Diablo is a fast-paced action RPG with heroes facing the onslaught of a demonic invasion.
ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Violence, and Partial Nudity.

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  1. Benjamin Davis

    Probably not going to buy. Not because DII wasn't amazing, it is. But I played a cumulative couple years of it and I just don't see new content here. Cheers to Blizzard and best of luck. I'm sure they'll make a killing

  2. iriticu mare

    si cand apare acest joc ?

  3. Pazuzu

    Looking good honestly.

  4. Avelino Silva Guerrero


  5. DCLXVI_89 gaming

    Yes please

  6. ape Napa

    Looks awsome

  7. jake schemmel



    La amazona parece un travesti, el paladin un cuidacoches y el barbaro es mi tío con problemas de peso

  9. Vinticore

    Remember Reforged

  10. sanjin romek

    Baal !!! :D

  11. dvls

    Ahh yes, how to satisfy media with the Feminist class and the Feminist trailer, yay! Cant wait not to buy this game.

  12. C O

    La end holy verd end Disney Is ending it is just Meder of taim

  13. Le Furret

    Im prety sure we will find him back in heaven. And bring him back

  14. Le Furret

    Fly, you foul!! Oops wrong old man

  15. Austin Osman

    I hope it doesn't end up being "Diablo3 II". The franchise is dead as long they don't come up with something in par with D2 in terms of writing, ambience, music, immersion, artistic value. Cool slick graphics and mechanics alone don't make a game.

  16. FusionGamerElite

    Do you guys not have phones to stay awhile and listen! (Yeah FU Blizzard)


    Finally, nearly perfect.

  18. petarbg123

    I want Vicarious Visions to work on a wow classic remaster with updated graphics but oldschool game mechanics!

  19. John Salo

    So... is the release date April 1st?

  20. Studios Nightmare

    btw, will it come with the LoD stuff at launch? runes n uniques r a must :(

  21. Azmodee

    This was a fantastic Q & A! So much humor too. XD

  22. Rek73

    👎 3 HK

  23. Rek73

    👎 3 HK

  24. SirGoldi90

    'You guys do not have phones?' Always in our minds...

  25. john Aalegaard Larsen

    will we be able to make mods for the game? :)

  26. eddzetarabbit

    Looks like I need to buy a new graphics card (and a cpu) for this.

  27. Jason, the Goblin

    This deep dive was the reason I pre-ordered for the first time. What's another £35 for another 18 years of Diablo II?

  28. Baaltorkc Marlop

    ¿what will happen to the bots? please don't let them ruin this game... permanent ban for those players,old D2 is broken by them...

  29. Dylan R

    Love the ear callback

  30. Think Eyed

    Legend said they still akwardly staring each other in this position...

  31. BaptainBalcon

    Pro tip for speed running this Q&A: Scroll through the transcripts instead of the video.

  32. Colin Jacobs

    I think we can safely say this won't be World of Warcraft

  33. Thadeos Nataso

    Please, make it good. I love you Diablo <3

  34. Zach M

    11:55 Give me the environmental terror slider. Make me numb

  35. Aaron Dickson

    Canon... D3 didn't exist because of Deckard's Alzheimer's

  36. Warrax

    Please get inspiration and formulas from Diablo 2 and PoE for making Diablo 4, I don't want another Diablo 3...that game was subpar.

    1. solofalcon

      i like to pretend diablo 3 never existed, it was really subpar compared to d2.

  37. Tiago Carmo

    Whatever... I'm gonna play Diablo 2 anyway

  38. Timothy Hutchins

    I have a growing concern about what is going on in the Diablo 4 team when it comes to class and skill design. I couldn't find a good spot to leave it on the forums, and I don't have a twitter so I'll leave it here. It seems, from my perspective, that someone on the team decided that the sorceress was the only class allowed to use fire skills. First my Druid (yes I am one of those rare Diablo 2 druid mains) lost all his fire skills so that his magic wouldn't be confused with the sorceress. I believe that was the stated reason when the first three classes were revealed anyway. Now the rogue has lost one of her two iconic weapon enchants from Diablo 2 as well. In that game they could do frost and they could do fire that was it, and now in D4 they can do frost, poison, and shadow, but fire is suspiciously absent. Fire claws, molten boulder, firestorm these are all iconic druid abilities to me. Fire arrow and explosive arrow are iconic abilities to rogues and amazons respectively why have they been lost? Why is it that the sorceress is the only class with fire skills? It's weird and a little concerning to me. On the whole I think Diablo 4 is looking really good, and I remain cautiously optimistic. I just had to get this out there while the game was still in development and the potential for change was still there.

