Hey! My name is Zud, and I enjoy playing and uploading games such as Among Us, Minecraft and more!

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  1. HCraft

    To be fair, I’m not at all surprised that you’ve classed Henwy as a villain. He’s been the villain of the past couple series. Glad you managed to take action on the REAL grievers.

  2. Paul Wilking

    Tbh I think Lookumz was going a little crazy with that sheep. Just me?

  3. Gloxzii

    Bonus episodes at 100k subs?💤🤔🤔

  4. Evan Hughes

    Could you do the avatar mod for among us, with both the imposter having the power to turn in to ozai, (who can 1, use the power to shoot a fireball across the map using firebending, 2, rocket boost where you fly into the air and land to create a fiery blast, killing the crewmates using firebending. (i think the blast should be about the size of guns.)3, a fire whip where you create a fire small fire ring around the crewmate so they can't escape and you well, slice them in half using firebending. 4, a fire tornado forms around one crewmate slowly closing in to kill, and then, they get disintegrated leaving no body using firebending.) and also turn into Amon giving you the power of blood bending. (1, Amon gets to kill crewmates by blocking their energy as they collapse on the ground, but if Korra finds them before 15 seconds is up, they can stop the timer, but if they do not, they die by bloodbending. (note that it will only stun Aang or korra, and not kill.)2, Amon could blast crewmates of the planet or ship with water leaving no body using waterbending. 3, Amon could summon all the crewmates and aang or korra to the top of the map as the full moon appears and Amon (with a crewmate that he can chose)blood bends them and throws them to the moon, killing them using bloodbending. 4, Amon basically possesses one crewmate and messes with them, even making them kill using bloodbending.) now time for the good guy who can turn into Aang. (1, Aang gets the power to shoot a ball of fire at the fireball that is coming towards the crew mate to stop it using firebending. 2, Aang gets the power to be able to create a ball of rock around the crew mate that the that ozai has targeted in his fall from the fire jump using earthbending. 3, Aang gets the power to jump in the air using his glider and flying around the map going through walls and making sure nothing sus is happening using airbending. 4, Aang gets the power to create a water bubble around the crewmate that is in the fire tornado stopping it using waterbending.) but, they can also turn into korra (who gets the ability to unblock peoples energy and stop the timer using the power spirit bending. 2, korra gets the ability to stop the crewmates from being blasted off the ship by creating an ice wall using ice Bending. 3, korra gets the ability to create a giant robot using metal bending, to walk around the map faster, and pick up crewmates. 4, korra gets the power to use lightning bending to shock crewmates out of The Possession) Note that Aang gets the powers to stop Ozai, and Korra gets the powers to stop Amon. Now, if all the crewmates finish their tasks, Aang AND Korra get the power to go into avatar state, if you do it as Aang it will trigger a scene where Aang is putting his hand on Ozai's head, taking away his bending and making the crewmates win. If you do it Korra it will trigger a scene where Korra is blasting Amon with fire, water, Earth, and air as he dies making the crewmates win. and if the Imposter kills all the crewmates then it will just be a regular imposter win. (please do this I spent 5 hours writing this paragraph and I'm just a kid)

  5. Maricel Tabil

    Henry and Gerome wasthe one who are making the trolle and blame it on sigls

    1. Maricel Tabil

      Gerome and Henry have a earth wand and they stole people stuff

  6. Nicolas Brenes-Beltran

    imposter mod idea- witch role she can drink an invisibility potion she can throw a random potion on someone (random potions:slowness, poison, speed and a fifty-fifty potion) she can snap her fingers and it burns someone to death she can stab someone with her pointy nose and they die she can put a cauldron on someones head and their controls are jacked up and she can do a maze last one to get a potion in the cauldron dies

  7. Emmett Henline

    Idea for secret base room. Armory and secret vualt

  8. lol memes


  9. lol memes

    Do the DAB

  10. Gacha Emperor

    poor Lookum, all he has is his sheep and u 2 killed him… twice 😂

  11. Robby Kotambunan

    Ahh stupid Henwy

  12. I am Just Misa

    ~sniffs~ I smell a banger.

  13. Snowflake Editor

    Guys, this was my last video I'll edit for Zud for a little while! Please give it the love it deserves and get Zud to 100k subs, he is genuinely such a nice guy irl too! He deserves it!!!

  14. Aleck

    Imma be honest, I thought griefers in the title said giraffes, and I was excited for a moment.

