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  1. Tiago Cabral

    Im here because unc is off for due to his hip replacement and I missed him ❤️❤️😂😂

  2. MLOEntertainment1

    Since when was LeBron humble? Same guy who called himself the goat.

  3. Matthew Bracken

    Dallas will be know for the WALL this year !!!!

  4. Enrique H

    Lebron really is the narrative king, a few days ago they were a super team best team in the west and now they’re underdogs???

  5. The great Del

    The Miami heat weren’t dominant during Lebron era 😳 they were to the chip 4 times & won twice. They were pretty dominant

  6. Luis Gomez

    Where skip and shannon at?

  7. Pp B

    The guy on the left shouldnt ever be on tv again

  8. Ray M.

    I swear dudes are just copying and pasting comments they made about the 2020 Lakers squad…… I mean might as well!

  9. fancypants

    Who is this boy/man? Loose him, get new host.

  10. Transparent Eclipse

    When are skip and Shannon coming back? I don’t mean to be rude but these guys are super boring

  11. Alex Nechifor

    Get rid of those 2 clowns and let Chris have a vacation. Those muppets are putting him in the grave.

  12. Mac Iller

    Jason McIntyre makes it hard for me to watch in its entirety

  13. Eli Nicolas

    Chris Broussard, being possibly the most accepting and forgiving person in their field, is the only one who can stand the stupidity and rudeness of McIntyre, plus the oft-mediocre opinions and delivery of Arrington. Chris WISHING Skip and Shannon to be back. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  14. Cleon Pierre

    Chris got called out for being a lebron apologists in the past, so he just changing up trying to be a subtle antagonist but looking silly with his takes 🙄😒

  15. Gball Carter

    Look at jaynac and Chris always goin at it lmao

  16. Keith McCalla

    Jmac is annoying

  17. DominicanSavage

    Its about the narrative...all he wants ...if they win or make noise... dont say its a super team or they have to much what you expect....since all thats being said now is they cant shoot, old AF, etc. but LBJ need to just be quiet and play.

  18. Killstreetzone

    I can’t watch the show if skip and Shannon not on it

  19. nick robinson

    Where is skip and Shannon preseason football starting free agency went crazy where y’all at 😂😂😂

  20. Justin Urena

    Who are these people?

  21. Tim Cartwright

    how many title will LBJ WILL HAVE AS A SPUR

  22. Riz Alam

    They turning this into Radio show vibes forgetting this is TV LOLLL

  23. Orlando Reyna

    I am a True cowboys fan . I just gotta be blunt and honest even though I strongly believe it was the new coordinator we had last season that wanted to rush the change with no off-season to implement that new system. Anyhow we did suck but this year we will be top 15 if not better .

  24. LeeTravius Mckay

    Lavar says a lot without saying anything

  25. Jack Climas

    Chris “LEBRAAAAAAAAAAAN” Broussard

  26. Kemuri Jo

    Lavar with the straight elementary word salad. You alright bruh?

  27. Chapo Supreme

    Chris don’t be slick you literally said you give them a “punchers chance” in the West!

  28. Chris Smith

    LeBron BETTER win ot all...you got FOUR fisrt ballot HOFers as starters...NO EXCUSES...he better not flop again and fall apart with ANOTHER Superteam and people still think hes a mount Rushmore player period... everyone is saying the Lakers are gonna sweep the league...well time to put up or shut up Lebron

    1. ivan tavarez

      You're including dwight howard as a starter,just checking? LBJ, AD,RW, DH?

  29. Emilio Gonzalez

    Man too bad none of this is going to matter because Lakers in 4 🤷and Russ and Melo get their ring

  30. Michael Morris

    Of course he is gonna say that about the cowboys because he played for the Redskins and they hated the cowboys

  31. Space Mountain

    Jmac is annoying af

  32. Big Bruv

    Some people will do extreme mental gymnastics to make lbj look better. Insert eyeroll

  33. Frank Champion

    The numbers people are projecting for Lebron 😂😂 oh man people are clueless I almost feel bad for Lebron he has people thinking he can defy father of time

  34. Dante

    Dallas has no corners or safety's so that rank doesn't surprise me

  35. LeeTravius Mckay

    The Giants and WFT will have something to say about that

  36. blue diamond gem

    The dude on the left is one of those brain dead fake news guys.

  37. Kwasi Sherman

    Get jmac outta here please

  38. Jeanmi Ess

    We really needed Skip and Shannon on this one.

  39. Alan George Johnson

    Chris Broussard da real MVP 💀

  40. LeeTravius Mckay

    Nun of Dan Quinn defenses have been top 10-15

  41. The Account

    Broussard bout had it with J Mac. But honestly we all have, getem outta here.

