1. Dolly

    I think it's time to tell Jason Derulo that we already know his name!

  2. ALPHA


  3. natasha belova

    this is real

  4. Aanchal Amin

    Jalebi with rabadi 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤❤️

  5. Indian Ball

    *Don’t care what you are doing now.* *You all Tiktokers are cringe*

  6. Srinika Odhikari


  7. ujjwal singh

    Girl before marriage- Jalebi Baby Girl After marriage- Imarti Baby 😆😆😆😆

  8. Om Santosh Savake

    2:46 Op dance

  9. Arda Canpolat

    türkler bi kendimizi gösterelim!


    മലയാളീസ് ✌️✌️✌️

  11. Anastacia Diogo Manuel

    Procurei musicas na net para fazer um video de sex dance ao Bae apareceu esse adorei tanto que vim procurar a música inteira

  12. Rudra Tiwari

    Abe bangali ko kyu dikhaya hai jalebi to up ki famous hai



  14. Dancing Zumba

    I love jalebi baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!🧡💃💙plshows.info/from/rIS8qb54p6qi0Kc/wideo.html

  15. Mrityunjoy Das

    Jalebi baby 👍❤️

  16. G Jackals



    This SONG DESERVE --- .......... 1 ................ BILLION .................................... VIEWS

  18. Anusree Komalam

    Who are seeing in 2021 ,rock it then

  19. vai ku

    Sharma ji ka ladka

  20. Rafiul Islam Shuvro



    Song promoting Zomato 🥵

  22. vinxb

    Yo these guys killed it! Big ups to Derulo, for the collab!

  23. Mada Girl

    Jalebi remembered me of the series Iss pyar ko kia nam doom ( Arnav and Kushi)


    Fun fact :- no one can sing song lyrics but all can say jalebi baby even me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


      @kiwi yes its good right 😉👍

    2. kiwi

      not true I can sing the full song


    No one can sing lyrics all can say jalebi baby 😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Arafat Jiya

    The song I Love you baby baby snakes the awesomest songs ever her I loved in my baby I love you baby baby the song is

  27. Faizan Quraishi

    The customer service in this place is terrible.

    1. kiwi

      no one need to know that

    2. kiwi


  28. Dhananjaya Adhikari


  29. nature lover

    So its actually a song i thought its a meme song by some unknown artist.

  30. M.H. RAFI

    Lol i really thought it was a tiktok mashup of people.....until now i randomly got recommended in this song❤️😆✌️

  31. S N

    This should direct farah khan …..

  32. Mutieh Joshua

    💯 love from Kenya 🇰🇪

  33. Max Colt

    I reallyyy like it 🤣😉😀

  34. Mhod Hayat

    You I am youtuber

  35. Güney_N

    Jason dostum idare edersin. Dest xwos bro ❤☀️💚

  36. Shampa Akhtar


  37. WRB 2.0 Gaming

    That jalebi is mynes.dont eat it.. 😂😂😂

  38. Harshall Kohli

    Next time bring Shahrukhkhan and make him do his famous pose.🕺🤗

  39. manpreet

    Wow, THIS SONG ID LIT!!, The girls at the back, whatta dance....

  40. Vivek K

    Jalebi= Pussy/Vagina Tesher in his interview clearly says "I cannot explain you the real meaning of jalebi usage in this song,it would be inappropriate to say on camera" Tesher Interview link: plshows.info/from/a4mum7qcl7mbxY0/wideo.html Skip to Time: 3:50 -3:59 on the above video to understand the actual usage of this word.

    1. kiwi

      @Vivek K i watched it

    2. kiwi

      @Vivek K i am indian you ass

    3. Vivek K

      @Jinkook lover_Augxst Did u do your your own research? Go and see Tesher interview. He said "I cannot tell you the real meaning of jalebi in this song on camera!" Lyrics of song: Baby let me see it Baby let me eat it I just wanna feel it What kind of jalebi does a women have, please explain me?

    4. Vivek K

      @kiwi Go and watch tesher' s interview about what jalebi means in thid song!!!

    5. cora's channel

      no shame at all bro

  41. Hamza Sayid

    More like

  42. OMBH

    After eating a jalebi, suffer for whole life wuth diabetes

    1. cora's channel


  43. Piyush Rai

    Best Holly-Bolly Duo🔥🔥

  44. Girish Chandra Srivastava 9th B

    Am I the only who think that the Zomato Boy is Chef Vikas 😐

  45. Nav_plaz

    People that speak( like hindi) be like (i want jalebi baby)

  46. Mariana Roșca

    Superbă melodie va felicit și mult succes

  47. belal hossain Rana

    man this is too good

  48. Drauni Kulshrestha

    The ending though 😭😂✨

  49. Purity Bea Christina

    Tesher is so cuteeee

  50. Mudit Jain

    Zomoto 😂😂

  51. SamFizzvlogs

    I purely hate jalebi but I love this song

  52. Mankaran Bakshi

    Next song samosa baby

    1. cora's channel


  53. Elma Khan

    I really want some jalebi now 😶😶

  54. Aparecida cida garcia

    Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: "Dios guarde y proteja a tu familia y a ti de toda enfermedad" ❤❤

  55. Shivang Bhardwaj

    Who thinks orignal is still better

  56. Shivang Bhardwaj

    Who thinks this is better than orignal

  57. Shivang Bhardwaj

    Ab saare mithai wale 5₹ ki jalebi ko 500₹ mein bechenge.

    1. cora's channel

      ya video ke bajae

  58. Bir Inder

    From hollywood to mohali 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  59. South Asian

    The comment section is full of Indians!! ❤️

    1. cora's channel


  60. Maina Boro

    It's indian food jalybi

  61. Saber

    2:53 the girls crash on the left 🤣

  62. Эля Н.

    That is fire 🔥 Love it 😍😍😍😍

  63. Fahad Sabtain

    That was Awesome 🥰

  64. AKSHAI M

    Now I want jalebis 😭😂

  65. guerrier du sahara


  66. Inigo Crisologo

    nah nah its jollibee hmm

  67. arun kumar

    That sheesh at first

  68. Alina Shahid

    i was eating jalbi while seeing this

  69. Rajesh Reang

    Tesher first time to hear ur voice, voice is sweet like jelabi it's really nice😁😁😁

  70. Brew YT33

    I the “sheeesh”