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  1. Fade2019

    Enderchests: *am I a joke to you*

  2. JerryKooper Official

    Number 10 is fixed on 1.17, but you have to be clever. I don't know of many farms that have utilized the new mechanic. Time to check up on Ilmango!

  3. The_Hippo_Gamer636

    This is a comment btw

  4. Bum

    6:41 AMOGUS

  5. AI

    The best thing to do is combine the first 3

  6. Ahmad yousuf sayeed

    It will take a lot of effort to bring the gardian to home for security so we can use skulk snense and dispensor and some arrows to mke this

  7. Luis Hundhammer

    1:20 Thats GeminiTays Survival world!!!

  8. Pre-Chewed Bread Crumbs

    Playblo Pixasso

  9. Krish Jain

    i like it how they worte maybe in brackets

  10. John Prophet

    I’m subbed dummy

  11. Dying Rosebud

    Does Bruno Mars is gay and find the 9th wonder of the world I swear I love it

  12. yurgon 99999

    run up stairs while spamming jump button is fast

  13. Akira The Axolotl

    What about cross bows?

  14. Cohben Chino187

    Also, about dropping items, if you hold control it drops the whole stack

  15. xTraFilms

    As Kylo Ren once said: "MORRREEE"

  16. yorkyporky

    6:40 AMOGUS

  17. Jacket games

    why not store stuff in chests its ore efficient than all of these convoluted storage systems

  18. Random GAMES


  19. AsherTheLegend

    Him: PLshows says i only have 2 inches in subscribers Me: *Looks Down*

  20. frog boy 21

    wow if evre plp subcribe you wood have 4 mill

  21. JMC Masetriks

    (Every mason in the world including me) is typing...

  22. Oneé-sama

    Why did you use a wold from geminitay

  23. Shocked Gaming

    somehow i got the bookshelves before i got an enchanting table

  24. Brendan Clark

    I subscribed upside down with my foot

  25. Spark

    Gtx 1060???!

  26. AwesomeAg Playz

    I think that some of these aren't added cuz minecraft's point is to work in potato computers

  27. GachaSina

    Pause the video and go to 00:15 that are Tommyinnit T-shirts lmao

  28. Aura Shorts

    Honestly when it comes Down to this, I going to make a double chest

  29. DedotronGames

    "You can't respawn in the end" Respawn anchor: Am I a joke to you?

  30. Jennifer Galaida

    I knew about the beacon one were you can have more than just one color on a beacon.

  31. TheLeafOfficial

    Hey, it’s over 13 minutes

  32. Vulk

    Reason why this video sucks ...Read More

    1. Vulk


  33. Ghoost Ghost

    Since flint requires an iron ingot in which requires a furnace so I mean thats probably why its used less

  34. Vulk

    Fun Fact! In Bedrock Edition, you can break a placed beacon with your fist and still get the beacon! I dont know if it works for Java Editon though.

  35. courtney ludden

    Mah mind has been blown

  36. Nolan Carr

    did he just say 12 billion?

  37. YuXia Shi

    Me after watching #5: *YOU JUST CROSSED THE F*CKING LINE*

  38. fox Boi

    I would make a base above the nether but I can't build up there because u can't on mobile T-T Edit: also is it just me or have I got 2 abandoned desert villages in a 100 block raids no joke I have like 7 or 8 villages in 1,000 blocks and I swear my iron sword is broken because i killed 2 different drownds and both of them dropped a trident and I have no enchantments on the sword.

  39. TheCyberous

    12:12 the mail man

  40. Glace

    9:19 Skip = Tankman

  41. Edward Brock

    Is it just me or is he in Geminitay’s let’s play world

  42. The Doh Bros

    BlessYouTrust God

  43. Mr Fish

    11:00 really

  44. xx4444xxDOTexe

    Ive done the pirate ship one. It was honestly one of my favorite bases

  45. xTraFilms

    We know its about to get real when the thumbnail has minecraft myth busters

  46. SergeantPotato

    Harming 2 arrows are definitely the best item in pvp servers

  47. Dark X Gaming

    I actually used the bee nest farm and it worked...😂😂😂😂😂

  48. Sterling Miller


  49. LordRazer3

    I must be way out of date because I have never heard or right clicking with a axe

  50. iW34Rglasses00

    I actually found a zombie village and completely turned it around I built it back up healed some zombie villagers and have created a whole new city around it. Also the stronghold is right below and when I went to the nether the fortress was like 30 blocks away. Luckiest I've ever been

  51. Anwyn Nunyabusiness

    Sounds like a different PLshowsr I know is in this video with his voice dats weird

  52. melanie kendrick

    How do I make my phone explosion

  53. Masked One 1316

    6:51 it should boil and evaporate but while it’s boiling it should damage the player.

  54. fruity mcs fruiterson

    July 18th is my birthday! ...

  55. Roger H

    Tip: use control and q at once

  56. buckdevilgamer

    Actually not only lamas can kill you dogs can too

  57. Kegwa

    12:11 (paused): you put have twice. Read the sentence carefully.

  58. norin decassy

    N O

  59. Imp980

    I first built my minecraft base in a ravine (In survival not creative) and at the time I didn't really know how to crouch and build anyways on the first block I fell and died since I was like 5 at the time I screamed and cried even though I could respawn I was pretty dumb. Glad I know how to build and crouch now.

  60. Jacob Durrant

    I done it

  61. dengthelion

    They can get back to the overworld by trading

  62. Rob.

    Anyone down to play mc? (Xbox) my username is Yakisho

  63. InglisMen

    AMONGUS SUS 6:42

  64. MaYisus

    6:41 a-amogus?!!!?!

  65. Jawed 2034

    6:42 amogus

  66. Ur local BHADDIE



    Mario music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. kakarot gaming

    I dont mean you are dumb or anything but they will change to creative mode

  69. Monkey Man



    series pls

  71. bob lil

    He is in Gemini tays world but in creative ??? Anyway I think you should do 10 top rips how to kill the ender dragon 🐉 because I can not kill the dragon

  72. Stuart Wright

    Bro you just created an airbus in minecraft. Get 20 pigs and fly around

  73. Eric Blecha

    11:50 noice

  74. Davina Patel

    Did anyone realise that for a lot of the facts the scenery was in GeminiTay’s survival world

  75. Quack

  76. A_eddieshah9 Roblox type A_eddie

    A shulker box filled with shulker boxes filled with shulker boxes filled with shulker boxes (you get what I mean)