    1. CrazyCorgi

      Omg same

  15. Brix Anthony

    the 1st person on camp mc that has a shop that isnt rip off

  16. Parker McCullen

    Zud won’t pin this

  17. Bita Mousavi

    Oh my god you killed old god sheep... That was too good i wanna know what will happen... lol

  18. lol purple lol

    I love your videos

  19. Caiden Duncan

    Henry is not competing with sigils he is making a UK base

  20. dog boy gaming

    I love your videos keep working hard

  21. Jammie Dodger

    Hi 👋!!!!!

  22. Zion Orire

    You could have just filled out the top with glass and it would have cleared the source blocks

  23. shkoTRG


  24. Ben Kerr

    Zud use glow inksacs on the signs

  25. ItsMegaGamer


  26. Fire Bro

    Love the videos

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  29. Mickayla Atkinson

    love you zud

  30. I'm Jake :)

    I'm 6 minutes in already now that REAL SPEED

  31. jhondoodley

    Im virst

    1. I'm Jake :)

      lol ur 3 minutes late

  32. Coles Videos

    Can I join camp Minecraft

    1. Coles Videos


  33. Martell Ruben

    I like your videos zud

  34. the krusty krab

    Hi zud

  35. Bunnicula 2011

    Sec lol

  36. I'm Jake :)


  37. Cvqr

    Noti gang

  38. James Malone

    Hi #subscribe

  39. MrBeast Burger


    1. the krusty krab

      Can i get a beast burger

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    3. Cvqr

      Nah u didn’t watch the whole video

  40. marksman gaming

    why are u so underrated?

  41. The prop

    lol hewny just wiggling his key because he trapped in reactor

  42. Jordan Collins

    Give k8 purple

  43. Dylan van Markus

    You’re a good PLshowsr zud let’s get to that 100k

  44. Plagg

    &you deserve 1.m subs!

  45. Plagg

    I never saw this but these are good stuff!


    It’s kind a like backwards when you’re the prisoner you’re a crewmate when you are trying to hunt the prisoner you’re an imposter do you know what I mean

  47. Coles Videos

    This was probably hard to make a imposter do tasks

  48. Jay_King123

    The Caveman/ Caveposter role Club - everyone has one and it stuns people for 7 seconds but as the imposter if E is pressed it would kill Mammoth - Summon a Mammoth to stomp on bodies to make them unreportable Hunt - Send a spear after a player (avoidable) Make Fire (minigame) - everyone has to make a fire with a manual they have been given Bone Eat - Goes invisible

  49. Brittany Sterling


  50. Brittany Sterling

    Do more of this mod

  51. Chris and Sarah Gardner/Kuchenreuther


  52. Parveen Akhtar

    Face ry file

  53. John Cox

    T H I S I S E P I C

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  56. AI3x PIays

    I’m late again whyyyyyyyyyy

  57. Pinkypie

    I wonder if he likes my comment 🧐

  58. Michael scarey Danso

    This mod is good and fun I like it i play among us before everyday I play among us

  59. Christian Hoegeng Wijaya

    This is epic to me to

  60. Dany Dny

    This mod is soooooooooooo epic

  61. Roblocraft245

    Imagine you just take everyone’s guns and don’t kill anybody

  62. Ali Moustafa

    That was so good

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  64. mom dod

    did SSundee make a video of this zud?

  65. Slavcho Slavchev

    Do you want to know a secret henwy end Jerome wanted to frame sigils by ya know doing all that end henwy end Jerome used the earth wand to do all the bedrock

  66. Slavcho Slavchev


  67. Gladiator 1😎


  68. Edxrr

    Close to 100k

  69. What’s up3050

    Like the vid

  70. Ewan OSullivan

    who else has noticed the epic music

  71. Richard Hendratta Alimsardjono Vianney

    How do you jus miss the crowbar

  72. Washifa Sultana

    can you post a part 2 this is so interesting

  73. Jacob Stone

    Honestly I am not even keeping track of how many times I have commented this Mod Idea: Tech imposter role They can put VR goggles on crewmates to mess up their controls They can force crewmates to watch a TV that will explode unless someone has a remote to save them They can pixelate them or crewmates anywhere around the map and there can be computers around the map for the impostor to hack to get points to use their powers PLEASE SEE THIS

  74. Simon Lewis

    He forgot the Light Wand!

  75. Eddie Rochette