Demi Lovato - Dancing With The Devil (Lyric Video)


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    Music video by Demi Lovato performing Dancing With The Devil (Lyric Video). © 2021 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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      i showed this to my mom, who has been through a lot (including drug abuse) and she started tearing up ;-; you have a beautiful voice

    2. Erica Calzada

      A woman crying out in song ..about addiction and mental and emotional anguish...struggling through unimagineable things ....yours truely..Erica

    3. Autumn Howard

      Am I the only one that literally learned this in 1 day and listens to this every day!!!

    4. manuel with yoda Ramírez

      I aboutsaluty love this song

    5. Matthew H.

      For some reason I always heard "tenth-floor remedy", and today I had that part stuck in my head so looked it up to try to find out what that meant. It's "Tin foil remedy" 🤦🏻‍♂️

    6. Lauren Smith

      The single most underrated song writer and vocalist ever.

    7. __hayila.xo__

      I feel like this song could relate to eating disorders too like anorexia for example it becomes an addiction to starve, you become in control of what goes into your body the feeling of hunger and getting up too fast and almost fainting becomes addicting. There are studies that prove that anorexia is similar to the use of ecstasy. I myself suffer from anorexia

    8. Mariah Spindlow

      Her voice in this song gives me chills it sounds so beautiful and strong yet broken at the same time. You can tell she really means everything in this song. The self betrayl and others betrayl really come to light in this and I love that she can openly sing about these issues.

    9. Michael Morgan

      I myself am struggling with addiction. Alcohol is my main problem, But last year I picked up heroin & it almost got the best of me. It really was closer than you know.. I feel this song so much & I love you Demi! Don't ever quit! Maybe I'll get to sobriety someday...

      1. Dash120z

        you got this, there's so much life ahead without drugs! stay strong! 🙌🏻

    10. tara thelen

      My dad was a addict when he was a teenager he got clean and then years later had me, my nana was a addict too and both were always worried about me turning into one. I have never touch drugs and I made a promise too my dad before he die of cancer that I would never be a addict. He was 15 years sober and I will keep my promise too him.

      1. tara thelen

        @Michael Morgan sending prayers thank you

      2. Michael Morgan

        God bless you & sorry for your loss. My Mom worried about me too before she passed 7+ years ago. I'm proud of you! Say a prayer for me that I find my way?

    11. Juécia Soares

      this song has to be a lucifer's and chloe soundtrack pleaseeeee!

    12. Emma H

      I listen to this every day 😂

    13. Dash120z

      this visualizer is so aesthetically pleasing to look at.

    14. Jaxy T

      I listened to this yesterday for the first time and I have to say I never thought I would love a Demi Lavato song.

    15. Carla Esco

      Lucifer OST

    16. Ria L.

      I love this song. Listen to it everyday. A 100% fav. I love you so much.

    17. Lorenzo Tessiore

      Best song Demi Lavato

    18. Peyton Rossi

      I really don’t like Demi Lovato but no one can deny her music is amazing.

    19. Elizabeth Heather

      "lord, im sorry for dancing with the devil" this hits hard 😭🥺

    20. Terri Palacios

      God I wish I had her strength to overcome addiction. A little glass pipe, tin foil remedy got the best of me. This is day 2 and I just want to use one more time, I don't understand I used to be so strong, but I have nothing left it give.

    21. Anushka Mattad

      This song is meant for lucifer season finale 😉😍🤩

    22. shadow claw38

      I remember seeing the ad and I was like this is going to be a good song and I was wrong it is a amazing song I love it

    23. Jordan Hasch

      I'm of two minds when it comes to Demi. Fantastic singer, excellent song, and the lyrics are on the nose. But what people have to remember is that SHE DID THIS TO HERSELF. No one pushed her to overdose, let alone do it the first time. She is/was able to say "No." But she chose not to. Having gone through a poor childhood and with an unstable home life, I understand addiction (my stepdad used to drink heavily; guess who was his punching bag?). Before people lionize her, please remember that no one told her to do any of this to herself.

