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  1. Smd Later

    Close to the end of 2021 and still watching

  2. Brian O'Dea

    5-10 milligrams of yeaaaaaa

  3. The Sports Reviews

    lmaoooooooo wtf yall its clear how immature this audience is when no one questions these dudes feeling stoned within like 5 minutes of taking edibles. shit wont ever work like that and thats jyst a fact

  4. R _

    Like for 50kalmal back in 2hype?????

  5. DavidMakesPlayz

    Lmaoo these niggas fasho be staying high 😂😂⛽️

  6. Mr. Jae


  7. P Hines

    Why I feel like Zach did this before

  8. Ballerkobie24

    Why wasn’t flight in this😂😂😂

  9. anthony

    Cash you changed my man. Been 2016 no hype beast man what happened

  10. hunter wagner

    Cash gonna have a panic attack after this.

  11. TNO GREY

    *cash getting touched rough* Cash- “I likes that, I likes that”

  12. don smith

    this is the stupid shit we do in Florida

  13. One 2

    Who is still laughing at this in 2021

  14. iamlotana

    Damn bro you sound like Jamie fox

  15. Marcell P.

    Mal funny do a part 2 with flight

  16. Francis Bawasanta

    He be shooting downwards from 3.. lol. You can take him full court. =) Out run him... then again it might take it 3 steps to go baseline to baseline. hahah

  17. I’m not blind but I love blindfolds

    Those are the 12 Low Easter’s. Copped em twice! My ex cut up my first pair 🙄

  18. SaintLaurentSavage

    Cut off flannels are not it my boy smh

  19. Weak MoFo

    Wrong for not having flight 🤦‍♂️

  20. Joey Nader

    RIP KOBE, but Kobe’s death won Kris the game. No Kobe jersey was more emotional and sentimental 5 years ago than it is now. Kris expressed his emotions about Kobe and the judges blatantly biased the outcome.

  21. JTN23

    Ain’t no way boi 😭

  22. Carter Lamar

    Yo fax cuz flight always lose

  23. vLegxndxry

    2021 anyone?

  24. David Moore

    why keep Carlos he is absolutely terrible.

  25. theking28

    This video old now lol its 2021

  26. MonkeyDLuffy

    Wheres the piranha?

  27. DCG Dae

    Zach has years of experience its not fair 😢

  28. lewis harkness

    man acted like it was a death mission

  29. Ryen Ray

    Bro look at all those ppl staring at him lol

  30. Jacob Pratt

    Flight should have been here

  31. Jose Peña

    Lmao ya hilarious


    Really enjoyed this video the racoon look good...

  33. Clayvoo

    When he said special expert I thought we was gone see flight

  34. Blockchain Boy

    Bro you defended a NBA Champion! 💪🏾💯

  35. Cam Bell

    Cash do randy orton diet

  36. Akai Garcia

    Now I can finally buy sum of ye shoes if cash did it I can to

  37. Derrick Nguyen

    You should change the laces to black on the black mamba shoes

  38. Jxtg 93

    18:22 when I see someone spamming in 2k 🤣

  39. Cowan Kurtz

    Imagine cash dunking on kenny

  40. brad kirchhoff

    I didnt realize until after clicking that it was Zack from Swamp People.

  41. I am Daniel James

    Jesus love you all

  42. Osvaldo Guerrero

    Should’ve replaced jiedel with flight, he puts no effort

  43. Nik Gordon

    This is bad

  44. Cowan Kurtz

    Ohhh shit didn't even see this get them on 5v5 again thought

    1. Cowan Kurtz

      Never mind

    2. Cowan Kurtz

      But respect them though i need that gap beat

  45. SauGOAT

    Damn cash 😭😭😭 I went to high school with that girl

  46. Team Muted

    U played Carlos🤣🤣🤣

  47. Harry Iguana

    0:40 "Two teams of fo..." yeh

  48. Jordon Wilson

    More Edible experiences with 2Hype!!! If it’s too grown then make a 2Hype Membership Exclusive Page and we would pay to see it lol 😂 50 Kal Must be included

  49. Jaquan Spears

    Violated 😂


    هههه متابع عراقي استمر يا ابطال

  51. Pjcool johnson 322 Pjcool 223

    That day defensive cash broken

  52. VortexCR33D

    Give me some shoes please!!!!!

  53. I am Daniel James

    Jesus love you all

  54. Logan A

    we needs more stoned cash and 2hype. like NEEDS this shit cmon now. y'all got stoners all over the world watchin

  55. kenneth walton

    Cash with another banger

  56. Omar Alawadhi

    Cash that was baaaaaaaaaad💀💀

  57. Jai Knight

    Bruh y’all gettin high now lol

  58. Mark Silverbridge

    flight really didn’t want to burn those shoes

  59. Freddy Garcia

    Cashnasty u suck bro u need to work on ur shoot more

  60. W.o.r.l.d.w.i.d.e.

    Cash copped yeezys

  61. Cassandra Eggers

    He is a baby

  62. alexxzurita

    Go coolkicks, lmao

  63. Trevor R

    ...in a pool

  64. Google User

    Same contents over and over again

  65. Vinnie Panetta

    Nick pick me up we will win 12-2

  66. TheOvrThinker

    only real niggas been knew 50kal smoke da gas😅🤝

  67. Samarai

    Aye cash I got dem low 12’s too, not only do they look hard ash they feel good too

  68. Cheddarmagne82

    It’s hilarious how you can scare the strongest Brothas with fish and water. I like bringing my homies to Scripps pier to paddle out. They freak out every time a piece of kelp touches their leg.

  69. G Money

    Damn bro, miss these days

  70. Big Daddy

    Would be impressed if it wasnt flights lil bro carlos

  71. Jadon

    :))) nice

  72. Sxge

    gotta love the 15 pound bar

  73. Yo Pierrre -

    Legendary vlog

  74. Jwetman Bobby

    Catch em all?

  75. Jonathan Pierre

    One red one green

  76. stagg

    I hope those giant piranhas aren't laying eggs where birds can carry the eggs to native water. No one wants those bastards invading our rivers