  39. megaman161

    His name is Deckard Cain and he comes from Tristram, If you're looking for Diablo, you just missed him.

  40. Logan Zahn

    New league champ?

  41. DeesDesigns

    looks like diablo 3.

  42. Radek Krčmárik

    If u dont ruin it , please ...do also Diablo 1 resurrected. It is a masterpiece.

  43. Sava Hristov

    Absolutly great!!! But the Amazon looks old and ugly... Why?? And the barbarian looks like Dave Batista :)

  44. simich

    The cinematic trailer captures the Diablo spirit. Yes, it's dark, brutal and gruesome. Not for the squeamish of heart. I'm not sure about the gameplay though. Still looks childishly funky. But hey, this game is for everybody, right?

  45. Francisco Bonduki

    Minha vida social acabando em 5..4..3..2...1...😂😂😂😂

  46. William Rice

    The best part of d3 was this lame character dying. Why do we still have to suffer old man voice?

  47. thisguy

    It's weird that this remastered version looks like what I remember it looking like in my childhood. Didn't realize the original graphics were so terrible.

  48. 徐中彥


  49. Micky Bolleck


  50. HuginAndMunin

    I wish they got rid of cooldowns on spells :( I think it was much cooler the way it was in Diablo 2, where you could use any spell/skill as much as you want until your mana was fully drained. It gives you much more freedom of what to do with your resources, I hate having cooldowns forced upon me, it's a terribly boring mechanic. Remove cooldowns and bring back mana potions (and make them expensive). Give the players freedom to play their way :)

  51. Leonardo Maciel

    Moo moo moooo

  52. BS Detector

    [email protected]@k Blizzard.....upcoming Diablo games are Windows only...not Mac compatible. Have bought all Diablo games. D3 will be my last.

  53. Jestę Krytykię

    Let's just copy a Demon hunter and make it into a new character.

  54. лео акутин

    picture not bad, but why does ALL movement look like LOG...its shame

  55. Fergulix

    Hello Diabli II Reforged!

    1. Fergulix

      16 times the detail of diablo 2

  56. William Burton

    I pre-ordered D2 for PC. I don't see for PS5 yet. But when's Diablo 4 going to be available to pre-order?

  57. oppa jaemin

    so where is carbot mode??

  58. Mike krüger

    Amazon straight up looks like william dafoe in drag....

  59. Zormac

    I'm so glad they didn't redo the voice acting. Marius' actor did a great job and it would be a shame to lose that.

  60. bocoy noiu

    "Do you guys not have phones?!"

  61. VisInvis

    Paladin all the way

  62. X

    Hopefully it is better than Diablo 3 because that was pretty bad and expensive lol

  63. Torben Hornbak

    I cant wait till year 2054 when this is released!

  64. VisInvis

    Yeah, i might buy this

  65. custom PC indy

    oooo d2 remaster a reason to live LOL! POLISH THIS GEM its gonna sell 100m copies within 2 years. ooo its game design season

  66. Aver Valeriuos

    OKAY! where is the WHITE MALE WARRIOR???? or why there isnt dat OPTION??? no gender option? wtf?? its a pure anti-white rasism!!

    1. bocoy noiu

      I'll hope D4 is more like D2.

  67. Android Gaming Power

    Deckard Cain isnt dead!!!! He will come back as a possessed demon on d4!!!!! Wait and see!! He will be a boss!!!!!!

  68. Ztt

    So i can't install a mod to make characters more classic looking, because it's mmo, game as service now?

  69. Sugar Wolf

    The first Diablo will forever be with me

  70. Shokadezz Gaming

    Cannot wait!!!

  71. spyros feggis

    after long time blizzard is back and strong ..plz blizzard dont die again and rise again with good games ..TY e lot for that great gief D2 cant die it is always in my heart...

  72. The Secret Garden Mushroom Co

    I don't think anyone cares about Diablo Immortal lol. Could of left Wyatt out for this one.

  73. Vaulkor

    If any game deserved a true remaster, it was this one.

  74. empty

    have shame on yourself and make a new game lol what joke look how buggy and broken this gameplay is

    1. empty

      @Francisco Ponce lol they could do something better than grim dawn for example, this is just greed talking. Launch a game like this on 2021? Nah bro

    2. Francisco Ponce


  75. JZoidberg

    Dude kinda looks like Deckhard Cain too 😃

  76. BDS44

    Im actually pretty pleased that Vicarious Visions is in charge of the remake - crash remake was perfection.

  77. Ernest Ray Degamo

    Diablo 2 movie please. Vin Diesel as barbarian or batista or THE ROCK

  78. DV8N1

    Cool..but Will the color changing gem in the menu do anything this time around!?!! Please! This torments me still