    24. Carla Ambriz

      i like you'r song😚

    25. Kristine Tannous

      That line Tin foil remedy almost got the best of me hits home for me. Clean date 24 nov 2016 🙏

    26. Tianna ruby and Tammy plays


    27. Billie eilish Edits


    28. Seren


    29. Seren

      que tema

    30. Kokichi’s Scarf

      Oh my gosh this gave me absolute tears, The music is so sad

    31. Elizabeth Williams

      I’m probably at least 500,000 of these views I watch and listen to this song on repeat all day ...

    32. Chanel Oxendine

      This song hits different when you've been through similar situations ☯️

    33. Amanda Nicole Music

      Hey! I just did a cover of this song plz check it out and comment whatcha think! I would appreciate it sooo much 💛

    34. Flower Bed

      Turns out she was dancing with herself at a yogurt shop 😐

    35. Mariam Adel

      2:48 gave me chills 😭😭😭

      1. ROSIE ELYA


    36. Marline Noguera

      After listening what you sang i realise that you are sending a MSG for everyone what you have been thru so be strong and GOD will be always on your side DEMI........

    37. Ashley barno

      2:50 that note was amazing

    38. Carolyn Evans

      I’m not ashamed to admit I’m dancing with the devil myself. 💔😩 not drug wise really but more battling my depression. This song I belt on my lowest days. Thank YOU Demi 🔥 for helping me not give up my fight!

    39. Mackenzie Grace

      I can't be the only one who thinks this last part sounded a lot like Ariana grande alot

    40. Simeon Xavier Thomas

      Why does this song remind me of Lucifer Morningstar? Reminds me of him too damn much 😀

    41. ShayySadistic

      I an new to the recovery scene and this song gives me goosebumps everytime. Steady on repeat rn, cause if anything is gonna get me through this... It's this song right here!!!

    42. Lord Da Vinci


    43. Peyton Evans

      ♥️ listen everyday not lying

    44. Amanda Nicole Music

      Hey everyone! I just did a cover of this song plz lmk whatcha think of it!

    45. Charli D'Amélio

      Drugs isnt an easy problem Demi got to be followed by good people

    46. emmelia renee

      I have chills, the lyrics are so good as well as HER VOCALS!? Im speechless

    47. Novo Sol

      I really love this song, and I made a cover... if you could see it thanks!!

    48. Leah Everforest

      This is such a good song- Wow.... this is just- shocking. Love it.

    49. spark

      this really reminds me of addie and luc

    50. butera grande

      i cried to this song last night.

    51. Kristen Basiaga

      I think of my life and think it’s bad sometimes then I think this

    52. •sav•

      I like how I just noticed that the song ends at 4:04 and 404 is a error code.

      1. •sav•

        @Roxy Edits oop-

      2. Roxy Edits

        oh jesus

    53. Bianca Viana

      my favorite song ever

    54. Ally Fader

      I listened to this song an felt like it was my life in a song everyday is a struggle depression ptsd wishin it end but then that ot wouldnt in ome second missin the party girl then hating the girl she was because she did things id never do party ally an regular ally would be sick demi your such a rile model for us women an men dealing with the every day struggle i wish u the very best

    55. Ally Fader

      2019 was a hard year moved to a new state started messing with ice damn near lost myself my son everything about me i did things ill never repeat demi may have fucked up but shes trying the best it seems to get right people that judge push addicts like is to relapse no faith respect of how hard it is to walk away from all the pain all the comfort drugs an alcohol gives when youve been mentally fucked over so many times its just like breathing to pretend everything okay demi ty for this song

    56. Halee B

      This song is my inner voice!

    57. Frater Osbourne

      I love this song so much

    58. Marlén Nuñez

      I would love to hear this song covered by Adele

    59. V X

      The music that is most important is always the music that is underappreciated. Crazy what gets millions of likes these days. I am with you💗

    60. Jaelyn J

      ~dAnCiNg with the DEVIL~ Got me🔥❤✨

    61. daisy puk

      everyone should go watch psychologyinseattle episode 4 of the reaction to her documentary so we can get her help together

    62. Angela Cabrera

      One of the most powerful songs that means so much to me. Thanks Demi 😊😊😊

    63. Dj Nicoly


    64. Dj Nicoly

      Nunca vi tão perfeitaaaaa

    65. Amanda Nicole Music

      Hey everyone! I just did a cover of this song plz lmk whatcha think of it!

