When I was a kid, I had a fascination for programming and graphic design. Music kind of just happened spontaneously a few years back. I found a track on PLshows I liked a lot - it inspired me and it made me start exploring producing myself. Everything started online with people, or rather nicknames, from around the world helping each other out. Now music is a big part of my life.

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  1. Marta martiniana

    Happy birthday Alan Walker

  2. Mitali Sharma

    I dont know why! Just why! This song depresses me hard



  4. Gladys Sanchez


  5. Xinyi Sun

    It's the Old version of A.W !!

  6. Derex Asmad

    Recuerdo el dia cuando nacio esta musica

  7. OswaldoYT

    wow, 6 years of dating and I keep listening

  8. Annisa Putri Kurniyawan Icha


  9. Xinyi Sun

    This is Blast from the Past !!

  10. Nastaran_ N

    1:34 this looks familiar 👀 it kinda looks like red nexus RX-8 2:18 okayyyyy.👀

  11. •Jermin•

    Alan, you always surprise me with your new music and songs! You're always improve your music more and more and you always changing your style.... Thank you for making me always happy! God bless you and your family and stay safe, too.

  12. Xinyi Sun

    He looks different in this video , I usually saw him with purely golden hair !!

  13. Marcio Robalo afilhado .M.R.A

    Uma das melhores musicas q eu ja ouvi na humilda mesmo .

  14. Samir cestari de lima Cestari De Lima

    Tem brasileiro aí 2021 pandemia

  15. Ely Nobrr

    Minha filha ama essa musica escuta todo dia🇧🇷

  16. Samir cestari de lima Cestari De Lima

    Tem brasileiro aí em 2021 na pandemia

  17. Silvia cristina Saltos flores

    Quien escucha esta música en el 2021😍😘


    Every alan walker apload a video is a best to hear i love alan 10000% wish hes ok there

  19. Jhonatan Mercado ledezma


  20. Rahil Salim Vohra

    Love you alan walker are the best ❤❤❤❤❤

  21. Skeppys_Penguin

    petition for alan to make a movie! ( Someone make one lmao )

  22. Big Goose

    Last year, on 11th May, I almost committed suicide and this song saved me

  23. Estellyn Wright



    stuck in my mind already !

  25. Humid Wheat

    Perfect for gloomy weather.

  26. Catherine Cárcamo


  27. Rafael Bravo

    hola!!!!!! soy un comentario random en español!!!! Si lees esto entonces disfrutá de la buena música!!!

    1. Rafael Bravo

      @benjamin rodriguez yo también me se algunas y está pero lo importante es que te guste

    2. benjamin rodriguez

      @Rafael Bravo En el comentario iba a decir que me sonaba antes del "wow" pero como no me acuerdo de donde no lo escribí pero claramente me conoces a la perfección jejeje y pues si muy buena canción del mismo autor de faded, no conocía muchas canciones de Alan walker pero estas 2 que conozco son muy buenas

    3. Rafael Bravo

      @benjamin rodriguez ay casi denunció tu comentario jsjs oye si que buena canción algo me dice que ya la conocías antes

    4. benjamin rodriguez

      Entendido mi amor...OH MY GOD esta canción wow es muy buena Gracias por añadirla a tu playlist te amo Rafita

  28. Jesús Santacruz

    \ \ \ \ / \ \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / /\ \ \ / / \/ / / /\ \ \/ / / /\ / / \ \ / /\ / / \ \/ / \ \/ / \ \ \ / \ / \ \ \ \

  29. Jane Zhao


  30. Sarnarenu Mandal

    Let's see how many legends are fan of Alan walker, from India 🇮🇳❤️?

  31. Hanna Dobrusia

    I love Alan Walker

  32. Pupila Cósmica

    My name is @Larabrunnquell (instagram) I am Brazilian, composer and independent producer. There is a clip available on my channel called backstage. If you can leave your opinions ... Thank you very much.😁💋

  33. by mArV1N

    FAded i love

  34. Amin Kh

    We never go to (darkside) walker. NEVER FORGET THIS

  35. Straze Robotics

    This song has changed PLshows forever I’m not even joking.

  36. by mArV1N


  37. Shankhadip Mondal

    Till now, this song hits hard🔥🔥

  38. mustafa alnuaimi

    I wish you could come to my house

  39. Daniela Yılmaz


  40. Wanda Rodriguez


  41. Wanda Rodriguez

    My ig is currently wandafranco32 Tag me in the draws that you want thanks

  42. Bossman V

    The nostalgia hits hard on this song don’t know it just me but we all vibed to this song years ago

  43. Electrified

    How about 2021?🇮🇷

  44. Isel Hernandez


  45. Daniela Yılmaz


  46. Daniela Yılmaz


  47. Daniela Yılmaz


  48. Daniela Yılmaz


  49. Kim Linlo


  50. noxi


  51. Dream ELT

    I'm faded after listening this instrument

  52. Daniela Yılmaz

    Can a person listen to the same song over and over again without getting bored? Yes!! I liked this song so much 🧿🥰👏

  53. Grookey keeper Madi

    This needs 3billion views right now

  54. Duda Cunha

    cadê os BR?🇧🇷

  55. tha real one 2.0


  56. GalaxyJamJam

    This is a Masterpiece. Thanku

  57. Xepic gamerX

    Amazing song

  58. Lunice Noni

    Respect Alan Walker your news Song I love too much😍

  59. GalaxyJamJam

    I really hope I get to be in 1 of the concerts too ❤️

  60. TrainMaster_123

    920 more likes until 1M @Alan Walker

  61. Timothy Vandoorn

    This song in pub g


    I like this song

  63. ömer subaşı

    This concert is the peak for you, as you know, there is a descent after the summit :(

  64. Dwayne

    3million left

  65. Daniela Yılmaz

    Can a person listen to the same song over and over again without getting bored? Yes!! I liked this song so much❤️🧿🧿👏

  66. Eduardo Fertana

    Aquí estamos

  67. Sara Oficial


  68. Dylan gamingYT


    1. Mattia Plebani


  69. Archlandplayz

    This is my new fav song I listen to it every day live 10 times a day

  70. Hyper Cyberking


  71. Рустам Бектимиров

    Соу голд

  72. وليد الخطيب

    I love you

  73. Valère De Bry

    I love the theme a lot of this video. I wish I was also a young artist like that.

  74. Jolyn Nightcore

    Alan Walker+Ava Max=Pure Awesomeness

  75. chet0

    Nobody: Minecraft tutorial in 9 years ago:

  76. Ayuni Hayat

    Love from indonesian 🇮🇩 legends my alan walker❤️

  77. Albert Trejo


  78. Daniela Yılmaz

    The best album I've listened to lately. We love you Walker world! ❤️🧿🧿👏