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  1. YaShoW Rapper

    He node killer

  2. bailey clifford

    Jigsaw fucking flames

  3. bailey clifford

    By far the most superior of the Halloween cyphers

  4. Nino Muhfuggin G

    “niggas aint want change till they heard Obama say it” - 🥶😤💯

  5. D'Sean Neal

    Man ever since 2009 I’ve loss ppl due to streets/health/mysteries etc so ace trust me I know that pain loss my best friend in 6th grade ain’t been the same since

  6. Slim Pickin

    This is the last video i sent my best friend before he died. Today is his birthday Aug 3. Love you Matthew Lane Brannon miss you forever

  7. Anthony Davis

    Door opened

  8. Upon Divine Guidance Order

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  9. Anthony Davis


  10. Ahmed Hoosen

    we need this on spotify

  11. donfrog

    still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Good times

  13. (B)oo(T)woicy-(A)

    On mme I'm hhave to say bag is ballin

  14. Brittany Anne

    I love your music,but this is such a bad take.

  15. Jonathan Manning

    Sounds like the dude that sung that spider man song with post Malone nice flow

  16. Poezie619

    his bars still give me the HMM face

  17. Snify

    Like em say (my biggest flops are your biggest hits)

  18. Miguel Aguilar

    This song really used to have me zooted

  19. gorlshutup


  20. Jan Konig

    when my mans said damn he a younger me, i fell out of my chair laughing

  21. Duy - 64KT9 Phạm Ngọc

    cháy vãi l

  22. Roman Shaomin

    It is very fresh and clean Hihat Clap and all sound in 2020 too!

  23. Roman Shaomin

    My Ancestor by Father are Chinese Arab Berber Kurd Programming Music Mechanic Art Trap Hiphop Hihat Clap Snare Shaker Politic Economy History Geography Sample Chant Drum Tree Wood Illustrat Done Did Do Will Ing Zero One Two 3 Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine!

  24. Roman Shaomin

    I watched it in 2015!

  25. BOOMING Will

    Tory only jealous

  26. Roman Shaomin

    1017 Mafia!

  27. Kevin Griffin

    Arkansas to Br been like that #renni#gates

  28. ChromeHart

    back to 2017.....

  29. Tory Redmond

    Turn Up

    1. Tory Redmond

      Nice Beat

    2. Tory Redmond

      Cool Fire Flame Smoke Smoked Out Steam Cold Water Hot Water Warm Up Burn Up Burn Down Lighter Fluid Matches Cool Down

    3. Tory Redmond


    4. Tory Redmond

      Thumbs Up

    5. Tory Redmond


  30. Alejandro M

    México 🚬🚬

  31. Light Bringer

    Keep them coming the dynamic duo!!!😎 #love it

  32. Mellos Talking

    Here is st.petersburg?

  33. Maicon Ryan

    anyone listening with me in 2021?

  34. Maicon Ryan



    It was so hard to get to benny, Dave east so boring