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  1. J Lnrpa

    mother Earth have mercy! have mercy!

  2. 꿈인하

    Let's block China's expansion!

  3. Paul Baldwin

    Oh we going to war again :)

  4. Guardian News

    This body: the Covid vaccine trial participant fighting medical mistrust in Black America ►

  5. Peter Davidson

    He opens his mouth and lets his belly rumble..Iran know Boris is a wimp

  6. Guardian News

    UK summons Iranian ambassador after oil tanker drone attack ►

  7. Josho

    what the dog doin

  8. Bold and C

    Jian Xina

  9. martinishful

    Boris your full of it...resign

  10. Darren Jones

    I wonder if the German prime minister will do something similar

  11. Chad Bridges

    yh but t's not what you think is it ,everyone knew that was coming,doing what his paymasters tell him ,dug

  12. Gamingturtle

    now that is how you get a interview. that dog is a real go getter.

  13. Christopher • 24 years ago • Updated

    666~ you will take the mark of the beast or you will go to jail.

  14. Merdaw63 - YELLOWFLAG Misiu

    When the Iranian establishments were attacked, no evidence was needed and no consequences. The evidence Johnson & Co will come up with is the same evidence used against Lebanon, Somalia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and......

  15. Skymaster 47

    The British people should drain these warmongering swamp monsters once and for all.

  16. Venixuro '

    “I'm not a cat". -The lawyer who trapped in the form of cat.

  17. Tora Tomatoe

    When are the mongols going to apologise for what they did riding all over the world causing bother.

  18. Dirt Gambit

    Boris pretending he cares about a british national is the funny part

  19. SvendleBerries

    Hobbits must have gotten into Gandalfs tent again.

  20. Psyfidelphic Shkezi

    lol😂🤣🤣🤣 more planned economic disasters coming brought to you by the backers of world wide the banking cabal that runs little boris boy

  21. The Invisible Giraffe

    Stay out of US & Iran politics Boris or risk probability of attacks in UK. Its US issue NOT ours

  22. Mohammed G

    All just playing bad cards, you attack & they attack. You face consequences, they face consequences. Final results humans are dying. Shame

  23. Thomas Cahill

    Woah mom look at the bir- AUGH👹😈👿👹👹👿EE🤖🤖🤖👾🤖🤖

  24. It'sFrankie

    "I was a private buisinesspeople." -Donald Trump, 2020

  25. Keith Matthew

    6+ months later. How'd that '100 days' work out for us? Defend Freedom Now.

  26. Boris Corruption

    Hold China accountable

  27. Fun with us

    Please pray for turkey

  28. steve adams

    Haven't both Iran and Israel been attacking eachother's ships? Are we really this corrupt? How about we hold both Iran and Israel responsible for reckless behaviour in globally strategic waters. How about the West at least tries to look credible. Pathetic.

  29. Крот 01

    Remove Johnson from office.

  30. Derek Swinton

    Invasion of Iran, for it's oil predicted over the last 20 years. Looks like Iraq's oil is dwindling now.

    1. Derek Swinton

      @Nok su Kao Don't be silly, you anti-semitic racist.

    2. Nok su Kao

      It's more thanjust oil. Its called "the greater Israel project' which goes from Euphrates River to the Nile River. Which means alot of these countries have to be destabilised so Israel can get their goal. This is what it's all been about for 100 years.

  31. Nok su Kao

    The financial interest of this Democracy are victorious over the true National interests. Once more, the nations' blood must be at the service of the money of this small group of interested people.

  32. Jim Bean

    But yet no consequences for China after what they’ve done to the world?

  33. Draga Lochta

    Any evidence? Or is it just another WMD scenario like they done with Saddam. Perception of a problem wait for the reaction and offer up their predetermined solution of attack Iran, as outlined in many a document including the PNAC document marking it for regime change.

  34. spooky1025

    Another made up storyline 💤

  35. Mia T

    Is he wrong 🤷🏻‍♀️

  36. Gary Hendrie

    I think you'll face the consequences of your human rights breaches first.

