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  1. Zaakir Jardine

    No whites should talk ✊🏽

  2. Zaakir Jardine


  3. Aryan Singh

    This reminds me of gta

  4. David Favreau

    Don't forget your history and be proud about it

  5. Photozetetic

    0:35 onward - This would be a bad time to be a slow moving pedestrian.

  6. Tita Rafalimanana

    Thank you 🙏

  7. mohamed shahid munshi

    Rifles for a car jacking really

  8. Aubrey Delafield

    possibly my favorite video on this site <3

  9. Brenden Pillay

    Rest in peace Stompie. Never forgotten. You will always be apart of our history. His mother is such a graceful woman. Much love to her.

  10. Crazy Videoholic

    Rooster sound was amazing

  11. Anonymous

    Both cars are smashed but "SOMEBODY'S GOT INSURANCE"🖕

  12. Edwin Hendricks

    And now it is exactly as you spoke

  13. Ryan Reddy

    That's why it's best to get a bukkie with big bull bars to run over them like a walk in the park I hate criminals taking what does not belong to them so great thinking from that driver

  14. David Zullish

    God bless Drokoborlala on PLshows I got cured from herpes virus if you need help contact him is the best...

  15. M Africa

    I just moved back to Southern Africa after over 45 yrs in California. After seeing these videos l see why there are so many electric fences in Johannesburg. It shocked me at first when l saw them

  16. TheSoarc

    Stupid people there..

  17. kgo xx playz red


  18. Melkizenderk Nili

    What do you mean smart? There's nothing smart about putting yourself more at risk of being shot. The smartest thing to do is always the safest. That is to just give the car over. Life is more valuable than money or materials.

  19. ADRIAN naidoo


  20. Amer Fiaz Ahmed

    The host should have named out animals to which he would make sounds....this makes him look more like a toddler guessing sounds with his dad lol

  21. Dark

    Tactical non mag reload to appear more threatening

  22. Sicario Megrella

    I'm yeh for my fakkin maneeh ninjah

  23. Joe Santos

    They should have just gave them the car... they ended up wrecking the car anyway. And risk getting shot at the same time for nothing.

  24. Jimmy Phillips

    Does insurance pay to repair ur car in this case?

  25. Deb J

    God is on the move. Love

  26. Key Himself

    Twice per day

  27. Nathan Gambriel

    After reading the comments im so happy to see im not a sissy and that this is the most primal and beautiful thing ive ever watched a gathering of humans do.

  28. Makabongwe Ngxota

    Why blur out the image. We are sick of these fucks robbing us.


    These idiots are comedians they dont insult her they just insulted them selves

  30. SoS Mula

    This makes me feel kinda emotional ngl....don't really know why but there's so much emotion behind it, truly must be amazing to witness the power firsthand on such a special day.

  31. Enrico Rick rick

    Lucky Amateurs and stupid securities

  32. forrest bajema

    why are we still here Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg… and my arm… even my fingers. The body I've lost… the comrades I've lost

  33. avery vasquez

    Love watching these. They never fire their guns. They are definetlt fake guns lol.

  34. Benson Jim

    Dr Ehizojie got parmanent remedy to HSV 1/2 with his Africa natural herbs.

  35. Z34 Teague


  36. Club Dusty


  37. Vavavu Shop

    South africa is horrible if you own anything

  38. Lock Smith

    You doing good job sar good bless you

  39. G.T. G.T.

    Driver shouldv rammed them and killed them the second time he had a chance. A ram into thar car while they were all trying to put in the bag....

  40. Rui Sarmento

    Free South Àfrica...HAHAHAHAHAhahahahahah.Antes eram os brancos ....agora são aqueles que diziam que eram os brancos....

  41. Daniel j Cor-i-ca

    Always a unnecessarily hysterical woman in these videos.

  42. Nkula Lesa

    South Africa for you

  43. Fishing Adventures Dubai

    Looks like a hellhole alright. I wonder how people even live there.

  44. Sey

    Well, they did it, lets hope they will buy a brain with all this cash, it's required !

  45. Jimmy Tran

    This fool got lucky they didn’t want to kill him because if they wanted to they could of killed him 2 times since he took an eternity to escape. Stupid luck is what it is.

  46. Jimmy Tran

    Stupid f*cks who was about to get murdered just to not lose there 20k$ car. They just lucky they wasn’t about that life because if they really was, they wouldn’t miss the head of this stupid driver.

  47. sinto anthony

    Music played in the background of this video??

  48. K Xtreme

    Failed state

  49. meg

    🤦‍♀️ this world will never change. It'll never be a good place. All you can do is do your best.

  50. Sizwe Zulu

    I just wandering if he can say those words again today in 2021 may.

  51. Jennifer Kenhood

    I happily recommend Dr Ehizojie to anyone with the virus, he got permanent cure to it. He cured mine with his Africa natural herbs.

  52. Tamil Amudha Bharadan R

    When I take weight materials my hand automatically start this common for all??

  53. Powder_ Days

    It's like a warzone...

  54. Rev. Leon P. Leon

    Damn, this brother is good. All I ever got from God was a text and a couple of emails.

  55. Juan Ayala

    Este ritual me emociona

  56. Daniel de Jager

    Just saw that - that is Robertsham in Johnnesburg South

  57. Man of Culture Allanzo

    who gave these idiots guns?

  58. sxlmxh

    I don't know why, but I get so emotional watching the traditional haka dance. Makes me feel warm inside 🥺

  59. Tim Edmonds

    Thats fun.

  60. Manuel Costa

    This is pure and Raw emotion and respect. This must be one of the greatest sightings of devotion and respect, not only for the vastly dense cultural roots but also because this is just something beautiful...

  61. Kiona Lyman

    I cry every time I see the haka performed. I can just feel the emotion going into it, I was right with bride lmao

  62. Diana Elizabeth

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  63. Bart Steneker

    So much energy..... goosebumps here.

  64. David Giles

    I've travelled the world and have S.A. friends. It's one country I'll give a pass. Most of the doctors in our Canadian town are from S.A. The video is the reason. Here they and their children are safe.

    1. Grama Phone

      Mostly happens in joburg

  65. Zinaida Morozova

    Me Deus 🙏

  66. Zinaida Morozova


  67. Lucas M

    How does this help people not die🤣

  68. ToothLess_WAO

    Ser un teh Windows clan un the winfdow

  69. Ian Mangham


  70. Sunshine

    In Africa, more car thieves than in US.

  71. Charlotte Amelia

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  72. lin kuei

    Just like that?

  73. White Ivy

    I always get goosepumps. So much energy

  74. Dale Rogers

    Waste of my time, don't subscribe to this channel.

  75. claudia hillman

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  76. elcormoran1

    Always bashing the Russians

  77. Eric Castle

    No licence that's why he is giving the cop a hard time L O L

  78. Mona