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  1. Monke

    All part of Mercedes Master🅱️lan

  2. Weigner Leigner

    Idk if I like the cost cap


    The most unfair drivers title of all time..

  4. Anshuman Tekriwal

    Choose the better car: Seb's 2020 Ferrari or Daniel's 2018 RedBull

  5. dragonage200

    3:24 i’ve never noticed that the quick brush of the wheel rim with the gravel just completely machined half of it off. Thats crazy

  6. DaDude

    Hamilton so massively jaded winning all the time

  7. FreshTillDeath56

    I'm glad the cost cap has been implemented. The financial divide between teams is understandable, but ultimately detracts from the thrill of the sport.

  8. Dylan porter

    European racing series Uses us dollars

  9. Thanatos

    This is quite interesting

  10. DaDude

    I would of thought Ocon would of been front and center on this thumbnail lol 🤦‍♂️

  11. EC_Reviews

    flex tape should be a sponsor to all teams

  12. Palash Dutta Roy

    "If you can't beat them in race, hit them outta the race." ~ Mercedes strategy is paying dividends, they are back at the top. "There are no accidents" ~ Master Oogway

  13. Joker210SA

    Mercedes is just wrecking enough redbull cars so they cant race and progress the new car

  14. Assassin

    Does the cost cap includes the 2022 car development can any one answer mr

  15. CitrusS 5

    When i was watching I was laughing so much when i saw that duct tape

  16. Gary Mitchell

    It obviously didn't take "several weeks" to make that bargeboard. Hours, not weeks.

  17. dynicify

    Beautiful display of skill

  18. Eduardo Rezende

    Mercedes masterplan revealed

  19. 张世超

    Also for those who didn’t watch the Mercedes debrief video, it was also down to avoiding manufacturing differences between the front wings. Basically every front wing of the same spec might perform differently and they know exactly what to expect on the old wing.

  20. Ernanda Ferdian

    Wished there's a penalty policy to fix other cars caused by merc.

  21. Vedant Tayade

    F1 utube Admin giving tought fight to Netflix🔥👑

  22. Aditya Khapre

    Now there are 3

  23. Menal Shrestha

    I didn't knew that was tyre temperature sensor... 😳😅

  24. David Olave

    I don't know if it is the edition, but it's quite interesting that only VET, RAI, VER and ALO speak about sharing with the fans, the team and make people happy. Great video.

  25. Another Joe

    It cannot be right if you can’t meet the requirements because of a mistake of others. It’s not on.

  26. vipahman

    Give this part to Elon Musk. He'll figure out how to lower the cap to $50M and get the F1 car to the moon.

  27. Юра Джошуа

    what's the point if the fia plays along with the Mercedes!

  28. Jack Bird

    Merc said the reason for the repair, and not the change, was to eliminate the chance of a balance shift to the car from changing the front wing. They felt the temporary repair would serve just as well, but yes there may have been other deciding factors also

  29. Die Legende

    Sergio Perez has won as many races as Charles Leclerc. Feels wrong, doesn't it?

  30. Jenn Nieblas

    Lando needs to be a part of this club already <3

  31. Josh Allen the GOAT

    Now it's Lando's turn.

  32. Joker210SA

    So Mercedes should pay for red bull damages

  33. Luke 10

    Leclerc monza one of the best ever wins

  34. Nicholas Santoso

    Mazepin Emaill from Gunter every morning

  35. perrrry

    When hamilton gets a 10sec penalty, thats effectivly saying he is at fault. If he is at fault, the damage car he caused should be covered by Hamiltons teams. Visa verca.

    1. ACAB

      Thats not how racing works tbh

  36. Johan Feenstra

    Official formula 1 channel still fueling the flames.but but they are against polarisation hahaha.

  37. Kent

    Fia 🤡🤡

  38. AaronShenghao

    I don't think that is just a temperature sensor, more like a tuned mass damper...

  39. Brydon Medeiros

    Should be some kind of cost cap hit to the team deemed at fault in an incident as well. Doesn't seem fair to have a team suffer the cost of 51G to a wall vs a cracked wheel for example

  40. Vedant Tayade

    You missed Ocons reaction though

  41. Schwifty

    After watching this video the turn 1 incident in Hungary just got way more costly

  42. mixampo

    Mazepin aka mazespin should watch this

  43. Husqy44

    "The Cost of Racing Near Mercedes"

  44. José Arias

    If you wanna be in F1, be sure to bring money in your wallet ok ¡

  45. Psammites09

    I love how they didn’t film this on time to include Esteban, but they gave him the last clip to show respect. Well done bois <3

  46. Deadlyr0n

    Why not use tort law and claim the money for the causing team? Mercedes would be bankrupt (Bottas and Hamilton crashes).

