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  1. Klinch Official

    I hope there's Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact 2.

  2. gtoss chddy

    Imagine if it was a real Polish PM. The line instead would go "I must tax all the people of Poland".

  3. Wiremu Connor

    This man us the time loop

  4. Hettiara Toboali

    please don't stop continuing this game..

  5. Jakub Matuszak

    Mateusz Morałiki?

  6. DylanXW3,Game Production

    New Katamari game coming soon?

  7. BDG 303

    Did we will got dlc or little nightmare 3?

  8. Młody V

    poland moutain

    1. gtoss chddy

      Czemu ja w to nie wierzę, no niemoge

  9. เด็กชายนภดล วิญญานะ

    All​ enemy : it's time​ to​ die Derren brown​ : *slaps​ fingers*

  10. Nuce 89

    please, i want little nightmare 3

  11. Queen Of Cavies

    This has to be an early April fools joke

  12. iamOrigami


  13. Boris Soto

    Natalia Poklonskaya

  14. leemary santiago

    Can We Get Little nightmares3Can you can and this like this

  15. Saba Arab

    everyone paid for it and i got cracked for free...

  16. Daryl Dixon TwD

    To nieźle

  17. Golden Rush

    First game that's horror cute dark and cool

  18. Kris Kowalski

    Atak kończący- opodatkowanie na polskich warunkach !

  19. TTomii TTaczeR

    Dobrze ż Najmana nie dali...a w sumie było by zabawnie, choć trochę wstyd by było.

  20. Mixal S

    Dodajcie ją, Pudziana i Najmana 😂👌

  21. Zeed Cannon

    Pc version please

  22. denis

    Everyone is like the wait is painful, and here am I discovering this almost two years later.

  23. Evitha Garcia

    Spoiler: Little nightmares 3 pls? I know y’all will prob not make it since tarsier already said so but pls😭 are u rlly gonna leave us behind like this😭 like I know ln2 is a prequel to ln1 but I wanna know what happens to six (ending of ln1) after she left the place. I wanna know where she went after that since she was literally surrounded by the ocean. Pls 😭 I’m begging its such a good game

  24. Memes Posting

    Co kurwa

  25. Dr. Everything

    Does Luffy knows he's immune with thunder why is he running from it...

    1. ツHypnotonic

      because he could hit civilian

  26. Suzuki Shogun

    Indonesian Fighter Please...

  27. GrabItSqueez

    Please make a combo called "Tusk's fault"

  28. Adrian Gos

    Mam nadzieję że nie będzie to wyśmianie naszego kraju z tym co sie u nas dzieje...

  29. pri katsu

    Please little nightmares 3

  30. 天手力

    what up with all the dislike ?

  31. Amir Warner

    0:50 is that swagkage???

  32. kunimitsu 9000

    The new stage is in Poland i think

  33. Automat 09

    I wish we had a prime minister like her

  34. Anonimowy Człowiek


  35. Anonimowy Człowiek

    Czemu ja w to nie wierzę, no niemoge

  36. MOATh ,

    Bandi bandi bandi bandi bandi bandi bandi bandi bandi bandi bandi bandi bandi bandi

  37. Cegła INF


  38. Senpai Nor

    little nightmares 3

  39. azure zeed

    still waiting... if only people hadn't bugged the director so much that he decided to restart the game from scratch

  40. Pavel Igorevich

    i want dark souls 4 please release it, and release with low system requirement just like previous games.

  41. Smilee

    its your friendly neighbourhood luffy

  42. Pioter008tv

    Co to za kurwa babsztyl

  43. Lianize

    Is the music used in the trailer the same as the one used in-game? If not whats this theme called?

  44. Nuka Dash

    I knew it this is Not the original kunimitsu it’s her daughter

  45. дима и маркус play

    Why bandai namco you stop working on little nightmares 2

  46. Groisu


  47. Эстер Ксарён

    Ten dubbing tak nie pasuje

  48. Krest3r

    Dalej z tego rżę jak koń

  49. Blaine Blaine

    Maybe there will be an update about the game at sony's state of play. At least I'm hoping

  50. Bolia Fops

    Teraz tylko czekać na trailer gdzie się leje z Dragunovem o gaz

  51. Sleggar Law

    That's badass. How about a professional hockey player from Canada next

  52. Saher Sohail

    Db rb3

    1. Saher Sohail

      @Bolia Fops are you trying to be hyped about my comment or this video

    2. Bolia Fops

      Im just really trying to figure out why i should be hyped about this?

  53. Amara W

    I'd listen to an audiobook if he read it

  54. Manuel Alcala

    Me:@1:09 when I don’t get my damn ranch at a fast food restaurant. Implosion Explosion 💥

  55. Wesley C

    A legend is hereeee!!

  56. Jeof D

    I thought it was Eminem ,


    Best trailer ever 🥶

  58. man in a frog suit

    Its2021 and I still fanboy out from these trailers. See y'all in 2029

  59. ۵ χια Dყɳαʂƚყ ۵

    ♡~ ROLL TIME! ~♡

  60. reymart Garciano

    My favorite scene of the little nightmare 2 is teachers long neck

  61. Braus00


  62. Jefinho

    Sacanagem, queria ver a Cristie Monteiro de volta, faz falta a capoeirista 😕

  63. shoriyu Ken

    The thing that gets me is how she actually looked happy for him at first 😂

  64. ExtraordinaryStands

    0:12 ka need a sun tan, ah-kun no monster!

  65. Roblox Gamer

    I am thinking that this game is about child stress. The school area can give some students stress, the doctors, in a house. If you are wondering why in a house. Abusive parents.

  66. xX_ _ slasher _ _ Xx

    I feel so sad for mono. Why did they do this ending 🤦🏿‍♂️

  67. MoonfoxfighterPH

    Litte nightmares 3? The final one?

  68. Eduardo Miguel Sosa Villarreal

    1:09 Escuche: Do you know the way ._.XD

  69. Houston Lomax


  70. boruto uzumaki

    Il be kid naruto

  71. Moustache D. Luffy

    Too funny that you guys did this stream today, cuz I just took advantage of dat eShop sale and bought the game earlier today. LET'S ROLL! 😁

  72. RojoV TV

    O co chodzi ? I dlaczego tu się pojawia motyw Polski?

  73. Gym Leader Ed

    Is that the Japanese Voice actor for Jiraya?


    2:44 who tf is gonna have a "good night" after listening to this pant Popping creepy explaination

  75. Cococrash11

    Awesome Let's Play Katamari Damacy REROLL Video.

  76. Dominic Ocon

    Sasha belongs to the STREETS