  42. Frank Champion

    Lebron fans in for a rude awakening next season

  43. Lance.da.legend

    Watch if the Lakers win they will say LeBron has a stacked team...right after everybody is saying this team is.old

    1. Lance.da.legend

      @ivan tavarez I just want all these laker haters to keep the same energy that the Lakers are an old team when we win the chip

    2. Lance.da.legend

      @ivan tavarez I think it is...that's y I think they will win it all....but everybody is hating on the roster saying it's too old..I love the roster

    3. ivan tavarez

      So it's not a stacked team? 3 all nba players is not a superteam?

  44. Lincz

    Chris stressed with these guys

  45. Ben Dover

    Day 20 without Skip and Shannon: my mornings continued to be ruined

  46. LoZo Strong

    Every time a person is called out for hatin (CB), they get all emotional and the first thing they say is I’m not hatin 🤪

  47. Elia Fuimaono

    An Essentials of Argumentation course would do wonders for these cats

  48. LeeTravius Mckay

    The Cowboys had one of the worst defenses last year

  49. marvin pettey

    This guy Jason literally doesn’t listen to the argument being argued. It’s really annoying

  50. D C

    Tf are Shannon and skip

  51. blue diamond gem

    LePEDs has the most talented team ever assembled. HE GOT HELP, NO EXCUSES.

    1. MindofJay

      Most talented when? Maybe six years ago lol. No excuses for what? Dude has 4 finals mvps. Just admit you’re a hater.

  52. Michael Hyland

    The neat customer analytically wonder because duck philosophically decide minus a automatic lotion. laughable, brief aquarius


    The last part made me laughed lol "if it doesn't work Lebron will ship out like Dwade and Drose during Cleveland days" lolol

  54. LeeTravius Mckay

    With Dan Quinn they might give up a 25 point lead

  55. Alexander Spivey

    Lavar needs to be drug tested for what he said yesterday Micah parsons comparable to Sean Taylor

    1. Dc 4life

      @Youngmoneyd1 As a cowboys fan I agree Parsons might be great but what he said yesterday was blasphemy (in my SAS VOICE) and disrespectful.

    2. Youngmoneyd1

      He needs to issue a public apology

  56. J V

    Alot of fans still have the “lebron cant win without a super team” energy though

    1. swae

      @Chris Smith ain’t no excuses but this isn’t a super team, the only person in they prime is AD and he’s injury prone

    2. Chris Smith

      I mean he did go out and get two first round HOFers in Melo and Westbrook...thats four HOFers...no Excuses if he doesn't win it all

  57. Christian Wilder

    Man they on the LeBron getting hurt too hard his rolled that ankle earlier in the year and he came back and some body basically dived into it leaving him falling sideways come on man

  58. Alejandro Custodio

    Where tf is Skip and Shannon, tired of these bums🤨

  59. onidtubes

    How many future hall of famers does Lebron need to help him win titles? 10? Ridiculous!

  60. sharif s

    This was skips biggest dub

  61. deez nutz

    Eyes cocked like a pistol 🔫

  62. senoir butta

    wait lebron....shouldnt be be keep dat same energy when it ENDS??? 🤔🤦🏿‍♂️🤣

  63. Duff Man187

    Remember this if he gets a ring...🍻🍺

  64. Child Of Judah

    This team really not even old, folks don’t know what there talking, Bron play like he 30, other that Dwight and Ariza, everybody else kinda young

  65. LeeTravius Mckay

    Imagine if lebron only addressed his haters when he wins a championship

    1. Chris Smith

      Keep that same energy when he doesn't 😂🤣

  66. Stephen

    Lmao there’s only one “J Mac” I know about and he’s not this guy 😂

  67. Darius G.

    Seems like a bunch of f**k boys on the Clippers. That's why Trez bounced. He a real dude.

  68. Amadeus

    I don't know why but J-Mac's face annoys me lol

  69. LeeTravius Mckay

    Imagine if lebron had that killer mentality like MJ did

  70. Vidal Solis

    LeBron for MVP

  71. Christopher Blake

    CB can’t wait for Skip & Unc to return 😂

  72. Money888

    Lavar not as bad as i thought Just very passive aggressive & Weird but in a good way 😂😂

  73. Gilly Writes Comics

    If he wanted to keep that energy, he should've never deleted the Tweet

  74. JC Gang

    Chris is fed up with J Mac😭😭😭🤣😭🤣🤣😭

    1. Basketball God

      chris is acting dumb tho sounding like skip


    where the a team at

  76. JAM229

    21:35 What about 2019 Chris? I remember Lebron tweeting revenge season and they won the title.

    1. Frank Champion

      Didn’t have to play the clippers and beat a 5 seed that was missing two of their 3 best players. Lebron: “one of the greatest title runs in nba history” 😂

    2. Lance.da.legend

      @Chris Smith who care if ppl like take it serious...they got the banner hanging up..and the trophy

    3. Chris Smith

      Bruh no one is taking that bubble tittle seriously except w few Laker fans 😂🤣

  77. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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