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  1. Rose Lysaght

    Blbiblbl hahahahahahahaha

  2. Linda

    Yessssss guuuuurl!

  3. Ayana Bryant

    meanwhile the husband talks oh so calmly

  4. Akshaya

    This has a better plot than most movies i have seen

  5. Jan van de Ven

    Catcrack indeed

  6. Mark Austin

    Well described title, really well described title 👏 👏👏


    Best Gog ever

  8. Fonzie Bulldog


  9. cpt191021


  10. Frank G.


  11. Jonathan Stephens

    Lock the door?

  12. Kay Rascon

    There's so much in one clip 😂😂

  13. provokedRobin 60

    Is that a river otter?

  14. Hmm

    a speech therapist can help a child with development issues..

  15. Ahmad Elbantani


  16. T5 HUB

    Salute to the driver 🌸

  17. Adithya C.B


  18. John Carlo Infiesto

    Sadt Appa Noises

  19. Trollin 4 lolz

    Uhh gratz? I guess....if that's your defining moment then that's pretty sad

  20. Nikolas

    angry floppa

  21. Jake Heke

    Ho ho ho

  22. Sam Quinn

    He just wants help and doesn’t know how to ask

  23. Mr Yang Song

    Apple: I believe I can fly

  24. ALEJANDR093c

    Los talcos pal fre

  25. peete 420

    They made it loose. She not all that

  26. SKY

    The cat must be asking for an adoption

  27. Deadly Snake YT

    why she crying? poor creature just wanted a hair cut🥺

  28. Sheena Beana

    I like how Dotty turned her head when the owner asked if she could have a word with Steve... She was like my name is Bennett and I'm not in it 😂😭

  29. Ankit L

    did she say scheiße

  30. Bozhidar Petrov

    Stop talking and the bird ll fall asleep for real. Loud persons

  31. mahesh bs

    She: I am practicing Ramp walk.. Escalator : LOL..😂

  32. Ωhmα PlayMaker Beyblade


  33. Nishit Er

    She knew airbags would save her

  34. marron mood

    Meeeow meeeoow mrrrrrrerrr meooow

  35. akAsha6E6D

    Greece takes notes,this is how you treat donkeys!!!

  36. Henry Zepeda

    *Hope everyone’s ex who deserves it goes through the same thing!* xD

  37. James Cosgrove

    That kid had places to be

  38. Paradise997

    press 6 on repeat. enjoy.

  39. ANGEL GO

    What men???

  40. Elusive Technique

    It didn’t explode. It fell apart... very fast

  41. Christian Jiang

    That thing looks like a hunk in the thumbnail

  42. Steve Smith

    Omg omg omg. He's dumping his 4 other bitches. 🤣🤣🤣

  43. GTRdeamon

    I see this boy needs a lesson or two. Grabbing the biggest news paper and folding it. Come here boy, it won't hurt that much... I think😈 Seconds later dog howling from the news paper slapping.

  44. Krahesticks

    Why would someone dislike this? Its literally everything the title says.

  45. Way of the Dog MHDogman

    Steve is awesome!

  46. Владимир Петров

    It's over spider man! Cat crack has been legalized! Ehehehehe

  47. Hiran

    I didn't see it. I was checking out mom

  48. Avi Avi

    That's how you open it you have to poke it into something to loosen the seal.

  49. Đ0Gz 3OOO

    Queen of that floor

  50. Vida La Burns

    Im crying with you buddy ❤

  51. Courtney 3000


  52. Ally Jay

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 😂

  53. Андрей

    у кота похоже бешенство.

  54. RedheadGang

    0:40 That girl in front of the camera rolls the drums LOL

  55. Ishita Dasgupta

    Oh god that dog is the cutest beast ever!🥺🥺🤧

  56. onee

    Steve was thinking, "Shut up or I'll eat you too."

  57. Ronelle Coetzer

    I like where she says: her new name is Amelia Grace. So cute. Enjoy

  58. Ronelle Coetzer

    I like where she says: her new name is Amelia Grace. So cute


    They definitely loosened it up for her

  60. BonillaOfficiel

    And vise-versa lol

  61. TheDuck

    0:16 *I Like Ya Cut G*

  62. Muhammad Umer

    Execute Helicopter.exe

  63. DenverDivaRound2

    Oh my gosh!!! ❤❤❤ How ADORABLE is this??!!!!

  64. Taylor Phipps

    “DIEEEEEE YOU ASSHOLEEEEE” And now you can’t unhear it ;)

  65. Lift-it LuKe

    0:40 I can actually translate what this dog said here "We'll that's not my fault... It's yours!"

  66. Trash Sniper

    *Windows shut down*

  67. 3mar

    listen this in 0.5x : 0:15 he said banana but not quite fluent

  68. GUTS 101

    Heartless woman.

  69. Selene

    This girl is Joey's reincarnation!

  70. Something Fake

    .... Damn how heavy was the mattress???

  71. chris george

    Anyone explains this without google?

  72. Tan Yaw Heng

    mutton's past

  73. Artemis Aria

    Bossy bossy girl😅😅😅😅😅like a bossy bossy girl

  74. duuh winning

    Lol @ the video cut off

  75. AdityaSingh Rajput

    Aur behen..aagaya swaad?? 😆

  76. Humza Khan

    We're all going to have this cuteness happened to us

  77. Bts Army

    I come to watch these kind of videos so that I can read all those funny commentaries about the videos.

  78. TastyTarco

    sir our sirens broken! quick go get the dog!

  79. Julie Handley

    Brill xx