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  1. Marie Yousef

    I get 16 moots out= 16 days from civilians with task like this & have a turducken to eat before remining people of evacuations like this AGAIN I had like 9 teeth in my mouth lol now fresh out my 20's I know it was a film like WATERWORLD ABYSS AND U571 before what I went thru to the ALIVE film could that prop be less expensive to Kristen I mean it takes one??

  2. Deepak nishad

    they heard elon musk is planning to go on, they made a movie elon musk 🙏❤️

  3. D1NE5H B4BU

    Back to no: 1 ... James Cameron the king of the world

  4. _Fast_Shoker_Live

    What is the track in the trailer?

  5. Heston C

    This movie is pretty much GTA online if it were a movie

  6. oriel

    Well that seems cheery ..

  7. Marco Antonio Vicencio Cano


  8. Saturnav

    1:15 funniest scene in the movie lmao

  9. David D'Ambrosio

    This movie is largely based upon reality 😇

  10. David cutts

    I’m not sure why Spielberg wanted to remake a masterpiece, but we will see.

  11. Petar Djurisic

    Virgin becomes Chad

  12. Sahej

    Is Picachu in this one?

  13. Maria Lewis

    This is absolutely hysterical 😂😂😂

  14. mustash fan 1o1

    Oh my lord, the poster in my movie theater convinced me this was going to be a horror film.

  15. Karla Ramirez


  16. Sergeant Sainsbury's


  17. pretzel door

    Truman show remake just saying

  18. Elphaba Thropp  [emma]

    This brought tears to my eyes.


    Organism 46b

  20. Sayam Ganguly

    srsly they just keep delaying and delaying it. People are just going to lose interest.

  21. Severus Snape

    People want gta online live action movie? Well here you go

  22. Momoko4ever1

    I love jodie

  23. Geeks•Net

    ok, let´s make this clear, Ryan Reynolds isn´t funny and is an awfull actor

  24. Aric Lemont

    Ron: *snaps a chicken's neck* Everyone in the comments: I sleep Ron: *gives Baymax vibes* Everyone in the comments: REAL 💩

  25. Ali Raza

    I lost it when he says "Catchphrase".

  26. Lubz M.

    Original how? This is just treading the same waters 'ready player one' and that one Adam Sandler movie where games from the 80's invade earth or something. . . Feet have been dipped here already - its just hollywood trying to pander and exploit and 'the next big consumer base'; gamers.

  27. Michael Serna

    "The Dude" should grow his Hair out a little & cast him to Revamp the whole Masters of the Universe Series! Catch phrase: "MOTU ReBoot!"

  28. Jacksons Animations

    Whatever just fight with a cat bro

  29. Tarun Dey

    Bad face cgi in this movie: What a nice touch reflecting incomplete programmer work Bad cgi in the Burly Brawl fight when Smiths overload Keanu distorting the computing power to generate pixelated smiths(Matrix Reloaded): Such lame CGI

  30. A Sunborn

    Wow! Musics of the Earth are so good !! Would someone help a man by telling the song name ?

  31. Marshall Bowdrie

    This looks so bad

  32. Any Thing


  33. Johnny Lou


  34. fat matt

    Sooo awesome....omg...wish i saw at theater when it cam out

  35. Veena

    1:07 Truman show baby!!!!

  36. RYK Realty


  37. Clinton Novak

    It’s kinda when like Disney took over Star Wars, and we we’re all like, “oh, that’s gunna be awesome!”

  38. Mark Farrish

    Every time I hear Sweet Fantasy I pictures this movie.

  39. THE MONK

    There is nothing more Extraordinary than their MUSIC !!

  40. M. Hassan

    So., it's like a Trueman show but a video game in it

  41. anju

    Adam is all over these days....

  42. anju

    It looks like our Padmaavat...

  43. David Hills

    Actually looks cool, but please Matt Damon a full visor. The half visor is ridculous

  44. Mithunkumar S

    10 days to go

  45. Ssg8

    There is only one question…. Should Jodie Comer be awarded an Oscar? I will not be silenced, she does give an Oscar worthy performance! 👏👏👏

  46. Salman Bous

    0:08 i love that part

  47. Mask Boi


  48. 1amvengeance

    Lol. I don't know why, but I thought that was Theo Von with that mullet.

  49. Patoren 3gou

    So he's the opposite of Deadpool in this

  50. Makena Gitau

    Why does this look so freaking good?!

  51. malik uzair

    Adam driver, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon.... It's all incredible.

  52. RainbowDreams30

    Jennifer Lawrence was gorgeous in this

  53. Arex X

    Guys be like NOO dont eat itt its Poison

  54. luismakeup08

    Fant four stick

  55. Nicekidfox

    I love deadpool lol

  56. Ahsan Siddiqui

    There's no button for that! Falling in love with an AI. Reminds of Measure of a man TNG.

  57. Asad Raza

    im here only for joe idc

  58. cstwise

    I’m American, what the Hell is neat milk?😬😂

  59. Martin Johnson

    radical leftist agenda

  60. mr.kitloin

    I love how the cgi on his face is intentionally weird and that makes it so hilarious

  61. Richard Taylor

    Dr frank n furter has been at it again

  62. Marian Cano

    In this rate, we will see the whole movie with this short clips we are getting from 20th Century Studios... and we love it!!

  63. antonphd

    another example of a studio hiring a director for their unique vision only to get cold feet and change the film and release a hybrid mess. it's not as bad as Justice League, but pretty close.

  64. Dilyna Dsouza

    Where can i see this movie?

  65. Toes Tech

    The only reason I am interested in this movie is because of Jacksepticeye

  66. Anurag Sahu

    Stranger things to free guy 🎉

  67. heatin1