Kodak Black - Senseless [Official Music Video]

Kodak Black

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    Kodak Black - Senseless
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    1. Mohamed Abdi

      Free youngboy

    2. Wavey Prod.

      Dis gas

    3. kidd fizz

      on goddddd this shit is fire asfff 💯💯💯🔥💯🥶🔥💯💯🥶💯🔥💯

    4. Panikindavillage

      Haven’t had a banger like this from Kodak in a while

    5. Mack Mane LaFlare


    6. Drew breess


    7. Keith Hurst


    8. Supreme Legend

      I fell like I am Gucci mane I 2006

    9. Great Hokage

      Nigga say they ain’t goin fa shit but errbidy went” 🤷🏾‍♂️

    10. Bryanna Mccracken

      Don’t make no sense how many times I played this

    11. Try Gaming

      I feel senseless.... Listening to this

    12. Jevien

      it Dont Make cent!!!

    13. Cheezy Weezy

      Sounds like he recorded this and they added the beat after. Shit is off-beat as hell

    14. Fred Brown

      My boi don went Super Saiyan

    15. Vee Bran

      Im dead serious.... is this supposed to be lit? This had nothing to do with being an older dude bc joyner Lucas isn't old school and there is a universe of a difference between the sounds. I Just don't understand. That's all. Not a hater. I just really don't understand.

    16. Hefe Zack


    17. The Grinch

      This how u handle beef

    18. Cruddy 4th

      kodak be hitting hard since his recent album drop

    19. Giovanni Garcia

      Fly lifestyle🤘🏽

    20. Cherline Jean

      yes sir

    21. King Varion

      Man this man still TRENDING

    22. manuel

      Look for Romeo Santo Dominican republic

    23. Dev Finesse

      Rest In Peace Kodak..

    24. M*_*

      Fire 🔥

    25. Bankrol_z

      10 mill in 2 weeks it don’t make no sense🔥🔥

    26. Yaboi Serv


    27. Stop Motion Studios


    28. 1GanstAssYungin

      Kodak and Youngboy both garbage in 2021 real niggaz know

    29. DaKiddIvan

      Look at youngboy son

      1. esteban Zapata


    30. Louis Frazier Louis Frazier

      Who else favorite song is this now

    31. 223NoScope

      Kodak copied make no sense from nba young boy

    32. Charii D

      JASMIN 💛💛💛

    33. Liberty 5ity Youngen

      Let's work Yak I'm ready to sign

    34. Deveon Treadway

      This gon run up 100 mil. It’s just that damn good, don’t make no sense.

    35. King Leo

      I listened to this so many times dawg it don’t make no sense 🎶 🤣🤣🤣

    36. Mbg Bear


    37. MudLine Quno

      check my remix 😉💯💯💯

    38. rodriguez jesse

      that Kodak 🔥🔥🔥

    39. Catherine Walter

      @free racks 2021 I'm here now

    40. SMEVAN

      10 MILL

    41. Explore Music - New Music Daily


    42. Young AJ

      Old yak

    43. smarties dk


    44. Carlos Armas

      I remember when I was in middle school boppin to “no flockin” and “like dat”. I ain’t from Florida and I definitely no Haitian but I fuck with kodaks lyricism and his humbleness. And even more so this joint jus another one of them bops kodak had in 2016


      Zzzzzz’d up to the feet up

    46. Nova Toxic

      This sound like it’s inspired by “make no sense” by NBA young boy

      1. Woozie


    47. yungjmp

      This was trending for 2 weeks straight

      1. Noface 092

        Funny thing is he ain’t even post about it on ig

    48. Already Deadsc

      Yes this is the 100th time I've clicked on the video

    49. Black Mel

      I seen your video about signing rappers check out Black Mel Topic on PLshows I got straight heat Kodak fwm big dog

    50. 4ced2Wype

      Man Trump wasn’t that bad…….

    51. KIDD VENS


    52. Jionis

      Kodak back

    53. Dashawndada

      Just a minor in designer I was robin for some jeans

    54. dimabeatz

      I made a remix of the song🔥. If you want to support go check it out: plshows.info/from/h5_cb6iogpWM25c/wideo.html

    55. DaRealChizzle

      I like this Kodak other kodak’s haven’t been getting me right this one sound like the real Kodak

    56. Bonheur.K

      Nba YoungBoy inspiration?😹

      1. Woozie


    57. Iam Hemi

      Definitely looped old Kodak back oh wait he nvr left 😎

    58. Justin Humphrey


    59. jonathan sutliff

      Its unhealthy how many times I play this a day

    60. Francisco Aramboles

      All I I wanna do listening to this for ever lol

    61. Lil Ant


    62. your uncle Bobbert

      Damn he really fucked over nba young boy

    63. Efty

      thats a whole copy of make no sense by nba young boy, but it good tho

    64. K Jandro

      Kodak gone get a Grammy y’all don’t even see it coming tho 🤦🏾‍♂️

    65. Master creative Butcher 05


    66. Big Steppa

      My Nikka Don’t Make No Sense His Name Fuxkin WAM BAM

    67. pinktaco646

      Dude got fat

    68. Reese Craw


    69. Ade Owens

      A Weezy freestyle over this beat would make this 2x legendary

    70. The Red Balloon

      Simple but effective 🔥💤

    71. Angel Nava

      I fuck with this shit cuh

    72. reggie slimmme

      This song should be posted on Spotify asap🔥🔥🔥🔥

    73. Neighborhood Wood

      This a slap dog. "A minor in designer I was robbing for some jeans"

    74. blackoss93

      The goat of Florida

    75. CEO CletheDawg

      Kodak really low-key raw he ah beef with anybody when them drugs n em

    76. Jaysoddfutr

      This sound like old Kodak

    77. Mikev P

      All I understood it’s when he said 2015!!!

    78. Emerson Kelly

      This is the best thing of 2021

    79. PieceControlStew

      Kodak Black got you guys in a shadow clone Jutsu

    80. Thuthuka Simango

      “All I wanna do is hit a lick and hit the mall” 🔥✨ -Kodak so real

    81. iiKingElvin

      Dis joint sound like need it by yb n the migos. dat nigga buddah tuff eshit

    82. Terence Hull

      Is it just me or is this kodak's version of youngboy's make no sense

    83. Danisha Roy


    84. Rxcxaa

      Why is nobody talkin bout the girl in the yellow😀

    85. Everything 1k

      I’ma step that’s on my z, just told my nigga… follow my lead.

    86. Gilbert Delrosario



      I like da Rolling Loud live version of this song better than the studio version...is it jus me?


      Kodak hair look like dying coral

    89. Joseph Lopez

      Idk but it’s kinda sounds like makes no sense by NBA only the start

    90. Nate Carter

      @kodakblack 🎤 S e n s e l e s s 🎶 P r o d u c e d B y @buddahblessthisbeat O f f i c i a l M u s i c V i d e o 🎞 D i r e c t e d B y @killerjack___ 🎬 O u t N o w 🔥 🔥 🔥 - Distributed By 🤜 @natecarterphoto 🤛

    91. Gilberto Amparan

      This sounds like nba yb

    92. Tyrell Davis

      This shit go to hard my morning song🔥🔥🔥

    93. Yatca

      Yellow baddie?

    94. Dallas Gary

      This shit go so hard

    95. SauceGod Brandon