Demi Lovato - Carefully (Visualizer)


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    1. love is love

      i think everyone can relate to this song

    2. Kichelle Kamae-Pompey

      forever doesn't seem long enough anymore ✨💖✨💖✨

    3. WilliamJ.S.Rodriguez

      this song is so refreshing, I love it beginning to end

    4. Lindsay Grant

      An instant classic. This just falls in the same category of comforting but spectacular ballads like For You and Catch Me that we’ve just come to expect from Demi tbh

    5. Linda Perngelli


    6. Denise Santos

      Yesss rock this shit , love you Demi

    7. Marília Sousa


    8. Mário Castro


    9. manuel geronimo

      Se parece a la de liar de Selena gomez

      1. love is love


      2. manuel geronimo

        Yes of course

      3. Belén Arando

        Ya quisieras jaja

      4. MyDemi4ever

        No it doesnt lol

    10. Plutoxoxo

      what I love about this song is it gives dreamy and 2000's music vibes, I can't get enough of it.

    11. b-tch imma cow

      This song is a MASTERPIECE and I absolutely ADORE it!! I relate to it so much and I just love it and this whole album deserves a Grammy! My fave part is 2:06 when the beat picks up!🤍

    12. Zaaalie Official

      a true masterpiece album

    13. Zaaalie Official

      a true masterpiece album

    14. Joelma Cristina

      Eu amo essa música 💙🤍

    15. Mikhail Cazi

      Did anyone notice the visuals are of a box of eggs lol because you gotta handle eggs carefully

    16. Denwa Richards

      This is the best song on the album. Collaborations with Ariana and Saweetie should have been scrapped.

    17. Anne Carvalho

      perfeita comovsempre

    18. Marline Noguera

      '' The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. ''

    19. Go2021

      Such an incredibly talented and skilled singer and songwriter. Please stay healthy young lady.

    20. Sanjeef Kumr

      She really went from singing “only forever” to “forever doesn’t seem long enough anymore” 😭😭😭

    21. paulinha st

      It's a lightweight and everything you're not childddd

    22. Alissom Salvatore

      The new Lionheart.

    23. C

      This songs makes me want to go for a car ride into the sunset ✨🌅

    24. Dimev

      This song is so underrated😭😭

    25. Geilton Melo.

      a soft song

    26. efi

      It has been 20 days since the release . Should I stop listening to the whole album all day ? NOOOO

    27. Mishri Ashar

      I was driving myself crazy thinking which song this sounded like, until I realized this sounds like Ariana Grande's My Everything album P.S. This album is a masterpiece

    28. Simply Chary

      1:56 that little heaven sent background run

    29. Marie Cyprien-Taylor

      This is a nice song

    30. JayJay Nyx

      Why do I get Selena vibes

    31. Lucas Tenorio

      this one need to be a single



    33. Dean Morris

      Lauren Aquilina should have kept this one for herself

    34. Sarah Pereira

      This song gives me 2005 Aly & AJ vibes ✨

    35. thescarletwitch

      catch me 2.0

    36. thescarletwitch

      why this song underrated?

    37. Melissa Lima

      Why this video is not at the playlist anymore??

    38. LU CA


    39. Belonce Kamz

      Demi really put her whole heart and soul in this album💕🔥🔥.

    40. Victor Manuel Morales

      Best song on the album ❤️

    41. Kayla J

      There’s parts where the instrumentals sound like love story.

