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  1. MrHousecup

    Devilman vs. Ghost Rider

  2. Rolkendy Verty

    How much of the Justice League do you guys think Superman would be able to take down on his own

  3. deadeye4047

    To be honest, I'm surprised Mikasa cut Blake's arm off, given their speed and reaction times.

  4. Thomas Martinez

    Franklin. Delano. Donut.

  5. Chainsonic

    8:59 Me after seeing the SMG4 10 year anniversary:

  6. Ultimategamer


  7. Ed Paras

    This is literally two overrated copycat plot fighting each other

  8. Skillfulstone

    That Like/Dislike ratio is absolutely horrible. But expected XD

    1. Rolkendy Verty

      Dbz fanboys salty

  9. Ed Paras

    The funny thing is why is sao music there

  10. Ed Paras

    Even if deadpool lost He can't die

  11. STP Gaming 2.0

    Why did sonic have to go full hyper,instead of super sonic,plus he could’ve used chaos control.🤦🏾

  12. Super weird Plush

    Charizard has been in the same year twice

  13. Ed Paras

    Why does now this animation looks like genshin impact

  14. Ed Paras

    Why hasn't santa do his SSS+ combo

  15. Fork 2


  16. K𒈙𒐪I𒈙𒐪N𒈙𒐪G𒈙𒐪O𒈙F𒐪T𒈙H𒈙E𒐪D𒈙A𒐪R𒈙K𒐪N𒈙E𒐪S𒈙S𒐪B𒈙E𒐪L𒈙O𒐪W

    I hope Leon will appear again in RE8 DLC or at least just an Easter Egg.


    This entire battle was better then the entire demon slayer movie

  18. BUM

    Just sayin

  19. BUM

    I could name like 15 plus characters in bleach that could beat the whole naruto universe

  20. Ed Paras

    I love the ending

  21. Ed Paras

    "Nooooo my cabages" Sigh... My childhood Now I watch anime

  22. BUM

    Hell gremmy could smack all of the fuking naruto universe and hes a minor villian

  23. BUM

    And ywach would have a field day on the whole naruto universe same with kenpachi naruto fans lame as hell on god Yall talking not having even read or watched bleach material and ik that because ik for a fact theres more bleach fans that have watched or read both series than naruto fans

  24. BUM

    And all these feats before he got his actual benkai think about that ichigo been using half his power the whole fuking show

  25. BUM

    Man slapped around aizen in perfect form do yall realize aizen is a walking infinte tsukoyomi in that form first destroying hells gates and ontop of that almost destroying hell and inconceivable amount of land expanse in his hollow form.

  26. Ed Paras

    Dude shovel knight can respawn He got those orb

  27. BUM

    Mugestu first of all would one shot naruto no issues

  28. BUM

    First off the feats in this are all offf

  29. Ed Paras

    We all know if the battlefield is geese's map He can just destroy heihachi in his full combo

  30. ThatGuyRaging

    If only it was kars

  31. Obed Montanez

    Also smg4 vs sr pelo


    Yaknow power rangers have like a million zords and they can literally be AUTOPILOTED which means they can defeat the other bot WITHOUT even being in the zord

  33. Ed Paras

    Dude Mikasa is human, no powers and anything How the hell did she block or cut the bullets of blake

    1. Jonathan Juarez

      Actually if you paid attention to the analysis you’d know that death battle points out that Mikasa has genes of a family line of super soldiers who have Titan level strength and durability without transforming into one and has all the collective experience of previous Ackermen, so she’s not a normal human although she still loses to Blake mainly because of speed.

    2. The crusader

      Because she can react to bullets

  34. Bernardo Barros

    Supermam solos the verse

  35. Mitchell regalado

    That moment they say something from the manga isn't exactly Canon lol ok sure guys

  36. Kameron Dangerfield

    Hiei is my favorite character of all time I’m glad he won

  37. Jaylin Fernandes

    all i could say is Of course

  38. Obed Montanez

    Death battle/death battle cast suggestion spongebob vs gumball Also love your videos


    I haven't watched it completely but I am sure plot Armor of G1 prime I'd gonna make him win no matter what

  40. Ty Griffin

    Dude ..this isnt rven a match up. Like heman fighting liono??? Y ?!! Would ne body think this is fair or anywhere near anyway wtf ?!

  41. Iago Gomes

    Please please please 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  42. Iago Gomes

    Your made video about (Anti monitor vs cosmic armor superman )

  43. Elihu Gonzalez

    14:55 - 15:00 & 17:22 - 17:28

  44. Shaded Shadow

    This match up reminds me of Pikachu vs Blanka. Plus didn't they retcon Aura's in rwby? Where they are not always on?