  37. Samantha Giguere

    “I’m prepared to go forward with it” This man is willing to continue lawyering with a kitten filter on. Bless him.

  38. Jon Emery

    A tanker full of covid ! Heading our way ! From evil Iran ! Time for mandated shots all round ...waffle waff

  39. Animal Lover

    Nature is most beautiful 😻

  40. obaid afzal

    So how come Israel don't respect international law, you don't say anything about that.

  41. HondaMan Vtec

    Thats not a microphone Thats an bif ice cream

  42. Eddie Mcgrath

    Robert Smith is Sylvester Stallone's mother now

  43. Mo Jimmy


  44. A.

    Don't believe a word that comes out of his lying mouth. He doesn't have any authority in this country anymore. Most people see him as a corrupt joke and would spit at his feet in the street.

  45. Utopia75

    Run run trump run...

  46. Yafie A Raihan Productions

    Sounds Like Radar Transmission Alarm.

  47. craig B

    How about your outrageous attack on our freedom you hypocrite!!! How anyone can listen to this fool is beyond me

  48. Sharon Barrett

    When I feel disempowered I watch this

  49. Dean James

    They will cut Irans foreign aid by 50% and spaff it up a wall somewhere 🤣🤣😍🤣

  50. Spring Sun

    Title isn't correct!!!

  51. Pete Moyer

    Now that we’ve seen the “10% for the big guy” texts it makes sense why Joe would lash out at a guy for asking a simple question about Hunter.

  52. saxxymanene

    The best news: this dog.

  53. Emil Emil


  54. Herculean

    We don't deserve dogs

  55. Ben Holland

    Maybe these rich people who benefit from the oil should fight there own war !!! Disgusting humans, this is what happens when you live for power and ego, what happened to humans

  56. _XEM Ajax_

    USS Liberty?

  57. David 777

    Alot of fans of the ayatollah here

  58. Stuart Sellars

    I think Boris Johnson should face consequences for his crimes against the British people

  59. Ferocious Bumble Bee

    Wait .. isn't this the guy that was holding the confederate flag while wearing a grey sweatshirt, tan vest and blue jeans? Now that's suspicious.

  60. Ben Holland

    Why are we puppets for America, it isn’t even a country it’s a business now

  61. Ben Holland

    What’s wrong with these disgusting people that run the world, what happened to the human race, all for ego power and money, leave these countries alone

  62. Ben Holland

    We and America must be the biggest terrorists in the world 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  63. SpamReciever420

    Listen, I hate cops too, but I'd certainly not be stopping

  64. Debbie Curtis

    The Illuminati love to play chess with humans as pawns. Believe nothing the demon class (politicans) tell you. Government means 'mind control'. Media (Medea), was the goddess of illusion and sorcery. Don't believe a word the media (Medea ) tell you.

  65. Reena Khan

    What about Israel killing hundreds of Palestinians What’s your view on that ?

  66. Raven Creation

    I think anyone would want to grab that microphone, it's so colorful, and it looks like you could eat it

  67. Paul Wallis

    Julia you should of had a look at some of your own Males on the front bench who are evil disguisting men

  68. Jeff Hambleton

    When I see Iranian naval ships off the coast of Florida and Israel. When I see UK war ships off the coast of China. Iran is a sovereign state just like America and China which is more than I can say for Israel.

  69. Voyager 89

    This dog is a troll haha

  70. user

    Does he study Mein Kampf as well by this logic? I highly doubt.

  71. Marc Ken E. Arbas


  72. Sop Ketat

    See malaysia politician ... very sas

  73. よよ


  74. Tahu Tape

    Free plestine

  75. Mary

    I don’t believe this is the prime minister of UK, what a shame!

  76. Spencer B

    ALL NEGATIVE!! NEGATIVE NEGATIVE NEGATIVE. 👎 I will be a life long critic of you because of the way you treated this man.