    66. Victoria Wilson

      I love how raw she is #truequeen

    67. hemo

      Twisted reality. Hopeless insanity I told you I was ok but I was lying T.T

    68. hemo

      I wanna die as soon as possible

    69. Carolyn Davis

      God bless her & thank the Lord she made it through that. This song gave me chills & I'm so happy that shes so transparent

    70. Alicia

      the people not understanding the video are so dumb. shes not actually talking about the devil, the "devil" in this video is her mental illness and addiction that shes been battling. the "devil" is what she is and has been going through. the song is a story of her struggles.

    71. Violetta: My Story

      "Almost made it to heaven. It was closer than you know." I felt that

    72. Deborah Crawford

      I just heard this song 🎵, and done played it ten times already, it's so POWERFUL 🔥, I hope she wins an award for it‼️🥰💝💃

    73. Briley Harvey

      I luv u

    74. Cloudi Angel_tt

      God: 👁️👄👁️ so i cant a have a dance ;-;

    75. Devdle

      I love this song soooo much!

    76. Nicholas Morales

      “It’s just a little red wine, I’ll be fine” “It’s just a little white line, I’ll be fine” 😢the devil can lure you in real quick

      1. Jen & Nae xo

        Yes it can!

    77. stoner buds

      Pov. You go on PLshows to listen to it but it already pops up🥺❤

    78. Shay Byrd


    79. Rap Monster

      Who is listening to it right now?💜

    80. Freedom Of speech

      Ouch. Where’s the redemption sounds like she’s still with Satan to me! 😳

    81. Jess Turner

      I cant even explain what this song does for me. I literally listen to this every songle morning. The soul demi has telling her truth that soo many can relate to and aren't very lucky to tell about it. I would give anything to meet demi, shes truly a gifted spirit..

    82. naomie

      i’m almost done with the documentary

    83. HeartlessTV


    84. claudette charette

      Addiction is no joke My son did not make it , he was only 30 , I prayed for him everyday I Miss Him So Much

    85. Julia Amaro

      I listen to this song when I get cravings almost 2 years sober n it’s still hard not to enjoy them white lines

    86. Hhhh Jnjj

      i dunno how i feels rn🧟‍♀️

    87. JESUS1st my Law is Love

      Demiʼs voice is so powerful, GOD made her so incredibley strong and tHIS song is a little masterpiece!❤️🔥 *Perfect for when my characters* *being stoohpid enough to play with fire* *bc of* ✨ *_me_* *pushing them right into the pits of* *_hELL_* ✍️😎🤏🔥

    88. Elizabeth Wioskowski

      WOW she really did THAT

    89. Alexa Jeanfreau

      Her voice literally gives me chills

    90. Sam Crews

      Definitely would think this is a song for the next James Bond Movie if you were listening to it for the first time! 👌🏻

    91. Simon George


    92. Ginja Ninja

      Been listening to this on repeat for literally HOURS!!! Absolutely obsessed! The strength and talent of this woman is just amazing!

    93. le 19

      This song gave me goosebumps!!! I feel this song and her on so many levels. I wonder if her songs are a bad trigger for her to hear them? Makes u wonder.

    94. Elias Stadler


    95. Elias Stadler


    96. Neftali D.

      Thank you demi Xs a trillion ❣

    97. kingsuyup

      007 vibes

    98. Gemma Walker

      I respect that she has sung this about her experience but for me i relate to this in a different way. My ex partner was my drug. Almost ended up in heaven. I was that close. This song hits home. Massive respect Demi 🥰 thank you for a beautiful powerful song.

    99. Dusty Nguyen

      Beautiful voice Love you so much new song Dancing with in Devil I Like it

    100. Gabrielle Sheridan

      This song hits so hard. Being an addict in recovery I just cry every time I listen to this song.