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  1. Loxiza

    That’s cool you met Dominic or however you spell it

  2. zeroTwo

    sherman the virgin

  3. D wolf

    Lol Noah was waiting on the “peace” fur was supposed to say

    1. D wolf


  4. ayman asif


  5. Justina Hoffman

    I think it is worth $200,000023

  6. Sara's Shiny world

    Rug : at least a 100 pretty solid pretty solid Me who has 2 shoes that barely even fit: yeah Mhm...

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  8. eric khyriem

    luv u tug

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    me having 2 pairs of shoes

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    Hey faze rug I am a huge fan of you and your family can you please tell mama rug and papa rug I said hi. Today I bought some of your Merch I hope you see this comment have a great day!

    1. Katelynn S

      By the way I’m subscribed

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    Anyone one else when you get the notification that rug made a knew video you go straight on and keep waching

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    Jk the best guy


    that one officer is fine asl 😫😟

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    You suck

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    Your amazing Faze Rug

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    My dad is watching your dad’s tick-tock‘s

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    I didn’t know Donlad was the richest kid 😆

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    me and my friend just found chug rug in our local wawa it’s fire 🔥

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    Subscribe to ray lei

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    Rug dropped a bag on this video lol he probably made his money back though from the vid

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    ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 10/10

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    Shoes heaven

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    Rug could be the new Bad Bunny for next years Wrestlemania!

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    Faze rug destroy looks like Travis Scott

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    So many shoes I love it

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    Bro joey high as heck😂😂😂😂

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    a day before my bday!!!!!!

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  36. Israel Solomon

    The end is not surprising at all and it's really cring and I in Nablus you think so it's like a movie that a 4 year old boy wrote it has no logic it is unrealistic what happened here now you probably think I am a hater but I do not I tell the truth

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    Rug you lit

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    Its Real When Rug Signs The Heel

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    Keeping with the BANGERS

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    I find toxic waist at my local gas station and they’re not bad

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    Intresting rug vlogs are back

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    Donald Trump called me and said he wants to spray tan back Kermit the frog called me and said he wants his face back you look like a pencil who would win a pencil or you want to fight a pencil

  46. Iam Babyash

    Thats pay back for pranking everyone u can't trust😂

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    God bless everyone!

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    Faze Rug is so lucky I love Dominic and Rey Mysterio both my favorite I wish I could meet him or his dad Rey Mysterio

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    I really enjoy this video😊🤟 So kindness when give random people a pair of shoes🙏

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    I am only 2months late 🤭😂but here where I live we don’t have in and out 🥲

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    why is everyone doing this challenge?,

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    Do u still have ur basketball court


    speaking of shoes , I been wanting the Jordan 5s "what the". 😔😭

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    Faze rug I want you to give 500$to strangers if you can see this message I hope so because your the best and every one love your video and don’t give up on your dream and I hope you get 2mil subs have a great day and you are always the best

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    :Every comment WhO ElSe gOT ThIs 6 yEaRs LaTEr iN tHerye rEcOMnedennd

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