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  1. Tina Y

    Como é o nome da menina ruiva?

  2. Sani Louis Tamanikaiyaroi

    I love their voice better than fifth harmony❤

  3. Fabio Azevedo

    I would love to see Little Mix ft Faouzia eventually!

  4. Jovani Barrios

    Si me hace falta la voz de Jesy 🥺

  5. samuel Ballesteros aguirre

    I will love go to a concert GODDDD

  6. TWill Too Real 2


  7. stxtch_


  8. can this

    I used to be a fan but after this song, I'm now the actual air

  9. can this

    this is fire but the original will always be my favorite, it feels so odd without Jesy's voice

  10. can this

    this is fire but the original will always be my favorite, it feels so odd without Jesy's voice

  11. Martin Troncoso

    Presentense los que hablan español

  12. Matheus Viganigo

    Essa musica n sai da minha cabeça senhor! <3

  13. I'm not Jesy


  14. eerikxaa

    Where is the other member? 🥺

    1. Toneri Otsutsuki

      Jesy already left months ago, you can google it.

  15. Jessie Maata

    Happy Mother's Day Leigh Anne 💐❤️

  16. TWill Too Real 2


  17. __ That's_Me

    Happy Mother's Day to all incredible moms out there!

  18. I'm not Jesy


  19. Mamello Mkhize

    Did leighanne ever miss a concert Oooh that *oh* at the end 💋chefs kiss

  20. Viviane B


  21. Yangyang246 Iii

    I never forget this song😮💕

  22. Andrea Agassie Rempillo

    20 million views? Anyone?

  23. I'm not Jesy

    1.4M likea

  24. I'm not Jesy


  25. I'm not Jesy


  26. Esteban Rodriguez

    Nostalgic :,v

  27. Jayson Tayting

    jesy's rap makes me more gayier🤣

  28. Ulfi Nella Audia

    i remember one direction this video concept

  29. Lester Calosa

    4k+ to 100K Comments 8k+ to 600K Likes

    1. Stream confetti by little mix ft saweetie.

      *7k+ to 600k likes*

  30. __ That's_Me

    Stream sweet melody too

  31. I'm not Jesy


  32. I'm not Jesy


  33. I'm not Jesy


  34. Ricardo Galindo Esparza

    Vengo a ver el vídeo porque las pepe y teo me lo recomendaron 🥰

  35. Chu Pamela

    Sin duda es mejor la version sin jesi

  36. Yara Jarrar

    Mixers let's stream, this is such a bop ❤️🔥🔥I still don't understand why it's been down a week with just 10mil views 😕😕

    1. Stream confetti by little mix ft saweetie.

      10 million views for 1 week is good tho:) plus it’s 10.5.

  37. menmenism Dame

    Can't believe how Leigh hide her bump on this mv. So shocked. Watch this before Leigh announced her pregnancy.

  38. Mariam K.

    10K to 10.5M!!

    1. __ That's_Me

      4k left now.

  39. Amruta

    Don't skip ads

  40. Amruta

    Stan Little Mix for clear skin

    1. Mariam K.


  41. Anuradha Basak


  42. lumos175

    Woah! that's very talented make up team! It took me half way through the video to recognize the "guys" were them in costume! "face palm*

    1. Stream confetti by little mix ft saweetie.

      Lol don’t worry your not the only one😂💙

  43. thalia carvajal

    Beautiful 🥺🥰❤️

  44. Amruta

    4K more

  45. RR nation

    I really love this

  46. __ That's_Me

    Who got the power?

    1. Amruta

      Little Mix and Mixers

  47. Justine Anne Villarta


  48. Hope Smith

    Who’s listening to this awesome piece of art in 2021? 🤩😍

  49. __ That's_Me

    I feel like a beast on the beat

  50. armando quispe

    Who love little mix

  51. __ That's_Me

    Am i the only one here?

  52. Catherine

    5:06 i died

  53. __ That's_Me

    Don't be fooled, i got you wrapped up in the arms of an animal

  54. __ That's_Me

    Hey! Comment mixers!!!!

  55. __ That's_Me

    But the more bad bitches, then the more the merrier

  56. Dangle Berries

    it's not the same since the fat one left the groupe

    1. Stream confetti by little mix ft saweetie.

      Taking the time off your day to hate on someone that prolly won’t even see your comment just goes to show how much u desperately need a life.

    2. wwe creative

      @Dangle Berries I've never seen a fat member though

    3. Dangle Berries

      @wwe creative thats because the fat one left

    4. Dangle Berries

      @Daisy Adenia because it's the truth

    5. Dangle Berries

      @Mariam K. you think she reads youtube comments LMFAO

  57. Mariam K.

    We made 11K vi3ws in the past 30 minutes

    1. Amruta

      Is it good or not? I am not keeping up with hourly stats

  58. Aaron Ng

    Wowww… im imagining how this song would hit different with Nicki on it… but saweetie still did wat she had to do. This song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  59. Little Mix Are The Real Queens


  60. __ That's_Me

    All the girls on the block knocking at my door

    1. Amruta

      Black magic

    2. Mariam K.

      Wanna know what it is make the boys want more

  61. Claudia Ferreyra

    2021 quien la siguen escuchando

  62. Natalie Jones

    Imagine Leigh's baby would remember that song when he/she was in her stomach??

  63. Little Mix Are The Real Queens

    They are the best girl group

  64. Anurikta Kar

    Male Perrie looks like Bart Baker 😳

  65. Parva Pouriamehr


  66. IAmNotACheater

    No one gonna talk about Bimini and tastey the drag queens from season 2 of uk drag race I was shook to see them in this

  67. Just A Mixer

    One year flew by!

  68. 모랄레스룻

    They were 4. What happened?

    1. Toneri Otsutsuki

      Jesy already left the group months ago, you can google it why.

  69. Pa Pa


  70. V E X A N A

    this month it can get 800 million viewrs

  71. Drop Like CONFETTI

    Let’s get 15M - 20M this week

    1. Amruta


  72. Mariam K.

    show me, hook me up, cmon man

    1. Amruta

      The way Leigh-Anne said it :D

  73. Amarante Chavez - CEM Student

    the fact there is no jesy :(

  74. Mariam K.

    437 to 97K

  75. ma francisca correia

    What's up??

    1. Amruta

      Good morning

    2. ma francisca correia

      @Mariam K. I'm about to sleep

    3. Mariam K.

      Nothing much, you?

  76. ma francisca correia

    hi mixers :)))

    1. Amruta


    2. ma francisca correia

      @Mariam K. heyy

    3. Mariam K.


  77. Asse Real

    Hi Mixers!!!

    1. Amruta


    2. m27 aguja


    3. Mariam K.


  78. Mariam K.

    4,529,727 to 15M