John Storey

      These two players were hitting the cover off the ball and neither of them sounded like they’d been kicked in the stomach. Bravo!

    28. Aston M.

      Well deserved win for Hurkacz, but Sinner obviously has the most talent of the two, too much errors still. But that backhand is something else.

    29. Alex Mc Cloud

      Unbelieveble... i thought Korda Champion?, Medvedev?, Tsitsipás?, Sinner!? No.. Hurkacs!!🤣

    30. νικος γιώργος

      Loser on thumbnail instead of the winner? Really?

    31. Oleg Solodukha


    32. Real McCoy

      Sinner was better , sad he lost

    33. Renato Gombia

      Jannik , non era giornata , peccato , la prossima volta il Polacco lo fai fuori in due set....... è battibilissimo........ hai avuto anche tanta sfortuna .......ritornerai più grande di prima

    34. Brooks Davis

      Jannik Sinner has nothing to be ashamed of. And Jannik Sinner is the most un Italian I have ever run across in my tennis life ....

      1. Brooks Davis

        @Ombre Bi I only asked because your reply was in your native tongue and not understood.

      2. Ombre Bi

        @Brooks Davis I'm italian, not spanish. Yes, I do speak english.

      3. Brooks Davis

        @Ombre Bi Hable Englis ?

      4. Ombre Bi

        E poteva mancare l'esperto anglosassone sugli stereotipi nazionali?

    35. Brooks Davis

      Who else is on the Polish tennis wave ? 😂👍

    36. AbOodi CorleoNe

      poor sinner has face of 60 yr ol man, kid looks older than my garndpa

      1. Ombre Bi

        Meriti un oscar al "commento più idiota" . Congratulazioni

    37. Robert Marston

      FEDERER Djokovic Nadal Murray all on holiday

    38. Couscoussian Courgette

      smooth player Hurkacz :)

    39. Arvis_Jaggamar

      Nice to see young players who are so patient and know when NOT to pull the trigger in a rally and when to come forward, etc

    40. nadeem khan

      I don't think sinner is going to let him win the next time they play

    41. mustseealll

      Why is Sinner in the thumbnail with fist up although he is a loser in this match?

    42. Psyclops

      I'm still fascinated by Sinner's quickness. No drop shot is safe vs this guy. Hurkacz tried it a couple of times but eventually realized he had to stop trying because Sinner was always able to reach them, no matter how far away he was or how technically perfect the drop shot was

    43. evren gözen

      Simply is the best Hubert 👏👏👏

    44. Manoj D

      😀😀😀 After seeing Sinner in Thumbnail, I taught he won. Surprise

    45. TuCara MeSuena

      El polaco juega muy bien de hace tiempo que lo vengo siguiendo

    46. まやなかまたな

      He has good defense. This is the essence for top 10

    47. Edu Gonzalez

      Y medvedev?

    48. まやなかまたな

      I’d thought he must be a one hit wonder like a bomb until I watched this match. His tennis was like a constent top10 player not a lucky bomb.🤷‍♂️

      1. Otto Welenberg


    49. Afshin Vahid

      In crucial points, Sinner either went for returnable shots or when aiming the line mis-hit it. Maybe sth to improve on for next tournaments

    50. Francis Ng

      Well deserved Champion 🏆

    51. Trancing Trance

      20 years ago, you do not get an average of 20+ stroke rally in a point, I miss the serve and volley game.

    52. OpticAnderson OpticAnderson

      Sinner, what a name. He lost because of his sins and won because of purification?

    53. Moorish Brooklyn

      An alright match.

    54. Jakub Pomorski

      Gratulacje Hubert ;)

    55. Rui Manuel Carvalho

      Polish power!!

    56. panagiotis mj

      Seiner bet money to his opponent sure see after 55 in the first set and if he don't like to play finals as he said he can eat pizzas because we play him and he lose the game like actor

    57. Teddy/DarkMugiwara

      I am so happy for Hurkazc and Sinner to have been in the final. They deserved it. However, as happy as I am for them, I can’t help but wonder if they would have made it this far if 2 members of the big 3 were in the draw. Still, massive and much deserved congratulations to Hurkazc on this stupendous achievement!

      1. Otto Welenberg


    58. nikr00

      Yayyyy no spoilerssss let's goooo

    59. Kenny Karls

      Sinner dawg??? S/O to Hurcakz doe

    60. Mr Bast

      Sinner made a lot of mistake

    61. zajecbezjajec

      Why at the end he is wearing a mask 😂😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

    62. jean sebastian Gravesen

      Boring tennis from Poland .... very passive ! Game plan , yes ... Entertaining game plan , no. Yawn , hope Sinner gets better at crushing these drop balls

    63. djeeee911

      This is not the last time we see them in final !

    64. Farrel Hananto


    65. fang. Clarke c

      Sinner missed the opportunity youngest player since Djoko to win 1000. Close. Ever so close

    66. Zack Burton

      Well, at least now we know he’s human

    67. Anna Szurmińska

      Brawo hubert szacunek dla Janika s

    68. Fifkfk USER282

      Sinner has a bright future. For now

    69. A Z

      I did not expect that ^^ 2:45

    70. Jimmy He

      Who is this polish? All of a sudden, he is out of nowhere and shock the ATP world!

    71. davidvincentisback

      Such a boring game Hurkacz has.....a bit like Djokovic but happy for him though ...

    72. Dejan Stankovic


    73. Michael Thomas

      Sinner may have lost this one, but stroke for stroke it was very close . He will be top ten before long! Also, it's refreshing to have quiet on the court. No caveman grunting lol !