    42. Regina Reid


    43. M0nstroid

      Me singing this song in the POV of an egg:

    44. Pedro Henrique

      Maravilhosa 😍

    45. Pedro Henrique


    46. Angie Tatiana

      My fav 😍

    47. Eleventyseven

      Best song on the album! 😍🙏 slander calling this "just a middle track" will not be tolerated 😤😢

    48. Yukio's Music

      The "yeah" at 1:54 sounds like a younger Demi singing

    49. NÃO, É NÃO!


    50. NÃO, É NÃO!


    51. NÃO, É NÃO!


    52. NÃO, É NÃO!


    53. NÃO, É NÃO!


    54. NÃO, É NÃO!


    55. NÃO, É NÃO!


    56. NÃO, É NÃO!


    57. NÃO, É NÃO!


    58. Agronomo MIGUELITO

      Eitaaaa!vou voltar ouvir vinil

    59. Nicole Eagar

      How is this song not bigger? Probably one of my favorites! ❤

    60. Gerard Mora

      Top 5

    61. Sam

      Sounds like Britney Spears' 'Alien'

    62. Daniixcx

      I can’t wait to hear this live that’s all I’m sayin😩🥺💕

    63. Harout Mirzakhanyan

      this is the most underrated song of the it

    64. Christopher Rodriguez

      Te adoroooo

    65. Christopher Rodriguez


    66. Christopher Rodriguez

      I love this song!

    67. Symore Primus

      I'm here saying to myself i hope i don't get addicted to all your songs

    68. eebb3

      This album gives me 2008/09 nostalgia vibes

    69. Morena

      I've never been a fan of Demi's music but I listened to this album for the first time today and I LOVED it. I'm so sorry for everything she's been through. I hope she's ok now 🤍

    70. Lorena Holanda

      I don't what kind problem have these guys, If I was a man and have chance to stay with her, I will never fail. She's perfect

    71. asy


    72. Willow Snelling

      1:56 the backing vocals sound extremely similar to the vocals in get back😲

    73. Mat Batista

      my favorite one. this song is EVERYTHING!

    74. Ethan Malek

      CAREFULLY ❤️, this just is another favorite song from the great record #DWTDTAOSO ❤️❤️❤️

    75. Sinceroteca

      Uma das minhas favoritas 💛

    76. Lovely Lynn

      😍😍😍Love thissss

    77. Francesca Fabbio

      Please handle me carefully❤❤

    78. léu

      this gives me so much 2009 vibes, thank u for serving us nostalgic bops, queen 😭

    79. Juanita Alvarado López

      Love that the visualizer is eggs

    80. Joaquin Maturana


    81. kaistar13

      Indie + illusion dream sequence

    82. Luiz Felipe da Silva Lima

      That's the evolution of Catch Me and Lightweight. HERE'S THE TRINITY 💕

    83. Sara Martins

      my fav 💜 quero que eu nunca pare de querer ouvir ela kkkk

    84. Tyriel Benavides

      ETHEREAL DREAMPOP! This is what Demi talked about in the docu!

    85. Diones Lüttig

      Não CReio que essa música é a que tem menos visualização do novo álbum aqui no youtube! PQP gente! Ela é perfeitaaaa! affffffffff

    86. Bel Izabel

      The voice ❤️❤️❤️

    87. bubblez 2.0

      Anyone else thinks that Selena would sound great with Demi in this song? I could literally hear it

    88. bryan wilson98

      Sounds like bad liar by selena gomez?

      1. wolves foxes

        No. Same genre. Different song.

      2. Jean Rodriguez


    89. Nintendo Castilla

      My favorite

    90. Ali Kewer

      My favourite song from the album 🌌

    91. ¡ LOLO 40 !

      :V eres grande prrrrrrr :V

    92. love Is the way.

      This slow rock is giving me major 2000’s flashbacks in the most dreamy way 🌸

    93. Maria Clara Alves Campos

      Dd é tudo! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    94. Edhu Passos Official PASSOS

      Remember Selena wow

    95. Ana Vitoria Marques

      Uma das minhas favoritas! ❤❤❤

    96. Nahuel Martínez

      Yup this is the first #relate song from the album lol

    97. Jaymarck _

      1:55 it’s camila cabello voice 🤭

    98. Luana Maciel

      Demi nunca me decepciona dona do mundo todo ❤️🥺😍

    99. Ashley Black


    100. Man Dang

      Lightweight Part 2