  45. The Itinerant

    What kills me is how the 333 foot tall Megazord only weighs 86 tons. That's nuts. Hear me out. A single diesel locomotive weighs three times that much! That's a couple loaded semi trucks worth of weight on a thirty story metal man! That would be so weird to control. Our current version of Godzilla, only a couple dozen feet taller, is said to weigh over 160,000 tons! They are pretty similar sizes, and the Megazord weighs almost one twentieth of Godzilla. That would be like a grown man only weighing eleven pounds! What a weird choice of numbers.

  46. Mary Kajer

    Ultron vs crow from nefarious

  47. ROAR

    Elfen Lied was the first anime I saw that made me think "huh, this is super sad but I really like it!"

  48. Uno Sta. Maria

    Please make Ruby join Death Battle. She's the only one left from her team hehe

  49. Lubna Tahir

    Please do Marco Diaz (SVTFOE) vs Anne Boonchuy (Amphibia).

  50. Slend Veny

    Boomstick singing the dragon ball z theme is cool as hell.

    1. Thomas

      _After hearing the recent news of Dragon Ball, I want to sing Chala Head Chala_

  51. Thomas Martinez

    We need an actual death battle

  52. Kool Kid

    Characters that lost a limb yet won: Sub-Zero Samurai Jack Blake Belladonna

  53. хороший

    genos should win in every aspect but genos never wins so its gotta be war machine

  54. Jackey Poo

    Even after so many years these animations looks Like ex arm quality

  55. zams gamer

    make alterne ending

  56. Wortigon2000

    well, other than Armin, Sasha, Hange and Levy the only AOT character I ever kinda liked killed by her own weapon... I mean It was expected, since there are quite a few inconsistent feats in RWBY, like being able to dodge lightning, but not being able to dodge something that's coming visibly slower, etc... but hey, Blake won, so it's all good in my book.

  57. landon guy

    sonic fanboys: i hate mario so much, i wish he never existed mario: if I did, sonic would not be here

  58. Amy Lee

    Can we get Lady Dimitrescu in an episode?

  59. Chrissy Lyn

    Another Disappointing Death Battle.

    1. Brandon Holder

      Stay mad.

  60. Gengar1234

    R they jus getting lazy? Cuz they've already don't lex luthor before lol

  61. Tyson Davis

    Knew it

  62. ABG-Jay1

    What if escanor vs whitebeard

  63. RipzMad:•

    A normal casual: No way Jotaro should've won he's got mftl speed and stuff" Azure: *_Not so fast, Jotard_*

  64. M.Ilyaas Allie

    Beerus literally could've just hakai her and right there game set match

  65. Julian Melly

    This the the least popular death battle views wise

  66. Primal Werewolf

    everyone commenting on the characters but no one is talking about how trash this animation is

  67. Amy Lee

    Mewtwo at 5:03: I stand alone. Me, a Five Finger Death Punch fan: _I'm no hero, and I'm not made of stone. Right or wrong? I can hardly tell. I'm on the wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell..._

  68. Tim

    How do you respond to people that say Goku can solo The Marvel and DC universe without writing a paragraph?

    1. Sum Guy

      I couldn’t even see him getting past 20 or 10% of marvel or dc

    2. Sum Guy

      I would say 1. In the movies yes 2. Nice joke

    3. MichaeL Letherman


    4. Rolkendy Verty

      Very funny

  69. Bryant Gallero

    Next time tag team battle guardians of the globe vs the justice league NO OMNI MAN

  70. J0N F0X

    Deathstroke v Captain America

  71. jodeaida

    Omni man vs anyone?

  72. Julian Melly

    I think charizard could win now with dynamax

    1. Timjer

      No. Not only is G-max really not that much better than a Mega form, but Agumon also has a new form much stronger than Wargreymon.

  73. XxMeTa_Zr-0xX

    25% chances that GAME FREAK copied Akiyoshi Hongo homework (ex. GAME FREAK rip-offed Digimon's Mega Class and finally announced Mega Evolution and there is this one time that he COPIED one of Digimon's DS game, Digimon Dusk/Dawn and made it Pokemon Sun/Moon. And the rest was history) lucky for him, GAME FREAK copied Sakurai's homework DOZENS of times (ex. Clefairy SHOULD ORIGINALLY BE the MAIN Pokemon mascot, but they ALREADY HAVE ONE and Kirby be like: da hell is there female versions of me?!)

  74. Philosopher Doom

    Great vids, just wish the random cussing wasnt in it as my son would enjoy these


    Where is natsu dragneel

  76. YoshiMadness

    Petition for a Gojo vs Allmight death battle

  77. Cayde-6

    Shame bland won.

  78. Vaquero

    Shadow the thought slayer

  79. Stan Henderson

    No Goku vs Tien, none of any Goku vs Vegeta fights, no Gohan vs Buu, Uub vs Goku, no Goku vs Jeice and Burter, etc. You had some questionable choices.