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  1. Hk Tk

    Cops should be punished for harassment

  2. Joe feelings are hurt

    Signals are required at night to ride on public roadways.

  3. Jurnee Scott

    My boi is that Colorado?

  4. Thomas Fooij

    Maybe, if you actually understood some basic engine tech, you wouldn't warm it up by letting it idle for 5 minutes. But what do I know.

  5. d Wilson

    Cop does not know s*** about motorcycles yet you ask him what the yellow frosting on a brown donut from Dunkin' donuts is and he will describe every ingredient in alphabetic order no less. 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  6. Jay Golden

    Intensely gen Z


    I know the short kid and I fucking hate him his name is Noah bennate

  8. Hasan Ahmed

    Yeah, turn it on get on it and go. Why warm it up for a few minutes in the driveway when it will warm up as you ride? Be considerate to your neighbors

  9. Peda Peda

    “I didn’t do anything, I’m chillin” found the snitch

  10. Cmp7D

    Wipeout dude

  11. Zickity

    Me who's lives in Arizona like "that looks like a familiar place to drive"

  12. Easton Malkowski


  13. Javi gt

    We got real criminals in phx that cop dont gaf about no biker doing wheelies😂

  14. Bakwas Aadmi(Capt_Maxx)

    I would have run away 😪

  15. JPZ KING

    bro what do they mean by “she wants my babies

  16. Baxter the Goldendoodle

    Now we know where you live :)

  17. Kyle Phakonekham

    Can you still surf or whatever you call it on a grom?!??

  18. Christopher Brown

    Great bro

  19. James Kimmel

    "Oh im being recorded, time to stop lying"

  20. Lee Panthers

    I agree with her .imagine having a neighbor who annoys the fuck out of you by waking his neighbors up by reviving his bike letting it run for a minimum of 5 minutes every day. . I’d swap his motorcycle for a kids bicycle with training wheels on .Annoying prick !

  21. Lakshyaraj Sonowal

    That girl was from the Logang

  22. El Capitalista 1

    This is a new level of stupid…

  23. Lexi Jayyy

    He knows her he just grabbed her arm and she didn't pull back

  24. Nopeify


  25. UGL 10X

    Moms spaghetti is Eminem

  26. Music Gaines

    This gives me hope in humanity.

  27. Tim Parker

    Would have been a whole different story if the biker wasn’t 5’ tall

  28. Atem S.

    Platinum level acquire! 🏅🏅🏅

  29. the Trash Man

    Be a good neighbor - sell the bike for something more wholesome, like a drum kit.


    When your kids are american:

  31. Tyler Hart

    I think YOU forgot I said I was warming it up.

  32. Noe T

    At least those cops were sorta nice about it

  33. Tony Schneider

    I hate people who film others and try to make themselves look bigger then they actually are. Guy was definitely trolling

  34. Zara Gardner

    What was the purpose for this? They did nothing to ur bike. They didn't ask you to sit there with it running, or for you to pick up ground change & play "you want? NO I want, no you want? No" If u had a legit complaint about sandwich either go inside or turn ur bike off or call later...

  35. Buttdreads

    Same title every video

  36. Daniel Valencia

    Swamp ass is no joke, pull over and use some gold bond

  37. 3KLANG

    Its funny how you can tell if someone had a bike accident or not only by his clothing.

  38. paw0822

    Stfu. Bro, bro, bro. Gtfoh, learn how to speak properly.

  39. N̸o̸t̸ E̸n̸v̸1o̸u̸s̸

    Hmm how is it in arizona

  40. Boba Fett

    1st world problems. Lol 😆

  41. Jp AllDae

    Dope!!! I def admire the kindness!!! People aint like that anymore

  42. Jimmy John

    Good cops

  43. MRM,Craggy10

    I gotta brickphone

  44. Einzelgänger 666

    Why are you hanging out with, filming, and uploading videos of random children that you meet? So beyond weird....

  45. robert Zimmerle

    That's a dope ass starter cap though

  46. bandhsilvers1

    Lol hope u wheelie past this b itch

  47. Jp AllDae

    Yo ur a coo dood

  48. Angel Zuniga

    Your both cute man hope your geting married

  49. U Wot??!

    This kid is gonna be a chad when he grows up

  50. Ricer Caliber

    These kids are reincarnated 90s kids i swear

  51. Mohamed Medhat

    Damn this made me feel old asf and I'm 19. Also the girl got a maverick shirt he actions are expected...

  52. kyol

    ain't it fuckin weird that we roast people who don't spent their entire lives on screen

  53. The King of Antarctica

    I like how that kid at the beginning just throws everyone, including himself, under the bus for being Gen Z.

  54. hit marker

    Did u poison them

  55. hit marker

    Of this happened to me I would feel like they were poisoned

  56. Ghetto Mechanic LLC

    This used to be me with my 00’ mustang gt💔 really sucks how someone can wreck your car and their insurance will tell you its not worth it to fix it. I’ll be back in a Mustang soon tho or if not then ill definitely be in some type of muscle car

  57. Persephone Szeliga

    Wow. Decent cops. A very rare animal

  58. Shakur Qawee

    So nice

  59. Adam James

    I have some old neighbors. They are really nice they don't have anyone to take care so i take care for them when im free. I them to parks and stuff. Mow their lawn when im mowing. They live just side of my fence.

  60. terviswater

    Lol rip go pro mount. It has gone through a terrible ordeal just then.

  61. Indarican 1

    My thing is why are you even debating with her.Start your bike,let it warm up and do you.She has no say in anything.If construction crews can start and work from 5am to 10pm,you can start your bike and leave without having to talk and film her.I dont get that?I guess you wanted to go viral exposing them mean people next door.Im betting he does rev his bike with a non factory exhaust and it echoes loud as hell between those houses.She probably said something not mean at all to him to start out with,he escalated it to film.LoudLove.. and always try to respect our elders,they’ll be us oneday😂🔊🔊🔊💜💜💜

  62. Eazy Saenz

    My neighbors hate my truck cuz its sooo loud lol true dual with flowmaster super10s and 5inch tips I believe my pipes r 3 1/4

  63. super fan


  64. HYS slicks

    Can I have one

  65. YOMALO

    I made a bunch of music, u can go with me to the

  66. Boxhead505

    Skyrim in 2021

  67. Shakur Qawee

    What does that thing on u bike say??

  68. AstroBoy

    I like your Oops green light

  69. Juan

    Pussy ass fake cop is mad he lives his life in a golf cart and not a cruiser

  70. trashbag larry

    Yooo I know exactly where that Red Robin is. It's right by Arrowhead mall lets goooooo

  71. Buffi Cliff

    Neither of them are wrong about the topic itself; it's just a crappy situation all around. But the biker shouldn't have his phone up. Grow up. Handle shit without cameras.

  72. Juan

    Lol I just moved to Arizona and I'm not surprised this was here lmaooo

  73. WHO

    She's so cute

  74. Jesus Urbina

    Ah yes the jbl speaker in the middle, do the same in my e46, radio works but no aux and it’s busted so can’t even see the channel etc so hook up an fm transmitter

  75. Jordan Morris

    The font in the video is called Pricedown. It's the same font used for Grand Theft Auto and the Price is Right.

  76. maosef

    He is getting a sun tan not a jacket