  47. Takumi's AE86


  48. Kenny Phillips

    The claimed costs are bogus. All personnel are paid regardless of what they are doing, the design work is already amortized, forms/molds/patterns exist, etc.

    1. Dhritiman Nandi

      Sorry but what about the material cost.... Also this is not a factory... They dontass produce... Everything is having so close to perfect that... Some molds patterns are one time use... It takes hours to mould and just "bake" The carbon fiber... And single roll of carbon cost more than any fully built chassis...

  49. J. R.

    13:14 a foreshadowing

  50. AutoFabb

    Hülken: -Bwoah...

  51. Palati Watt

    I know F1 because of him. It's sad he gone too early. The great Ayrton Senna. 👍👍

  52. Thomas Castellani

    Meanwhile at the body shop: "Your bumper is lightly scratched so we replaced it. That's $5,000 haveaniceday."

  53. Peter Hall

    The team responsible for the crash should be made liable , that would rattle a few cages

  54. CrapTrapSlap

    I know the Vettel disqualification is pretty straight forward but can we get a tech talk regarding it ? Thanks

  55. Aaron

    Can anyone explain why the cost cap is in American dollars when F1 is almost exclusively a European sport?

  56. akeme rofako

    Alonso was borderline reckless. LH was patient and that's the sign of a real goat.

  57. adzik1302 dziku

    It actually explains mercedes' drivers aggressive approach; the more damage they inflict on rb the bigger the setback

  58. aryavansh appalla

    I expect lewis to say: well it feels like every day (except this year)

  59. Lars Kraus

    So Im no expert whatsoever but maybe Mercedes and Hamilton have figured that they cant beat Verstappen so they switched tactics to just ram every redbull off the track for as little damage as possible to their cars. First Hamilton completely thrashed Verstappen and his car into the wall and then Bottas took out 2 redbulls for the price of one.

    1. Lars Kraus

      @ACAB Not an argument. Just some critique on Merc for the past 2 races.

    2. ACAB

      That "i'm no expert" says a lot of the rest of the argument lol

  60. Vic H

    Checo's p1 always gets me :,)

  61. Ak Abd Haziq Shah Pgs

    Christian horner looking for that bits of barge board like...

  62. Martin Day

    The official reason that Mercedes did a repair instead of replacing the from wing was simply because it was easier to repair the tyre temperature sensor mounting, and they already were happy with the fitted front wings setup so didn't want to fit a new one which might have behaved differently, but the cost cap theory is certainly a factor these days.

    1. Gary Mitchell

      They literally replace front wings during pit stops, so it's obviously very easy. If the gaffer tape repair took more than ten seconds then it was slower.

  63. أميرة الراقص.dancing princess


  64. Sbottono

    1:06 Vettel: You make everybody happy 2013:

  65. Kishan Kotadiya

    late breaker ricciardo is a whole thing

  66. Dangerouss

    "here at formula one" I'd be quite interested in where this actually is

  67. Hps

    Kimi explains F1 : ehhhhhhh you just need to turn your steering left and right at the speed of 330 kph, and dont forget the wheel like me 😂

  68. Rhys Sifa

    Everyone else: That first win is amazing. Lewis: That 7th title win was amazing. Comment section: ⁉️

  69. Pranav Anand

    This is really insightful!

  70. Jake Egan

    Somedaysarebetterthenothers -kimi


    147,500,000 MILLION dollars. Wow man

  72. daan stam

    That one manouver from hamilton costs redbull so so much. It could definitely cost them the championship.

  73. Shaun Grace

    So much $ involved. Let em start with second car at back of grid if restart before 1st or 2nd lap in

  74. S Walk

    This dudes presenting technique reminds me of jeremy Clarkson. Anyone else??

  75. Aishwary Gaonkar

    Alright Lewis! I shall no longer dislike you and won't complain on your dominance of F1 as I truly resonate with the trauma of your childhood. I apologise for keeping a biased opinion and desiring that someone else shall also win the World Championship. But I understand how much have you suffered and you deserve all the respect and success. Apologies once again. Sorry Lewis! Keep going!

  76. R.G. Amsterdam

    There are quite a few French F1 drivers with only one victory. Hopefully Gasly and Ocon will win more races

  77. Hadi Pawar

    Well Mercedes totalled Both the Redbulls in hungary.

  78. ria dh

    we all know that toto told valterri to hit max on purpose late braking are you kidding me valterri is merceders puppet and they will hit red bull over and over again to obtain the championship it was lewis then valterri because they know the mafia of fiamg will protect lewis and merceders by all means necessary