    74. Shashank Shekhar

      Reminds one of Djokovic v Murray matches

    75. giacobss

      Ha vinto solo perché Sinner ha giocato male ed era molto emozionati per la sua prima finale ,se no non c'e storia ...

      1. giacobss

        @Artur Grabowski volevo dire che lui ha 24 anni ed ha sicuramente più esperienza , se hai visto la partita Sinner non riusciva a tirare mai la prima in campo e faceva un sacco di doppi falli , cosa che nel torneo non ne sbagliava una , e poi tutti i vincenti li sbagliava buttandole in rete , era emozionatissimo di fare quella partita , troppo , però glielo si può perdonare perché ha 19 anni

      2. Artur Grabowski

        Non so cosa intendi? Perché è stata anche la prima finale di 1000 per Hurkacz e quando si tratta di tutte le finali della carriera ATP, entrambe prima di questa partita avevano vinto 2 tornei. È bene controllare prima di scrivere qualsiasi cosa

    76. Daniel Nadeau

      You are just so amazing Jannik ..

    77. Jacob Komasa

      Hurkacz's strategy is to bore his rival to death.

    78. Andrej Chalas

      Lets applaud for Tennis TV to not spoil the winner here by not putting him as first name in a title.

    79. Mathieu Marsille

      Si Hubert garde ce niveau faudra compter avec lui Il avait en face son pote de double jannick le jeune qui monte Il a pour moi plus de qualités Qu on ne voit à peine emerger Tsisipas zverev vous avez du souci à vous faire Car ce gars n a pas le melon !! S Il sait franchir l obstacle de ses propres attentes et celles extérieures le plus difficile dans le sport de compétition Il va en faire plier plus d un ! Il est 15 ème ... peut être que la révolutionnaire de chopin L étude no 12 va secouer et marcher gaillard sur les hauteurs de l ATP Bravo mec ! Bravo jannick !!

    80. chesneytube1

      I was gonna complain that they always spoil who wins in the thumbnail but then I watched it

    81. Marek81 k

      Gratulacje Hubert 👏😀🇵🇱💪🎉

    82. Banbury Drum Tuition

      Hurkacz deserved to win but in all honesty, it was a very boring game. Sinner's inability to vary his game, slice, approaching the net, serve and volleying, is shocking poor, which doesn't say much for the opponents he defeated, and allowed Hurkacz to wait for the errors. Yes, he's amazing for 19 but so was Nadal who won his first French Open at 19, Novak at 20, beating Nadal, Federer and Andy Murray in a row and Federer at 21, winning Wimbledon. If Sinner is being hailed as the next big thing, he's gonna have to add a lot more aspects to his game. The only two players that have the complete game to win a major, is Shapovalov and Medvedev but their mental is highly questionable. In my opinion, the only chance any of the next gen have to win a major, is for Nadal, Novak or Federer not to be competing. It's astounding to me how much higher a level they play at....STILL, and at 33, 34 and 39. No wonder Federer won't retire, because he knows he can easily still beat more of the next gen. Obviously, getting through 5 tough games in a slam, is ultimately going to his downfall, but in terms of competing one on one level, he is to be feared. Novak and Rafa are playing easily biologically 5 years below their age.


      Hubert won but on the front photo of this film is Sinner. Tell me why 😒

      1. Artur Grabowski

        Why am I not surprised? Question for Tennis TV ...

    84. Agung Saptono

      Hubert,i remember agniezska Radwanska,without spesial gun,...with patient, beat ball to in,....smart......

    85. Alexander Tsymbal

      2:46 Is that guy in the middle Fr. Totti?

    86. Joe Star

      Nobody was talking about Hubie as the 24 and under who could win their first one, but I saw his talent a year ago and knew he had it in him. What do you know? Nice guys CAN finish first. Congratulations Hubie 👏

    87. Zohar Israel

      brutto match..sinner ha giocato malissimo contro un avversario scarso.

    88. devon zac

      Im not sure if Sinner is a thinker on court, anyone can hit a ball hard, if your opponent neutralizes the pase and makes you got for more once would think,maybe try a different ways to win points.

    89. Josh C

      I still can’t cancel from my mind Sinner’s choke in the 1st set when 6-5, serving for the set . That moment could have been different and change the entire match

    90. Kaizar Dhrolia

      Rise of the Incredible Hurk....

    91. TheBigMav

      I hate clickbait thumbnails

    92. Andrey Rudin

      good game, good final!

    93. Booniedog

      Those ball 'boys' tho...lol

    94. Slothrop 47

      Poor man's Jerzy Janowicz

    95. Paul Johnson

      Everyone's turning into Djocovic's nowadays, first Aslam, now Hubert!

    96. kieran

      Hubert is more like Marin Cilic at peak. He doesn't particularly have great skillset but he defends very well with almost no unforced errors. If he is consistent like this, he can win GS. I see Sinner will lift GS in next couple of years or so.

    97. Nico Polidis

      oh.. tennis tv use the picture of the looser in the title the last times.

    98. Romain Mj

      Even though he lost...sinner amazed me with his never give up spirit and his composure on court ! Only 19 what a man ! Congrats hurkacz ! What a player ! He stayed solid undef pressure in tie break and last game ! Well olayed both

    99. Partyk

      Brawo Hubert, mam nadzieję, że będziesz miał więcej takich sukcesów 💪

    100. drsergekuznetsov

      Хуркач - циркач-виртуоз!